Crime - Organised - Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note below the arrangements between the administrative, the judiciary and the media; read of the all-embracing guarantee in place, in contempt of all law : the root shall be pointed to. [*L]

  • The civil justice system in England and Wales is the adversarial model.
  • In the adversarial process the opposing sides confront one another in front of a presiding judge.
  • Through their respective arguments the parties assist the judge to reach a conclusion as to the truth of 'the facts in dispute' and to apply the law to those facts". (APPLY THE LAW *is* the operative word / state)

Read of CORRUPT Detectives, Judges, Lawyers, Ministers - article in the London Evening Standard [*Link to image & text]

This page & all material pointed to, with our compliments to all of the Fraudsters Club Recruits & Maintenance Engineers - ORGANISED USERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS. One and all came along or were sent (by known organisers of such fraudsters) to Mr Andrew Yiannides in order to abuse his time as lovers, promoters and operators of the system. Enacting the scenarios they engaged in, as lousy actors of the lowest denominator, was their only interest. Everyone behaved as foretold in the works of the creators of the evil ways that caused and cause man's inhumanity to man. All simply behaved and are behaving as conditioned, amoral, ill-educated non-thinkers and as programmed robots:- non-humans. ALL SPEAK OF RIGHTS and conveniently IGNORE THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO SOCIETY, to the TAXPAYERS who are called upon to meet the cost of the constructive frauds they engage in AS CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANTS to theft of the plundered taxpayers contributions to the national budget* [*Link from here to proof that amounts to blunt conspiracy to defraud]. All wilfully and with malice aforethought simply content to participate in the constructive frauds and happy to suppress the plundering of the national budget, funds stolen from the taxes imposed on 'the serfs' through abuse of the courts 'facilities'. Suppressing it all & relying on those they set out to complain about, to carry on ignoring the law THEIR CASTLES & SECURITY!* (*NOTE: We will release material that clarifies & qualifies the simple fact that all was planned over 2300 years ago; mankind ought to have recognised 'the advance warning from the evil creators of it all over the span of 23 centuries plus, by now). DEMOCRACY? (*F1). We point the persons we dedicate this page to, to the House of Lords deliberations below* [*Link from here to the Precedent case] when their Lordships addressed the issues of CONSPIRACY & RECOGNISE WHY WE REITERATE & EMPHASISE : "... when TWO OR MORE AGREE TO INJURE THE RIGHTS OF ANOTHER.... (the hundreds, the thousands, the millions the persons we name and expose are in a position to know of, uppermost in our minds) & further on.... "ACTION OR FAILURE.... constitutes..."  WAKE UP VICTIMS & APATHETIC, INDOCTRINATED, ILL-INFORMED, TAXPAYERS, SERFS, you create & they take through abuse of the courts' facilities & arrogant contempt of the law.

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, successive irresponsible Lord Chancellors and Home Secretaries who ignored all complaints and submissions irrespective of the evidence and the law pointed to, by the victims of it all, the citizens who are called upon to pay taxes for the maintenance of arrogant criminals in public office. [*Link from here to our exclusive page, covering confidential fraud as arranged THROUGH THE BEST KEPT OPEN SECRET in alleged democracies, European States. Elsewhere the foundations and corner stone upon which the operatives built the societies of their making using the bricks and mortar we cover in this and other pages. The visitor should not be under any illusion that the stars in the theatrical productions, covered in our pages were by any stretch of the imagination 'humans' who were / are gifted with any attributes that distinguish 'true humans' (thinkers) from animals. *Link also from here to a quote from classical Hellas / Greece and recognise the simple fact that the suppression of such knowledge and realisations was imposed and is maintained by the abductors and rapists of Democracy (media Barons and Education authorities) & Justice (the type of judges and police officers many complain of and about). We emphasise, the simple fact that we refer to persons who promote their complains only in private & to special circles, to victims they are pointed to & target in order to use and assist them for the cash under the table scenarios, the undisclosed transfer of stolen / plundered budget funds to persons who fall in love with the facilities we point to in our exclusive page, the page not one of the alleged victim-challengers, we name and expose, ever addressed for obvious reasons to grey matter users >>> thinkers >>> humans, not morons or sold to the New World Order Code of Ethics, evil charlatans].

3rd March 2011 added link [**L] to the BBC-TV Dimbleby Lecture in 1973 as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Robert Mark prepared & presented to the sucker-serfs


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HELP US TO HELP YOU Please (*Link to plea).

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JOIN others On Line and publish your Statement of Facts and the Evidence you have. ( Member's case at the European Court on Human Rights - paves the way TO PLEAD VIOLATIONS caused through abusive use of the courts in allegedly civilised Democratic States. Victims do not know that IT IS ALL ORGANISED BY the very circles who have been arranging all of humanity's TRIBULATIONS  FOR THOUSANDS of years) Use your rights in law (*Link) and ACT, with others, against the offenders. Join with others and chip in for the creation of the mass of evidence against abusers of public office : the abductors and rapists of Justice. You can then benefit from THE FACTS & THE EVIDENCE that you will help establish. It can all be used in any action, severally or jointly with others, as the case may be. Crimes against humanity are not ruled out when a large number of citizens can come up with evidence and as victims concur and or expand upon on the FACTS STATED & The VIOLATIONS PLEADED as LODGED at the ECoHR, already

Cases/sites by Element
Contempt to Evidence
Haringey Police - H/B Fraud
V. B. Fodden - Mortgage
V. B. Fodden - Divorce
V. B. Fodden - Solicitor Case
Contempt to Law
Enfield Council - C.Court
Hackney Council - C.Court
Haringey Council - C.Court
Haringey Police - H/B Fraud
Len Miskulin - Divorce
V. B. Fodden - Mortgage
False Instruments - List
Len Miskulin - Divorce
P. Constantinou - Divorce
Forgery Used
V. B. Fodden - Financial
Haringey Council-H/B Fraud
V.B. Fodden-Solicitor Case
Obstruct - Examination
P. Constantinou - Divorce
Obstructing Justice
Crown Prosecution Service
Court of Appeal - R.B.Del C
part 3     
Strike Out
Helen Patey - Assertions
Divorce Frauds Challenged
V. B. Fodden - Plymouth
part 4








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Their naivety and personal greed blinds them to the overall picture including the damages imposed on their own children by the criminals who have been organising it all for centuries / millennia. (*Link from here [*L] to our Footnote Special pointer)

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VISITORS ARE URGED to access and READ THE IMPORTANT update and ADDENDA [*L] we were obliged to introduce in January 2002. We had no choice but to REPORT THE CRIME OF ORGANISED FRAUD TO THE TREASURY [*L]. Our observations and knowledge of the constructive frauds made us accessories if we kept quiet, like the alleged victims who work towards the implementation of the schemes by the abductors and rapists of Justice, the Goddess. You will find the addenda statement at the top of the Updated [*L] Pages File. We are sure that you will share with us our concerns and most profound disappointment at and with persons who adopt and promote activities which they know are nothing but downright crimes [*L]. We refer and point you to our exclusive page [*L] where we expose (as conscientious law abiding [*L] citizens) the Confidentiality that exists Between Fraudsters, care of the BEST OPEN SECRET that binds them together. 

A COURT ORDER & THE EVENTS LEADING TO THE NEED FOR ITS CREATION POINT TO THE FACT THAT THE ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE & THE TRUST OF THE ILL-INFORMED CITIZENS RECOGNISE THE POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD & DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION AS IN CLASSICAL HELLAS, THE GREEKS SPOKE & WROTE OF. [*Link from here [*L] to the page where we point to use of the very element on the back cover of the programme of events for the Festival of Rights, held in London in 1995. When in the page read of the debate: "Can We Trust The Judges" and of Andrew Yiannides' contribution to the debate; *access also from here [*L] proof of his submissions to the Lawrence Inquiry].

    The image of the Court Order on the right EVINCES THE FACT that as soon as a victim used his rights to PUBLISH THE FACTS OF LIFE IN THE COURTS & EXPOSE the offending Public Servants who abused the facilities of the courts for Constructive Frauds and CONVERSION OF ASSETS & PROPERTIES TO THE LEGAL CIRCLES, they acted.
     Visitors / researchers note: The victim after setting up a home page, as a member of the Community on Line, he Mr. William Spring, simply sent out a press release about his *crookjudges* [*L] Web Site.
    Without any application, by the victim to the court (so he informed Mr Yiannides) A MIRACLE : he received the Court Order, image of which on the right.
    The Order was rushed out to him, granting him permission for LEAVE TO APPEAL.
    DO NOTE, please, the date at the right hand corner, bottom of the document.
    LOOK also at the date when the Court Order was date stamped.

wsfltarr.jpg (65011 bytes)
    It is obvious that the hand-written order WAS RUSHED OUT first thing in the morning before changing the date in the rubber stamp.
    A Miracle indeed, 20th century style, we are sure all will agree. And there exist plenty of charlatans & stooges who are running around 'selling and promoting the established practices as maintenance engineers.
    Their only objective to INFLUENCE CONDITIONED VICTIMS & as agents of the creators of the states to INVITE new victims to endorse the fraud we point to.
    We cover the blunt constructive frauds, as organised & processed by the legal circles in the exclusive page which ALL WHO CONTACTED US OVER THE YEARS, elected to bury it in the dark corners of their corrupted mindset
    All the while Mr Andrew Yiannides was researching and looking for the reasons, such as WHAT elements, WHICH PARTIES, WHY & HOW the ongoing issues many dignitaries wrote of and about over the millennia.
    We point out to known and suppressed quotes from a number of dignitaries in our /quotes.htm page linked to from here.
[*Link from here [*L] to the exclusive page where we point to and expose the blunt & arrogant CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES]
An email and disclosures relative to the most obvious of elements attached to personal greed and arrogant fraud on the taxpayers by ALL participants (*F1). The elements used for 'the constructively fraud, systematically engineered through abuse of the courts facilities, was covered by the planners and organisers of it all, in material that was exposed to the world in 1902, by a person who was accused of fabricating such in order to discredit a targeted community. We publish in an exclusive page some of the exposed in 1902 material and we invite all taxpayers, from within any allegedly civilised democracy -Western pseudo-democracies- to access read and consider our introduction (in another of our pages) to the revelations first published, by Sergei Nilus in Russia, in 1902. (*F2).
Blunt & typical of reckless, self-imposed, mental-blindness residual to crass indifference to the criminally imposed damages on society at large. [*Link from here to ]
Above all the issues of 'power over -or use of- others in order to promote one's person for financial gain and pecuniary advantage', at the heart of it all. [*Link from here to ]
Millions the victims of organised fraud and corruption through abuse of the courts' facilities in most, if not all, pseudodemocracies and the core elements suppressed from the taxpayers by persons who misrepresent themselves as allegedly concerned 'law-abiding citizens'. [*Link from here to revelations]
In the meantime, for decades that we know of, the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average, systematically bombarded with all manner of false states and assertions by the Intellectual Prostitutes who are retained and maintained by the Media Barons, for such promotions to the ill-educated, misinformed and conditioned 'serfs'.
Everything as organised & planned 'for the sons of men on planet earth', by the criminals who have been in control, for far too long, in allegedly civilised states. (*F3 - the most of introductions to the root of it all) [*Link from here [*L] to the page where we point to one of a number of ploys created and used by the architects of it all. Consider the assertions by the creators and users of such evil plans that the scenarios we cover in our pages ARE CREATED by followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most arrogant of creations by the criminal minds behind most, if not all, of man's inhumanity to man]
In message <006301c59952$20c53410$0a00000a@yourhbx1gu7f59> writes

> Dear William,
> Dr Badsha told me on the phone that he was getting
> paid £600ph to take cases to the ECHR one at a time. ELC claim to have
> over 3000 cases which could be used to prove that we all have the same
> problems with the same people and allow us to demand change and redress
> but they have not and will not use them.
> Best regards Dave
The warranted response and Andrew Yiannides' submissions and invitations to Mr Dave Mortimer, the poster of the above email, we publish below.
From  Sun Aug 7 01:32:37 2005
Message-ID:  <>
Date:              Sun, 7 Aug 2005 01:32:37 +0100
From:            Andrew Yiannides <>
Disposition-Notification-To: Andrew Yiannides <>
Subject:      Re: ELC is run for profit
References: <>
In-Reply-To: <006301c59952$20c53410$0a00000a@yourhbx1gu7f59>
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Dear Dave

Do post this out to as many as you have on record as victims and or as challengers (individuals or group leaders) AND PUBLISH IT AT UKFathers.

Anyone who is really concerned or a genuine victim should read carefully HOW I was contacted and WHAT PERSONS & ELEMENTS WERE USED in order to make a convincing (they were dreaming - ALL) presentation of their alleged concerns in connection with the state of art / activities at and in the family courts.

The parts played by Dave Ellison and Dr. Badsha SHOULD BE considered in connection with the 'initial planning (as introduced to me 'by the victim Len Miskulin'. Their parts should also be considered along and with the material facts and the realities, principles and aims at the following pages:
2. The page
3. The page
4. The page
The 'carrot dangling at the end of the tunnel for asses to go for' as arranged by the likes of the Badshas and the rest of 'affiliates and associates of the criminals who ARE in control in ALL PSEUDO-DEMOCRACIES.

Those who make the time and do bother to learn and educate themselves about the realities around them; also the realisations they arrived at and the elements they recognised BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM PERSONALLY, should read and consider the very clearly stated elements contained in the extract from a letter by a solicitor to a client in March 2003. I was granted permission to publish it in the pages at human-rights and I DID SO in accordance with MY PLANS and not the obvious intentions of the person who sent a copy to me:
In respect of the obvious (to me) intentions of the submissions (copy of the letter to me) those who read this posting and cannot draw the right inferences of their own, they can either communicate with me directly NOW OR WAIT for the clarifications and explanations as we NOW MOVE ON and are pointed to later by me.
Persons who have or are likely to get into the right flow of thoughts AFTER ACCESSING, READING IT ALL, they are assured that their time will be better spent than in repeating on, and on, and on the problems they faced and are facing. It may well be difficult or hard to DIGEST IT ALL, AS HARD AS IT IS TO ACCEPT SUCH TRUTHS AND EVIL ACTIVITIES (for indeed they are) but one's they accept such vile activities THEY SHOULD GO FURTHER.

They should access and read of the shenanigans that are covered in the page that PROVES BEYOND ANY DOUBT WHAT EACH AND EVERY DREAMER (who was sent along or introduced to * (NGO) and to me personally) WAS UP TO, OR CAME ALONG FOR, over the last 12-13 years. A typical example of such 'ploys', who behind the scenes and how OTHERS were recognised to be waiting in the pipeline (to see if that actor / dreamer pulled off the sting') can be accessed at:
Anyone MUST CONSIDER the very element that YOU NOW POINT OUT.
Indeed why NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN Dr. Badsha the 3000 cases?
Indeed why the defaults and obstructions by the LIPS crowd/mob (and nothing by or THROUGH the expert at co-ordinating things, Mr Dave Ellison and the victims who were drawn to the ** web-site? Indeed why no real work towards the creation and collection of the data covered in the page for 'The CAMILA Project?
Indeed WHY the dreamer (in the page pointed to here / above number 6) SIMPLY PROMOTING an 'alleged letter which he allegedly sent to a Lord Justice at the House of Lords'?

And IF TRUE & FACTUAL, the letter, WHY NO EXPOSURE OF THE ISSUES which the arrogant 'lover of the system as is', FAILED TO REPORT THE ACTIVITIES (he had been speaking of to me) IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN?

Why indeed all the boasting and the promotion (if true) OF LOVE LETTERS FROM & BY THE WRONGED TO THOSE WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ADMINISTRATION OF PARLIAMENT'S LAWS (in an alleged Democracy, one which allegedly rests and is founded on principles of Law & Order) that apparently / allegedly are but private exchanges by / from the wronged to the wrongdoers or their managers / superiors ?

All should now get to know of the fact that all the WHILE (for over 12 years now) I WAS INVESTIGATING THE CAUSES AND REASONS behind 'the failures of humans (thinkers not just animals that eat to shit or copulate to reproduce) to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ISSUES COVERED in the words attributed to Jesus Christ, as used when He addressed the lawyers of His days. The very elements may or may not have been POINTED TO by the authors / editors of the Gospel according to St. Luke when they were settling their difference (between themselves) in respect of what were the teachings of Christ, (circa early 4th century AD. -Anno Domini- the first agreed edition). I refer to the words which THE INTERESTED (those who wish to wake up or snap out of the states of hypnotic slumber which the controllers of 'the sons of men' have imposed on them) SHOULD ACCESS AND READ at:

I apologise to anyone who might regard the reference as of no relevance or applicable to the issues we are ALL CONCERNED WITH & ABOUT. But the truth of the matter happens to be that ALL RELIGIONS brought along / introduced and COVERED/COVER ELEMENTS OF MORALS & PRINCIPLES. It is in that context that the readers of this posting MUST READ the extract pointed to above, BECAUSE Christ addressed not just the lawyers of His day but also the HYPOCRITES and RELIGIOUS LEADERS of the people of His days.

In view of the aforesaid WHERE DOES THE RUBBISH ('promoted and sold, to the naive and gullible, as the wise words of) FROM A MODERN TIMES GREAT PHILOSOPHER, the quote / adage: "Religion is the opium of the masses", STAND?

Let no one ignore 'the single common factor': Common root being one and the same as the roots of those who passed on the very element of 'divide and rule / conquer'. It goes all the way back to the 'Old Testament', the creation (a book of books). The creation was presented to Ptolemy of Egypt by those who were meant to have on a leash the underdogs, the followers of the Creator (of all and everything) as promoted and sold to the naive and gullible ever since (4th century BC) by more than just religious leaders.

Among the multitude of actors and actresses who came along quite a few are now being exposed for their parts as MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS. All of them have been known and were / are acknowledged USERS OF THE SYSTEM AS IS, precisely as you Dave, cover in your short and very responsible response to William.

As an observant and well informed activist, and as an acknowledged objector to the imposed constructive frauds 'on the serfs', also 'the arrogant corruption of societies', THROUGH THE COURTS, you have put on record the springboard and set down the groundwork that should rekindle GENUINE INTEREST & CONCERNS to the victims who must now co-operate FOR & IN THE COMMON CAUSE & WELFARE of and for 'the sons of men'.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, and ever-present, is the element of GREED. Indeed greed rules supreme, along with the issue of power over the helpless and or anyone who can be USED & OR STRUNG along by fraudsters who operate as fronts, and guide dogs, for the THIRD CHAIN OF CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS ON THE BUDGET (national assets = taxes collected from the creators: the serfs). The PROOF CAN BE ACCESSED in the page number 4 above and specifically starting at the paragraph where the URL, below, links the reader to:

The revelation of the arrangements in place FOR BUYING THE CONSCIOUS of, and for enticing idiots into the world of the criminals who ARE IN CONTROL of societies (in ALL pseudo-democracies) SHOULD BE CONSIDERED IN PARALLEL with THE EXPLICIT AFFIDAVIT in the page. The document MUST be read in conjunction with the Press Releases that were/are reproduced by me at *human-rights*.

Press Releases that are relevant and accessible in the pages are at:
The element of White Collar Fraud and a lot of rubbish about alleged lack of facilities to investigate & prosecute such criminal activities.
The element of provisions by "The European Union to provide 'the citizens an area of safety, security, freedom, justice, etc. THERE TOO and high on the agenda the element of, '.... the objective to prevent and combat crime whether ORGANISED or otherwise and (among other criminal activities) the issues of CORRUPTION & FRAUD.
It therefore befalls ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS (not just the victims of such activities but all others) WHO WERE / ARE MADE AWARE OF THE ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE (for fraud on the taxpayers, Mr & Mrs Average) TO REPORT & CHALLENGE the activities and practices that lead to BILLIONS BEING SQUANDERED / STOLEN by the administrators of the courts and the Justice system with, apparently, the blessings (and the participation in many instances) of the police and those who are meant to oversee and supervise them all.

The constructive frauds through the courts ARE COVERED in the pages numbers 4 and 8 (above). THE PROOF STARES THE READERS IN THE EYES, even youngsters who can read plain English, not legal jargon, faceless one *proveright* of injustice, etc. Such observations should have been the case with the charlatan who dare not put a name and face to the postings he/she publishes as a faceless lover of the system in place using the pseudonym: *proveright* in a closed circuit of suckers 'drawn in' by the lovers and promoters / users of the system as is, i.e. as you point out about Dr Badsha.

The issue of constructive FRAUDS THROUGH THE COURTS is the very element which set-ups and individuals, like those who were covered by the solicitor in his letter (in March 2003, number 5 above) and the activities of Dr Badsha, along with the rest of the maintenance engineers of the system (as is) out there, HAPPEN TO BE & SHOULD BE THE NUMBER ONE OFFENDING OF ACTIVITIES & OFFENSIVE PERSONS to any citizen who does not approve of the rampant abuse of the courts facilities for such arrogant and tongue in cheek THEFT OF THE FAMILY (national) SILVER (wealth).

All fraud and stolen wealth flowing towards the centres of collection for and by the followers of the teachings by examples covered and stated in the most vile of works ever presented to 'the sons of men'. The 'sons of men' being the 'humans - turned to zombies: through impositions' such as the perpetual conflicts and wars (promotion of different interests) between nations (countries) representing, naturally, families of common culture and language.

The conflicts now ARE focused on the individual family unit (as we know of and understand the common parental lineage). It is the INDIVIDUAL FAMILIES that now happen to be the assaulted targets, as arranged by the followers of the lessons learned from the examples stated in the most vile of works ever to be presented to 'the sons of men', the inhabitants of planet earth.

To the above I would like to add:

*** ANYONE WHO IS GENUINELY CONCERNED & INTERESTED, in and for work that CAN BE SEEN TO BE CHALLENGING AND EXPOSING THE OFFENDERS, those who are willing to act, they should contribute their cases stated (or to be stated) with supporting evidence in and through the Public Domain. The work is called for and warranted IN ORDER TO CHALLENGE IN COMMON (in groups together or each one alone but with the common factors established en masse). THE BLUNT & ARROGANT FRAUDS ON THE TAXPAYERS should be the main objective of both victims and non-victims because ALL PAY TAXES that make up the revenues being squandered and stolen THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES.

All genuine victims / concerned citizens / challengers should be seen to be contributing whatever they can in order to assist one another TO PUT FORWARD (with your positive work) PROPER REPRESENTATIONS to the government that:

Acknowledged (to me personally) the issue of FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM, in 1995. Yet for over 10 years, now, the fraudsters who contacted me in 1992 (the leaders of the suckers, or other lovers and USERS of the system as is) who are running around selling their alleged legal expertise and services through their common co-operative that is known and promoted as the Litigants In Person Society (LIPS), systematically sought to abuse my goodwill and work for and towards their own evil ends. Their plans simply were and remain: 'The USE OF THE FACILITIES IN PLACE FOR THE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS INTENDED TO END UP WITH THE REWARD UNDER THE TABLE for the confidential PLUNDERING OF THE FAMILY SILVER (national assets) as the fraudster in the page number 12 (below) established through her activities and VERY CONVENIENT FAILURES & OMISSIONS.

In the page pointed to below, there exists evidence that the fraudster (who was introduced to *human-rights* by the LIPS crowd/mob) WAS PARTICIPATING IN THE ARROGANT FRAUDS THROUGH THE COURTS. Partially covered in the page at the moment but WITH THE ESSENTIAL EVIDENCE IN PLACE:
The arrogance of a judge to assert:
"You cannot litigate the issue of the use of the forgery THROUGH WHICH THE TRANSFER OF A PROPERTY to others (through abuse of the courts facilities). The (reckless) attitude of the judicial chair occupant towards all of Parliament's Laws, in the instance at hand, is NOT OPEN TO CHALLENGE, especially in OUR courts. We (the judges) have finished with you here (in the UK). You just run along like a good little girl (with the LIPS lot and the Badshas or any other supporter and lover of the system as is) to the European Court for Human Rights FOR YOUR REWARD under the table".
"Keep quiet about it all as we and our supporters expect and demand of / stipulate to you. JUST KEEP QUIET LIKE THE MEDIA BARONS DO AS SUPPORTERS, who directly or through the usual defaults / failings THEY ENSURE PROMOTION OF THE EXISTING OPERATIONS & SUPPRESS that which you too must keep quiet about the activities you and your family were subjected to. [*Link from her to the page where we publish extract from the transcript when a Circuit Judge delivered a judgement that implied such terms and conditions for the co-operating in the scams fraud of a human who made it her business to abuse the trust she had been benefiting from for months when in pursuit for the cash under the table, THE REWARDS TO FRAUDSTERS OF SUCH MENTALITIES as the Circuit Judge was speaking of]..

The government that had no choice but to introduce the Bill of Rights in 1997 after the explicit challenges in the court case published in the pages at:

(the whole of the URL up to and inclusive of the *.htm* must be copy-pasted for access to the site page)
The DEMAND CONTAINED in the last ORDER SOUGHT ON APPEAL, evinces the element of 'contempt for the Law by the courts and the government', the Ministers who are responsible for the police and the courts / judiciary while one and all promote the much revered 'independence of the judiciary' TO ACT OUTSIDE AND IN CONTEMPT OF ALL LAW.

Acknowledged the issue of 12.3 billions pounds COMPENSATION (paid out in REWARDS & AWARDS) in just one year alone. The Press Release simply AFTER we reported the activities in which the fraudsters club recruit we cover in the page below, engaged, as a dreamer who came along to abuse our time while in pursuit of the reward she was looking forward to (the cash under the table from / at / through the intervention of the European Court for Human Rights.


Removed from office Lord Irvine, the Lord Chancellor who very keenly had been promoting 'the fraudsters club recruits' who were 'waiting in the pipeline'. Victims / concerned taxpayers MUST READ his words and how

excited he was about the great interest in his plans for those who needed / need legal services. His words can be accessed at human-rights WHEN HE WAS EXPLAINING (his plans for reform of the Legal Aid facility) to the Home Affairs Select Committee in November 1999. He actually spoke of the great interest of the volunteers who were waiting in the pipelines (as lovers and intended users of the plans put forward by him). ALL were raring to go and ready to act exactly as Dr. Badsha and the dreamer / fraudster who had the audacity to write to me as he did as published and CHALLENGED BY ME at:

The dreamer and fraudsters club recruit acknowledged the assistance and work for and with him over the years. He never disclosed to me the fact that he did enter into an agreement (in October1999) with the legal gurus and the leaders of the LIPS crowd/mob, to work against me and the principles very clearly stated at human-rights. He had been ABUSING MY TRUST and AFTER / through devious means and misrepresentations he also set about to abuse my work for his own evil ends. He acted so along with the rest of the fraudsters club recruits 'who were / are ready, willing and able to act as HE, and others do. All simply ready to do what needs to be done, NOT DISCLOSE ANYTHING, and just enter into the tunnels of corruption of society FOR AND THROUGH THE REWARDS via the carrot dangling at the end of the tunnel.

And that alleged legal genie ignoring the element of FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, merely and because of the ARRANGEMENTS FOR the rewards following and through the fraudulent activities IN THE COURTS.

Anyone with some common sense can understand the scenarios the crafty one was writing of and about when he wrote to me. Included in the letter evidence about HIS PARTS in the fraudulent misrepresentations and the blunt deceptions on the naive and gullible serfs, his colleagues 'outside' who allegedly should benefit from assistance FOR THEIR PART IN THE WORK FOR BLUNT AND ARROGANT FRAUDS ON THE TAXPAYERS via co-operation with the criminals who are in control of the courts and justice system.

The capabilities and readiness of such persons who VERY CONVENIENTLY ARE PROMOTED by the media barons. They and their groups are mentioned in articles as persons and or as groups (self help purposes, naturally) who are set up and work for the victims who are disappointed with or abandoned by the legal circles, convenient scenarios indeed. Such groups and individuals within them, allegedly aim to and challenge the wrongdoers, some joke.

Readers should NOT loose sight of the clearly stated purposes of such groups as covered by the solicitor who wrote of such groups in March 2003 : page number 5 above).

Last but not least the readers / visitors / concerned taxpayers MUST READ THE INTRODUCTION TO THE WORK & BOOK by the barrister Dr. Akene Adoko. Indeed WHY PUBLISH and THEN BURY IT ALL if the intention was to deal the blows necessary to the abductors and RAPISTS OF JUSTICE Dr. Adoko and the rest of the lovers of the system as is?

The last question is directed to one and all BUT ABOVE ALL, THE SIMPLE MIND behind the faceless one who publishes his (or her) waffle under the pseudonym *proveright*.

All of the above is NOT FOOD FOR THOUGHT BUT DIRECT PROVOCATION and INVITATION TO ALL VICTIMS and taxpayers to stand up and be counted.

Sincerely Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
Founder *human-rights* (NGO)
London - UK


"He who knows the truth and fails to proclaim it is an accessory and abettor to the work of the devil"
(AY 1972).


The elements and issues covered in the above email submissions should cause victims, the law abiding and concerned citizens, ALL TAXPAYERS to consider the simple fact that billions are paid out as salaries to abusers of legal chair occupation while freely indulging in organised fraud.


Many the victims who experienced the organised criminal activities we relate and point to in our pages. We publish evidence, such as the part from an official transcript, the deliberations by AN ARROGANT JUDGE WHO EXHIBITED HIS CONTEMPT FOR THE LAW APPLICABLE TO EVIDENCE WHEN DELIVERING A JUDGEMENT.


In the case we allude to, the 'victim' was but a fraudster who was noted to be more than a conscious participant in the plans attached to the eventual conversion of public funds, TAX REVENUE, to alleged 'compensation to the fraudster who was participating in the theatrical productions used for the fraudulent conversion of targeted assets and properties to allegedly legitimate legal costs.


As usual the aforesaid scenarios were intended to lead, eventually, to the plundering of national budget funds, in order to REWARD THE VICTIM OF THE LEGAL CIRCLES (and the abused court facilities), in the instance at hand, the FRAUDSTER Mrs. Veronica Beryl Foden, for her parts in all of the theatrical productions she engaged in, as a willing playmate.


Her reckless suppression of the activities she was allegedly simply the victim of, but noted to be party to, and may or may have been a victim of (initially) BUT NONETHELESS A PARTY TO THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES WHO ELECTED TO SUPPRESS THE REALITIES WE COVER IN OUR EXCLUSIVE PAGE FROM Mr & Mrs Average, THE TAXPAYERS.

As a 'sold to the system as is charlatan and as a stooge she arrived on the scene as a promoter of the usual 'abused court facilities scripts'. And as another lousy actress she was dispensing the usual crocodile tears. The doubtful and non-believers should access the page where we point to the root and the origins of the 'divide & conquer' ploy as disseminated and used by followers of the teachings and practices by examples stated in the Old Testament.
In the meantime the leaders / heads of three religions carry on promoting the same old misrepresentations upon which the foundations of the three religions and all of the clones created by the same craft-y fraudsters behind it all. [*Link from here to the root of the divide and conquer / rule ploy as distributed through the Old Testament to the sons of men; *Link also from here to another page where we publish an introduction to the *disputed* plans of the most ardent of followers / distributors of the teachings by examples stated and alleged to be 'Holy Scriptures'. We urge all  ].
  • Read, in a page linked to from here, of activities, defaults, blunt omissions and of an arrogant and direct hijacking of a Default Summons, a Court case issued out of Court by the Claimant. A solicitor took it upon himself to issue instructions to the Court of issue, thereby interfering with an Application for Judgement* (*F ) and through such instructions interference in the rights of 'the targeted serf', the deponent of the affidavit published in the page victims and visitors should access IF concerned taxpayers.
  • The arrogance of the solicitor was supplemented with blunt abuse of public office! Apparently such activities, by solicitors, are simply endorsed, acquiesced and 'promoted as of right, care of 'God given Authority' to solicitors; also to all public servants, to act as they please.
  • The solicitor, in the instance at hand, was neither instrumental in the institution of the case he interfered with, NOR WAS HE EVER INSTRUCTED BY THE CLAIMANT / PLAINTIFF to act for her in the case. YET, of his own, THE SOLICITOR WENT ON THE RECORD, FOR THE CASE and thereafter the arrogant abusers of public office, operating out of the County Court just ignored the rights of the Plaintiff, 'the targeted serf', as if the legal circles have been granted license by some elected government (representatives of the electorate, the citizens, the Masters, to operate and act as absolute controllers and organisers of the lives of the Maters, the citizens.
  • The facts of the case are clearly stated in the said Affidavit, which all readers, researchers and victims of 'the established practices and routine operations within the legal system and the courts', AFTER READING the affidavit, MUST READ ALSO, the Affidavit that was settled and sprung on the solicitors and the Court, by the brother of Mrs. Englezakis, who, by then, had been the targeted victim of many invisible services providers; services to persons who engage in oiling the cog-wheels of the corrupted legal, judicial and policing services.
  • Read of another solicitor who instituted Court Proceedings without due process for and in respect of a fraudulent claim WITHOUT ANY GROUNDS WHATSOEVER, with the only exception that in the instance at hand all were acting as true followers of the one who came down with his affiliates and associates to 'cause the sons of men to cease co-operating and achieving great things'. [*Link from here to foundations]
  • Part of the invisible services, false instruments created and issued by public servants operating out of the confines of the Local Authority. Such issues and facilities to / for persons who oil the cog wheels of CIUKU Enterprises (with clones in other lands too), part of the evidence attached to the affidavits we refer and point to. ALL & EVERYTHING PART OF THE New World Order Code of Morals and Ethics.
  • And the police party to additional invisible services as pleaded and lodged at court by 'the targeted serfs'.
  • Of such activities the services provided to criminals by officers of the law and Justice, at the intended expense targeted 'serfs'; all care of criminals who adhere to the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works to have ever been created by evil minds, but sold and promoted to the sons of men, on planet earth, as allegedly Holy Scriptures.
  • Of such the make-up and Constitution of a State, one that allegedly rests and  is founded on principles of Law & Order.
NOTE FOR VICTIMS of the legal circles: - We released on 3rd March 2008 the material attached to a House of Lords Ruling, on record since 1940. Deliberations by their Lordships, in that instance, were and remain OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO THE RULE OF LAW, ESPECIALLY WHEN DAMAGES WERE / ARE IMPOSED THROUGH IRRELEVANT OR QUESTIONABLE / DEFECTIVE COURT PROCEEDINGS. Every concerned visitor -reader / researcher- will have failed his own conscious should he / she default to read their Lordships deliberations on the elements of CONSPIRACY, DISHONESTY, LIES, MISREPRESENTATION, FRAUD & MAINTAINING SILENCE in respect of known wrongs through which damages to third parties, such as the silence converts to & lovers of the New World Order Code of Ethics, some of whom we name and expose in our pages. [*Link from here to list of pages where we relate the activities of such persons]      
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