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Crime - Organised - Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note below the arrangements between the administrative, the judiciary and the media; read of the all-embracing guarantee in place, in contempt of all law : the root we point to in our pages.

WHERE IS JUSTICE? Read below:-

>>> "The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State" <<<*

*Link from herre to founder's tribulations in 1972-75 and recognise WHY, PSEUDOdemocracy

* And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy. Hence, the billions paid out as covered in the affidavit which visitors can link to directly from here [*Link].
* Link also from here to the founder's conclusions as of 1972-75 when the great Metropolitan police were seen to be nothing but accessories to and abettors to the rampant fraud and corruption through the courts organised and processed while Members of Parliament were -as they still do- promoting the waffle that amounts to nothing short of : 'independence of the judiciary to act in contempt of ALL LAW (national and international) in a pseudo-democracy.

Link from here to proof >most clear< as to the parts the police play in promotion and expansion of the criminal activities instigated, organised, managed, processed and imposed on society >the sucker-serfs : the taxpayers< by the legal circles. Read of assertions by a typical hypocrite, none other than the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM, when he spoke of FALSE RECORDS and FORGERIES by the legal circles when delivering his Dimbleby Lecture on BBC-TV in November 1976, 15 months after he received true copy of THE FORGERY created by the licensed criminals >the legal circles< for their evil ends in the case that opened Andrew Yiannides' mental eyes to the realities of life in the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. Can anyone enlighten Andrew and the millions of victims of the legal circles / the courts >"WHY NO PROSECUTION of the solicitors & the barristers in 1972?<

* With such facilities in place, the words we point to here, attached to arrogant abuse of public office and arrogant dereliction of public duties, can anyone assert that Mr Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights, was not right to conclude and determine that Justice has been abducted and that she is held captive in the dungeons maintained by her abductors who rape her daily in their courts in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies?
Access from here and read of the realities in articles penned by the researcher who declined an 'invitations to join the club of converted morons and fraudsters, persons who determine to target and use the ever growing numbers of victims of the abused courts facilities for more of the same criminal activities they 'had been victims of' themselves. Access also from here part of the stated events in the course of a hearing at court when the court's facilities were being used with criminal intent by the organisers of the lives of the sheeple in the United Kingdom, when properties were targeted by the fraudsters in control of the Law Enforcement Agencies, operating ion tandem with the used and encouraged products of an allegedly 'civilised democracy' as created by the followers and promoters of the vile scenarios sold and promoted to the ill-educated sheeple as 'holy scriptures'. Access from here and read the article on the alphabet crearted by fraudsters which alphabet they transkated to the language of the targeted civilsation some 2300 years ago.
* ALL Member States of the European Union are subject to the ruling which visitors, readers and researchers can access in the explicit page /yourrights.htm
Link from here to the realities - we point also, in our pages, to the hint / warning > indirect but nonetheless very clear < for thinkers / true humans to recognise
* On 3rd March 2008 >someone's birthday< we released a House of Lords PRECEDENT CASE and reveal deliberations by their Lordships in respect of FRAUD - DECEPTION - CONSPIRACY & IMPLIED LIES BY KEEPING SILENT about any wrong imposed on any other
* >>> IN THE MEANTIME WE have been naming and shaming a number who know of & do much more than just approve wrongs imposed on millions of 'sucker-serfs' in our allegedly civilised country / state / province / district of the European Union that allegedly protects 'citizens from FRAUD & CORRUPTION.
Needless to say the case entailed activities and practices by solicitors as Mr Andrew Yiannides was subjected to, decades later, by an old school friend, Mr Kypros Nichola of Nicholas & Co. in London. Mr K. Nichola bluntly abused the trust placed in him and indulged, in tandem with others, in criminal activities intended to cause the damages that were imposed on the targeted 'serf' by accredited - by the Law Society & Bar Council - allegedly Honourable Officers of the Supreme Court, the courts maintained by successive elected governments in the United Kingdom, one of many pseudodemocracies. In due course another revelation relevant to the arrogant 'inherent jurisdiction', through which to deny, obstruct justice & impose all manner of criminally created states on 'the serfs', who are taxed for the cost of maintaining criminals in public office, in pseudo-democracies]

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, successive irresponsible Lord Chancellors and Home Secretaries who ignored all complaints and submissions irrespective of the evidence and the law pointed to, by the victims of it all, the citizens who are called upon to pay taxes for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

*Link from here to our exclusive page, covering confidential fraud as arranged THROUGH THE BEST KEPT OPEN SECRET in allegedly civilised democracies >all European States, that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights after the conclusion of the 2nd. World War<.Elsewhere the foundations and the corner stone upon which the operatives built the societies of their making using the bricks and mortar we cover in this and other pages. The visitor should not be under any illusion that the stars in the theatrical productions we relate and partly cover in our pages were by any stretch of the imagination 'humans' who were / are gifted with any attributes that distinguish 'true humans' >thinkers< from wild animals hunting for food.

Fraud in court  Council staff use Forgeries  

Misconduct in Public Office. 2 cases relative to applicable law One Protocol says it ALL It betrays arrogant intentions Law Provides for THEFTS and it covers Judges too Judges' duties   TIME 4 CHANGE   & CHALLENGES Site CONTENTS - Table of Contents & ongoing work Your Rights & OBLIGATIONS to Society SEARCH facility for any specific element / issue of concern to visitors / readers
COURTS : their Facilities Abused For ORGANISED CRIME >FRAUD Solicitor's Perjury & Victim Ignores it all Just like the Law Society always does Blackmailed or is it Just Conditioned & Subjugated Victims who join the club ? We name Lovers of blunt fraud through courts - Users of the facilities 4 illicit gains Local Authorities & FRAUD on 'serfs' the Taxpayers who are kept in the dark Police Party to & Endorsing Criminal Acts, Activities Arrogant Fraud FALSE Records & Contempt of Law by the legal Circles & Public Services The crafty ones & Vexatious Litigant PLOYS for the rewarded silent

* Information FOR victims who wish to co-operate by EXPOSING & CHALLENGING abusers of Public Office *

[*Link from here to evidence. *Link also from here to a case when the abusers of the courts' facilities abandoned their plans for another targeted family]

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all victims of malpractice - misconduct - negligence, etc. TO NOTE

In the civil justice system in England and Wales, a judge presides over the proceedings that are argued by the opposing sides through the adversarial process. The process enables the court, judge, to reach a conclusion as to the truth of the facts in dispute. Thereat it is for the judge to apply the law to the facts proven, established at court.

The system as evolved is covered in the page 'English Legal System' and remains the same after the Woolf reforms.

An explicit Affidavit [*L] plus exhibits and
     letters to a Chief Inspector of Police
          one to solicitors
[*L] and another to the Lord Chancellor [*L] evince
               ORGANISED CRIMES
(Access and read the letter to the police in September 2006 [*L])
Access & read from one of a number of letters to the Prime Minister :- * I believe that New Labour will deliver us from the wrongs we have been suffering for far too long. Use of our resources in terms of human potential and capabilities can and should be channelled through rights not wrongs, through positives not through negatives. It is our produce and ingenuity we can sell to others not the minefields of corrupt and bankrupt public services. * [*Link from here to the page, note the steps taken to ensure the Prime Minister forwarded / delegated submissions and evidence received at 10 Downing Street to the right Minister / Ministry because the submissions were in respect of ORGANISED CRIMES


hosted by **

( Citizens Against Maladministration In Law Application )


Crime - Organised -Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets,  run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note the all-embracing guarantee, in place but in contempt of all law:
"The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State". (And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy and hence, the billions paid out as covered in the exclusive affidavit that visitors can link to directly from here)

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Corrupt Courts (Divorce Industry) *page created 27/04/2000*

import.gif (1348 bytes)  HELP US TO HELP YOU Please (*Link to plea).hrbnrsml.gif (1162 bytes)    JOIN others On Line and publish your Statement of Facts and the Evidence you have. (Member's case at the European Court on Human Rights - paves the way TO PLEAD VIOLATIONS caused through abusive use of the courts in allegedly civilised Democratic States. Victims do not know that IT IS ALL ORGANISED the very circles who have been arranging all of humanity's TRIBULATIONS  FOR THOUSANDS of years) Use your rights in law (link) and ACT, with others, against the offenders. Join them and chip in for the creation of the mass of evidence against abusers of public office : the abductors and rapists of Justice. You can then benefit from THE FACTS & THE EVIDENCE that you will help establish. It can all be used in any action, severally or jointly with others, as the case may be . Crimes against humanity are not ruled out when a large number of citizens can come up with evidence and as victims concur and or expand upon on the FACTS STATED & The VIOLATIONS PLEADED as LODGED at the ECoHR, already.

Affiliated Sites For 'The CAMILA Project' DATA Collection & Activities (*Link to update) (*Link)
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All SERIOUS offers from webmasters who are  engaged in publication of web-pages, web-sites will be welcome. We look forward to adding your site to the above list and your readiness to co-operate in and for data collection.

LIST of leaders of groups and webmasters who REFUSED/FAILED to co-operate. The same also arrogantly FAILED / DEFAULTED to address the issue of Organised abuse of the courts FOR fraudulent conversion of private (citizen's) assets and the fraudulent distribution of taxpayers contributions to the national budget. Access the exclusive exposures where we point to and publish the EVIDENCE of the facilities in place FOR the creation of societies of fraudsters.
1. LIPS (*Site References)
2. UKMM (*Site References) 3. ELC (*Site References)
4. Families Need Fathers
5. Fathers 4 Justice
7. xxx

November 1998, letter to the petitioner from the ECoHR. In it clearly stated the rules of produdure and the practice at the European Court of Human Rights STRASBOURG jfecarfr.jpg (58548 bytes)ead, 2nd paragraph: ".. signle member of the court, acting as Rapporteur, will carry out a preliminary examination of this application and report to the court on the question of its admissibility". We STRESS that it was and is a SINGLE member who acts as stated in the letter, on issues of admissibility.

We point elsewhere, in our pages, that 'the victim' in the instance at hand, WAS SENT along by the managers of the LIPS mob in mid August 1999. The introduction well AFTER the letter we piblish, below, was written by the solicitors who engaged in a number of questiionable activities. They were noted to have been party to invisible services in the Conversion of Housing Benefit funds as we cover in our pages. Consequently we were NOT IMPRESSED with their parts in the flagship of CIUKU Enterprises (Divorce Industry). Their blunt parts in the National Scandal will be covered, in due course, with links to more documented evidence and the warranted STATEMENTS OF FACTS on affidavit.
The very solicitors were involved in blunt attempts that were intended to convert Housing Benefit moneys, owing and due to a private landlord whose property was rented to a person who claimed to have been made redundant, as supported by Haringey Council staff, while we had more than enough information that the person was in fact working.
ajhrlfsr.jpg (46102 bytes) For the time being we point to te affidavit and one of the exhibits / affidavit you can link to from here.

An example of abused time and trust by lovers of the system as is, also fraudsters club recruits we point to and cover in our pages. Billions of taxpayers contributions stolen annualy (converted to alleged compensation) for victims of the legal circles & the organised frauds through abuse of the courts facilities. jfayan0r.jpg (50143 bytes) Readers, researchers might consider contacting Mr Foenander and enquiring of him as to why he failed to fetch along to the Royal Courts of Justice the essential copies of the documents that were to be attached to the affidavit which he thus rendered 'waste bin material' AFTER RECKLESSLY WASTING the time of Mr A Yiannides as he had done also in connection with the Appeal, to which he referred in the course of his telephone exchange (in mid / late October 1999) with Mr. Norman Scarth.

The Application below as arranged between Mr J M R Foenander with others while he was abusing with intent the time and generous nature of Mr. Andrew Yiannides. jfo9al1r.jpg (102149 bytes)Above we point (ARROW) to the fee as paid for the application. DATE & TIME are of the essence. We will be publishing evidence FROM WHICH OTHER DOCUMENT the ABUSER / FRAUDSTER transferred the fee to the above USELESS application, bearing in mind the need to APPEAL already entered decisions PLUS the very elrement of THE REWARD for toeing thre line / playing the field as with the fraudster who prepared the above application by way of an impressive showpiece for use in theatrical productiions intended to impress the naive and gullible. Nothing unusual.

Below the second page of the application as prepared by one Lewis / Louis Foley, to whom Mr J M R Foenander made reference when in the recorded conversation and exchanges with Mr Norman Scarth, the Secretary of the LIPS crowd/mob.jfo9al2r.jpg (83353 bytes) Readers, researchers might consider contacting Mr. J M R Foenander and asking him for a copy of the Appeal for which he had been abusing Mr Yiannides' time. Copy of the first page should suffice. Reference to the FEE STAMP DATE & TIME establishes his evil part in the conspiracy to abuse the time and generous nature of the founder of  human-rights. The appeal (& the intended abuse for work that was to be ignored) was referred to in the telephone exchasnges between J M R Foenander and Norman Scarth. (*Link to the recorded exchanges establishing the intent).

The letter below, three pages of it, establish KNOWLEDGE of the facility for the arrogant thefts of funds and the blunt money-laudering activities by the legal circles. Nowhere is the author, however making any reference to the element of the INTENDED THEFT OF TAX REVENUES FOR THE REWARDS he and his chums had already agreed to bury in the fark corners of their evil and corripted minds. (Link to the exclusive page where the scheme is exposed).jflhlc1r.jpg (107718 bytes)

jflhlc2r.jpg (115545 bytes)

jflhlc3r.jpg (59837 bytes)

Letter settled by Mr Andrew Yiannides for Mr J M R Foenander to submit to his Member of Parliament. He had been promoting the fact that his MP ignored his letters as he had been saying also about other public bodies and servants, such as the police. jfltmp1r.jpg (71630 bytes)

jfltmp2r.jpg (107839 bytes) Readers, researchers might consider asking for a copy of the response from the MP after the above letter reached its destination.

The letter below, from the police, introduced other elements. Public servants DO respond when caused to  recognise that issues raised with and put to them in a manner that evinces grasp of the criminal activities, as the victim was covering in his letter to Mr Geoffrey Scriven. (*Link to one of the articles in the media wherein elements raised were NOT THE REALITIES COVERED IN THE LETTER by J M R Foenander to Mr Scriven, above).jflpof1r.jpg (75195 bytes)

jflpof2r.jpg (31601 bytes)

Fax cover sheet 22 Nov. 1999jfsfocsr.jpg (47430 bytes)

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YEARS ON and nothing has changed. The article INDEED VERY CLEAR. What the solicitor disclosed was but the tip of the iceberg. Behind it all, the most vile of activities at the expense of family and the taxpayers. Over and above the financial damages / ruin of families the most evil of effects, the psychological damages that are   imposed on  tomorrows' generations by the legal circles and judicial chair occupants. All paid for through taxes inclusive of 'the social security funding for maintaining the ruined 'serfs' who are targeted by the operatives of the system /   the practices through the courts.   
divlawfm.jpg (85442 bytes) The media barons received details of an explicit case lodged and submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. In that case   the legal circles and the courts were at their best. The facts of life stated very clearly. The blunt violations pleaded / argued, in law, cover all activities the targeted victim was subjected to from within the courts, not just the dishonest lawyers. The Community On Line member published it all in and for the public's interest. (*Link to the FOOTNOTE for the latest - July 2004) 
(Back to:  Cowboy Lawyers  National Scandal: activities of lawyers

Information on other material and pages linked to from this page

Breeding Grounds
Read about a case where one and all engage in blatant denial of rights. Court staff and officers, police, the Lord Chancellor's department and office determined that the targeted victim of all merited no protection from / under the law because of origins and much more. Harassment and threat to life, damages to property and much more. And all the Law Enforcement Agencies were prepared to do, was to encourage and harbour a criminal. Despite all the victim eventually caused the offenders from within the courts to review the errors of their ways. (Link to Page)

undercon.gif (286 bytes) Site reconstruction.Page Revised: July 25, 2012.

VISITORS ARE URGED to access and READ THE IMPORTANT update and ADDENDA we were obliged to introduce in January 2002. You will find it at the top of the Updated Pages File. We are sure that you will share with us our concerns and most profound disappointment at and with persons who adopt and promote activities which they know are nothing but downright crimes. We refer to our exclusive page where we expose (as conscientious law abiding citizens) the Confidentiality Between Fraudsters that exists care of the BEST OPEN SECRET. 

Guidelines for Navigating the extensive material: access instructions. In the alternative if looking for any specific issue/issues USE the search facility.  

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Divorce Lawyer Admits Fraud

  • The facts of life within our legal SYSTEM.
  • An operative admits to the newspaper "Mail on Sunday" anonymously, for fear of recriminations from within our corrupted system.
  • The person after all needs to make a living, albeit unethically and through deception and fraud as our founder discovered, well over thirty-five  years ago, in a case that was treated by the SYSTEM as a goose laying golden eggs for the manipulators of the system (*Link).
  • One only has to consider, in the instance at hand, the fact that one is dealing with FAMILY issues and that the lives of innocent young children are affected by the financial straight jackets their parents are placed in by the greedy fraudsters operating within and in our corrupt courts, as the Scriven case and other cases establish.
  • The very dishonest circles, do encourage and *WORK FOR* family break-ups along with their accomplished partners 'in this very important industry' in the forefront and the *Jewel In the Crown* of CIUKU Enterprises.
  • All because of their own greed and their other ulterior motives, irrespective of the effects on society as a whole.
  • Organised promotion of family break-ups rests squarely on the shoulders of the manipulative from within the Law Enforcement Agencies and the corrupted legal system; we are gathering and have sufficient information to back up and substantiate our statements.
  • We link you from other text, lower down and from other pages, to an explicit Community On Line web-site. In that victim's case many a pre-arranged imposition on the targeted victim are seen to have been put in place from the onset (*Link to brief introduction at page). Other state financed institutions seen to be part of 'the institutionalised, organised fraud and corruption arranged/created and run through the legal and court services, care of recklessly irresponsible judicial chair occupants - who MISCONDUCT (*Link to criminal prosecution case) IN PUBLIC OFFICE (*Link to explicit definition and the rights of citizens in any properly constituted and managed/run democratic state).  

To the left, in the margin / column, the article (*Link) through which exposure of the facts of life in the United Kingdom. FAMILY LAW as practised by the manipulative from within the legal system for personal dishonest and fraudulent transfer / conversion of assets. All achieved care of  the judicial chair occupants, persons who rise to public office through the ranks of the legal boffins, the citizens are victims of. The Breeding Grounds case(*Link) exposes more than enough. We ARE publishing more facts and realities that establish HOW HIGH THE FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES and how contemptuous of the citizens' rights and the law itself the 'legal circles' in our alleged democracy (Link to definition Quote).

Many a family were and are being broken up by the manipulative as their way of getting to the assets of individuals and the citizens who challenge their practices; it is their first step towards the destruction, if achieved, of their intended victims. Information indeed had come to our attention in the G H Scriven cases*; we did intend to publish the material for the WORLD, but as it turned out, Mr Scriven adopted other plans, for the taxpayers, than those we were led to believe were his original and ongoing work while he was in regular contact with us. Our aims were, and still are, to inform the Jury at large of the realities of life within the courts and the legal system. The citizens are aware as to WHY, & WHAT FOR the Law Enforcement Agencies (*Link to the principles that apply in all TRUE democratic states; *Link to Lord Irvine's plans for the UK, *Link to Lord Irvine's plans for the planned 'facilities to the fraudsters club recruits'). However Mr & Mrs Average, within our shores (as in other 'western-influenced / controlled pseudo-democracies) are not aware that public servants, INCLUDING PERSONS WHO OCCUPY JUDICIAL CHAIRS, recklessly misconduct in public office (*Link to R v Dytham Court of Appeal, case). One can safely surmise that the root of the challenged abuse of the court's processes, and the facilities in the instance covered by 'The Appeal' below (*Link), arose out of criminal activities, and that the 'man-woman' situation / divorce' was simply used for all that evolved and developed subsequently (*Link to a case when appropriate challenges caused the abductors and rapists of Justice to abandon their plans for the targeted 'serf', the irrelevant and discarded male / husband / father, 'just another of the sons of men' targeted by the followers of the teachings from the book we refer and point to, below).

We received information, also, that in the case of another victim-family the manipulative, from within the legal system, did attempt to create such a scenario. The situations and activities smack of issues we have been exposing and challenging, in our pages, in the most profound and clear-cut case, with elements taken out of the Old Testament. The Adam and Eve - lesson; the lost paradise; the lost nirvana; the lost peace of mind of the huMAN species of this planet / world where elements of 'blind obedience to a criminal was the cause of it all, the reason why the loss of peace of mind'. (*Link to exclusive and explicit revelations).

Humans should have learned from that 'biblical lesson' centuries ago and not allow the dishonest and the manipulative to carry on relentlessly destroying the moral fibre (*Link to HomePage succinct Quote) of the societies from within which the manipulative operate.

Humans should now muster such old lessons; they must recognise the facts of life the manipulative impose on them. As true masters of their own destinies they must raise the standards against the dishonest, the deceitful, the sycophants and the hypocrites (*Link). The citizens, as individuals and as a joint force, should act and set up the necessary barriers to the controllers of their lives. The citizens should recognise that 'The LAW' is 'The LAW' and that the manipulative have no mandate from any government to misconduct in public office (*Link to case); they were never set free to act outside 'The LAW' in the United Kingdom; they had and have no right to act as the licensed creators of the United Kingdom's own Gulag. None is above 'The LAW' our judges keep reminding the citizens.

No public servant was ever granted a warrant bestowing independence of the restrains of 'Parliament's LAW'. No one has the right to act in breach of Sections of the Theft and Counterfeit Acts (*Link to legal argument founded on practices and resting on the law) of Parliament, determining the future of others through violations of human rights and abuse of public position.

Blatant misconduct in public office (*Link) aided and abetted through abuse of trust that the naive place in the manipulative fraudsters from within the legal system and services (*Link). Criminal activities entered into and perpetrated with affront through blatant acts with assistance (through convenient defaults in the execution of their public duties and blunt co-operation with the criminals)   from within the police forces, wherefore substantial numbers of their members having close links and affinity to the abusers of the legal system, through the common practices stated/covered in 'The Police Summons The Victim' case (*Link) establishing it all. We draw attention to the fact that defaults and omissions attract the same consideration in law as acts. The Court of Appeal ruling in the case R-v-Dytham (*Link) and the provisions under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 that we publish in The CAMILA Project home page (*Link) are clear.  We quoted and relied upon our Parliament's provisions, in matters attached to Torment and Torture by public servants,  in order to bring the message home to the authorities in the course of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry*.


  • We publish below copy/paste of an actual APPEAL lodged at Lambeth County Court, by a victim of the Divorce Industry. He contacted us for assistance but abused our readiness to support victims of the abusive of public office.
  • A victim of the practices that the anonymous lawyer spoke of to the Mail on Sunday. The victim of the divorce proceedings, that gave rise to the Appeal below, was caused to change solicitors ones too often. The hypocrite proved to have been ready and willing to abuse our time while he was serving other interests than the ones he had proclaimed to us.
  • Every firm of solicitor, who represented him, simply carried on as the previous firms had done and as pleaded in the Appeal, below. (NOTE: the victim, as a recruit in the fraudsters club, we cover in our exclusive page (*Link) NEVER intended to expose the issues he brought to, and raised with, us, as others fraudsters club recruits did(*Link).
  • Through constructive frauds and false instruments the conversion of assets (*Link) and many a victim experience through the fraudulent activities at and in the courts / the legal system (*Link to a genuine challenger's as member of the Community On Line actions - because of concern for the thousands of the victims the 'fraudsters club recruits target, just like the hireling who accepted the brief, from above, to waste our time and to obstruct our  work, as he indulged).
  • The stated facts, in the Appeal and as we experienced with and from the hireling / recruit, call for investigations proper, by the authorities, especially by the Home Office.
  • The promotions from the hirelings (fraudsters club recruits) and the Lord Chancellor's  Department and personal office, who elect to treat such activities, 'as within the remit of the 'rights of judicial chair occupants' are unacceptable.
  • The reactions from the Lord Chancellor's Department who respond in the usual manner and as the illiterate in English (*Link) (and much more) member of his staff communicated to the victim in 'The Breeding Grounds - case'.* simply expose the endorsement of crime reported and as acknowledged in the Judith Ward case. (*Link)
  • DO NOTE that the victim (Mr Johan Foenander) over a period of some ten months, proved that he never had any intentions to challenge properly or to expose the criminals who are in control of the legal system and the courts. He had other priorities to serve, (*Link) as a hireling who accepted the role he had been assigned by the leaders and controllers of the LIPS crowd/mob, the persons who introduced him to Andrew and *human-rights*.
  • FULL PARTICULARS and the EVIDENCE are to be published in our pages. All XXX's entries (from the text below) have now been removed and the identity of each and every party is thus released.
  • WE are doing our duty and reporting crime to the authorities, OPENLY and as OUR AIMS qualify and clarify. ALL can benefit from the right to reply and or challenge THROUGH THE ONLY OPEN COURT (*Link) for the world jury to determine and not as the corrupt, corrupters and corrupted have been imposing on the world for millennia (*Link to such proof).

We add that the documented evidence had been available for the Lord Chancellor and his dedicated team to inspect; his Lordship was invited on a number of instances to take stock of the situation, AS THE MINISTER RESPONSIBLE for the activities of persons he and his department maintain as alleged public servants, including his Lordship's position in our 'democratic(!) and civilised(?)' society. They, all public servants, should act without further prevarication. They should have dealt with the issues covered in the files we referred them to; they should deal with the files / cases we will be referring to his Lordship and his department. The case-files we referred them to related to misconducted court 'hearings'. The issues covered arose out of similarly 'engineered fraudulent court proceedings', as in the Appeal below. Similar activities are also covered in the case that arose out of thefts, misappropriation and fraudulent conversion of "Housing Benefit funds*, through constructive frauds care of judicial chair occupants as in the material published at:

Theft of properties (including rights assured in law) achieved care of persons, allegedly acting judiciously, while in occupation of judicial chairs. Abusers of public office issuing FALSE INSTRUMENTS (*Link to relevant law) blank cheques to the legal professions from within which circles they (judicial chair occupants) arise to public office. Conversion of assets, their enterprising activities in breach of 'The LAW', through false instruments lacking accountability (*Link to brief legal argument resting on the Theft Acts).

Indictable offences .  In the event that the police should indicate an interest IN THE CRIMES indulged into by the legal professions we shall be very pleased to assist them on condition that the instructions issued to Scotland Yard in July 1998 will be seen to be leading to genuine ACTIONS by the police; no more, an end to, waffle.  The press and media are similarly invited to concern themselves with such realities and to cease offering to the public, at large, half baked potatoes as in the Benefits scams and constructive frauds we had cause to refer to many as of March/April 1995.

The BBC in the series   'Raising the Roof', documentaries, offered a half baked potato in respect of the Housing Benefit frauds industry; they were offered assistance to deal with the FULL facts; WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS, for the wasters of public funds and tax / license revenue to contact us.



  • Details of the Court(s) and the individuals who indulged as stated in the Appeal were not published initially (in April 2000) because we wished to afford the relevant authorities, and the Ministers in charge of our Law Enforcement Agencies : (a) the Home Secretary and (b) the Lord Chancellor, opportunities to instigate proper inquiries into the activities of 'the Legal Professions and their circles' of 'accomplished partners in rampant fraud'.
  • We anticipated and worked with and for other victim-citizens. Some behaved as the hirelings and tutored 'recruits to the fraudsters club' (Links *FC1*FC2 *FC3).
  • Others, who came forward, proceeded as OUR AIMS (*Link) qualify (*Link to site). They challenged as the Appeal below qualifies. The tutored hireling and mischief maker did not proceed with the appeal, at court, because of the other arrangements (*Link) he had engaged in, with others.
  • Another victim's case proceeded in accordance with our policy and culminated in the exclusive petition that was processed and submitted to the European Court of Human Rights.(*Link to petition)
  • We request that you consider the violations as pleaded and argued by Andrew (intellectual property as with the Appeal below) the founder of *human-rights*. (*Link to violations pleaded, founded and resting on the facts stated and arising out of the practices we expose in our pages).
  • Do consider the exchanges between the hireling/recruit with another devious and mischievous member of the LIPS crowd/mob (*Link). The aspirations of such persons: 'to act as other initiates who joined the 'fraudsters club'. (*Link to an exclusive page).
  • The LIPS crowd introduced also another time-waster. Just another LIPS member, and a typical abuser of our facilities and readiness to help and assist VICTIMS (*Link to our actions, after we caught that hireling who had received warning shots (*Link to the explicit FAX she received in March 2001) because of the devious and crafty machinations the tutored hireling was engaging in, in collaboration with others).
  • Self appointed legal experts aiming to serve as such and as the Old Age pensioner benefited from, care of the activities of actors who are tutored and guided by others in the art of fraudulent misrepresentations and deception. Always ready to impress and intimidate victims with their knowledge of how corrupt the system is, but only in private. Impressive presentations from fifth-rate actor-hirelings - 'fraudsters club recruits'.

2.    We draw attention to the provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 1968, in respect of publishing material intended to lead to prosecution of ALL offenders. Lord Jeffrey Archer benefited from a prosecution because of the falsified Diary entries and the end result 'the perversion of justice'.

3.    We are still waiting for the criminals in charge of the police at Haringey - North London (*Link) to prosecute the criminals who indulged in the creation AND PROMOTION / USE of a FORGERY & TWO SUBSEQUENT CLONES for the theft, and misappropriation, of moneys received from Central Government :FOR THE OCCUPATION OF THE PROPERTY belonging to persons who worked for the acquisition of the property. The criminals in control at Haringey Council placing their proteges and tutored / used criminals in the property : FOR THE THEFT OF MONEYS BELONGING TO OTHERS.

NOTE: The victim who came along to abuse our time and facilities, did not proceed with the appeal below,  was never lodged at court by . As a tutored mischief making LIPS crowd member he had already engaged in other scenarios, with his mates. We are publishing, in our pages, some relevant and pertinent particulars of their activities (*Link)


Case No. LB806029

PLAINTIFF                    Carole Iris Foenander

DEFENDANT            Johan Richard Michael Foenander



TAKE NOTICE that the Court will be moved on the ..................... day of ...................... 2000 at .................. to hear an APPEAL on behalf of the Defendant in this action against the ORDER of DJ RAND  whereby the said person sitting in judgement elected to act in contravention of every principle of Justice, existing Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments, International Law, Court Rules and Regulations, Guidelines as to conduct and duties of the legal professions to the Court and in contempt of rulings from Higher Authorities without due consideration to the Defendant’s submissions to the Court on affidavit, supported by exhibits and evidence, establishing the validity of the Defendant’s submissions and claims, that the Order relied upon and used by the legal team of the Plaintiff (as a used vehicle) intended to lead to the application and Order Appealed against in this instance, was secured as a result of fraudulent activities by the legal professions and as a result of fraudulent court proceedings instigated and secured by them through :-

(a) alleged hearings proper behind closed doors in contravention of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, hereinafter abbreviated to ECoHR,

(b) violations of Article 14 of the ECoHR

(c) intended and leading to violations of Article 1 of the First Protocol of the ECoHR through violations of Article 13 as intended and relied upon by the Plaintiff’s legal team, who secured the initiating Court Order by District Judge Maple as a result of fraudulent court activities and proceedings and in the circumstances all Orders consequential to it cannot stand as in the precedent cases pleaded on Affidavit by the Defendant (Petitioner in the original action) establish through the rulings of Higher Authorities whereby the confirmation that none is above the Law and the ultimate determination that "Fraud Vitiates Judgements" as qualified in the words of LJ Denning in the Lazarus Estates Ltd. -v- Beasley case and also in the Nixon -v- Loundes case.

AND THE DEFENDANT PLEADS the following precedent cases in support of this application :-

A.  Myers -v- Elman (House of Lords ruling attached to duties of solicitors to Court, as officers of the Supreme Court). (*Link to 40 years on)

B.  The Zincroft Engineering Ltd. -v- Sphere Drake Insurance plc case whereby the Court of Appeal determined that a party to the proceedings could plead fraud to set aside judgement and adduce substantial evidence of the fraud pleaded.

C. Hudson -v- Hudson case, which the police have been investigating for some time because of the element of constructively engineered frauds.

D. The Geoffrey Harold Scriven case whereby in the Scriven -v- Scriven divorce proceedings the legal professions were seen to benefit from FORGERIES at and or by Court staff and or through Court officers who subsequently ignored and or endorse the false instruments indulged into and relied upon by the legal team representing Mrs Scriven in that instance.(*Link to challenges)

E. The Mr. Gerry and Mrs. Eva Adhsead -v- Kevin Cummins and Martin Joseph (building contractors) also the Legal Aid Board whereby the building contractor’s claim in respect of work done by them, even though condemned by the Local Authority, had been good enough for solicitors and other parties from within the Law Enforcement Agencies, in the United Kingdom, to merit and benefit from and through theatrical productions that were indulged into by the legal circles, care of an alleged Legal Aid Certificate for and in respect of a claim that rested on the condemned work. Through the alleged legitimate Legal Aid Certificate, thereafter the constructively engineered conversion of assets through abuse of the Court’s processes and the blank cheques industry born of fraudulent court proceedings.

F.  R -v- Dytham whereby the Court of Appeal ruled that an officer of Justice was guilty because of the Common Law Offence of misconduct in public office and for failing to act in accordance with his duties in order to bring to justice offenders as called for in the instance at hand because of breaches under the Theft and Counterfeit Acts of Parliament arising out of the use of false instruments of account, including defective Court Orders issued without due reference to the causes, reasons and the facts upon which the authors were called upon to ‘adjudicate’ as public servants in the service of Justice and for no other cause, impartially.

AND THE GROUNDS FOR THE APPEAL are that DJ RAND erred and was wrong to ignore the fact that the initiating Order upon which the applications to court, by the Plaintiff and her legal team, rests and are founded, was founded and rests was Appealed against and an application was lodged with the European Commission on Human Rights, the principles of which the legal team of the Plaintiff and all others who engaged in the divorce proceedings, and on appeal ignored only to endorse the fraudulent Court proceedings that lead to the ruling and Order of District Judge Maple, who contemptuously ignored and or acted against all principles of justice through reckless misconduct in public office, and abuse of same, because of lack of accountability and or to warranted supervision by the authorities in the United Kingdom who appoint to judicial office irresponsible persons and act as in the manners herein above and below stated, Pleaded and Claimed. And in this instance DJ RAND erred and or was wrong to ignore the PLEADINGS as submitted to the Plaintiffs and to the Court by the Defendant on affidavit, and that further and in particular District Judge Maple erred and or was wrong because:-

1. The Defendant and the Intervener were not notified of the intentions and or propositions of the Legal Teams and or the Court, and specifically the intentions of District Judge Maple, to deal with any aspects of the case without due adherence to the rules of procedure leading to and or during the court hearings that were conducted behind closed doors, in contravention of all principles of Justice, as and in the manner of pre-scripted scenarios enacted by the legal teams before the director in charge of the proceedings, District Judge Maple. And the Court is called to strict proof as to when and how the Defendant and the Intervener were informed and or notified of the proposed freedoms that were to take (and took) place and or to be entered into by District Judge Maple, who endorsed all manner of improprieties on record in the file pertaining to the Defendant’s Divorce Petition which the legal team of the Respondent (Plaintiff in the present application before the court) treated as the vehicle through which to indulge in fraudulent activities, with others, in anticipation of the endorsements and promotion of same: -

(1) Through contempt of the rules of procedure

(2)    Through contempt of Court Orders applied for and or secured from the Court by the Petitioner whenever  such were called for and his legal representatives were defaulting to act as instructed and or as the  occasion commanded of alleged professionals engaged in the protection of the rights of their clients, the Petitioner in the proceedings (Defendant in the application before the Court now) and the rights of the Intervener.

(3)    By Ignoring the rules and regulations attached to costs whenever the need arose to apply to court and as in the instance leading to this Appeal attached to the provisions for FIXED COSTS for the purpose of the application before the Court and issued another blank cheque through abuse of office whereby additional attempts at and or imposed conversion of the assets of the Defendant as alleged legitimate legal costs for the dishonest and in frauds engaged legal teams representing and using the Plaintiff for some ELEVEN YEARS.

(4)    By ignoring the demand by the Defendant that the Plaintiff and her legal team should provide the Defendant with a copy of the Affidavit sworn by Dianne Elizabeth Mills (acting for the Plaintiff) which affidavit was lodged at Court sometime in November / December 1999 in furtherance of the constructively engineered frauds the Plaintiff’s solicitors indulged in, unchallenged and or as aided by others.

(5)    By ignoring the fact that the agent of the legal team, representing the Plaintiff on 23rd March 2000, alleged that the Plaintiff’s legal team were not aware of the fact that the originating causes of action and the Divorce Petition were matters the Petitioner (Defendant now) lodged with the ECoHR. ..??.. RAND contemptuously IGNORING, in the process, the documented evidence attached to the affidavit of the Defendant, filed and lodged at Court for the purposes of the hearing before DJ RAND on the day.

(6) By ignoring the documented evidence that for the purposes of the purported Divorce proceedings / hearings, as directed and entertained by District Judge Maple, the Plaintiff’s legal team submitted and lodged FALSE STATEMENTS OF ACCOUNTS by way of declarations fully intended to mislead and or to be used by the court in the course of the fraudulent proceedings, and that the false documents were relied upon and entertained as invitations of the court, in particular District Judge Maple to issue the Order upon which the Plaintiff and her legal representatives seek benefit and pecuniary advantage at the expense of the Defendant and the Intervener.

2. The Order / Judgement Appealed against contravenes all principles of Justice and was entered in contempt of the provisions of the ECoHR and the rules and regulations governing the conduct of solicitors who secured the Originating Judgement / Order under the circumstances herein above and below Pleaded, Challenged and claimed by the Defendant.

3. The Originating Judgement / Order discriminates against the Defendant and the Intervener because of and through the railroading and hijacking practices of the legal professions, as were entertained CONSCIOUSLY and or with intent by persons acting in a judicial capacity who allowed the legal professionals the liberties to act as they did and as can be established through diligent reference to the Orders issued and granted to the Defendant (Petitioner) throughout the protracted Divorce proceedings the Defendant instigated in the first instance in 1988. And the Defendant hereby pleads the case Pery -v- Yiannides when similar attempts and denials of rights were contemplated, were entered into and the Court's processes were wrongly used; subsequently the Court rescinding erroneously and wrongly entered / motivated / entertained / secured Orders and reversed a Judgement thereafter leading to the Schooling of Judges on racism.

4. The Defendant hereby also pleads the case Korytsas -v- Demetri when the Court, and others were abusing the Court's facilities (and Legal Aid Funding for years) before the Legal teams on both sides were caused to abandon the theatrical productions they had entered into, and a settlement was secured by agreement between the parties following attempts to intimidate and threaten one of the parties with imprisonment for alleged/promoted contempt of Court which the offending parties abandoned following a succinct and explicit Appeal and communications to those who sought to abuse the Court's processes for other purposes than the service of Justice through Parliament's Laws, the facts of the case and the principles of unbiased Justice administered by truly impartial and independent of other influences and or undisclosed policies and practices persons holding 'Judicial office'.

5. That the Order / Judgement as entered into through the theatrical scenarios, behind closed doors before District Judge Maple, could not and ought not be allowed to stand in as much as that it is a vehicle secured (by the legal team representing and using the Plaintiff) through deceptions on the court and or through abuse of the court’s processes while acting in collusion with the persons allegedly representing and or acting in the interests of the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings) and or because the solicitors representing both parties in the divorce proceedings did rely on the suppression of material facts from and or as allowed by officers of the court in the constructive frauds enterprises and the activities of which officers of the Court were fully aware of and or diligently recognised, commented upon, admonished the offenders and in fact dismissed the solicitors Hartwig & Co., who at the time purportedly were acting for and on behalf of the Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce proceedings). Concealment and suppression of material facts as supported by documented evidence filed at Court, for pecuniary advantage and or leading to theft of properties, including rights in law, are indictable offences. Using and relying upon the false documents which the Plaintiff’s solicitors introduced, filed and caused to be used and relied upon in the court proceedings by contemptuously ignoring the documents filed at court by the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings), in support of and evincing the TRUTH and the facts in all relevant matters, amounted and amount to criminal activities and recklessness in contempt of all principles of Justice, also misconduct in public office by the parties who entertained and endorsed the practices and policies that violate and breach the rights of one or the other and or both parties in court proceedings as provided for and guaranteed under Article 14 of the ECHR. The aforesaid Article covering equality of the sexes in RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES (as the law provides) which issues the legal circles systematically ignore in matrimonial cases on issues and matters raised in the Courts in the United Kingdom. The Defendant herein draws the attention of the Court to the provisions of Article 14 in conjunction with the provisions of Article 11, the latter covering "....freedom of association with others .... for the protection of his interests...", specifically apply in the case at hand because the Defendant has been caused and is forced to act in person before the Courts in the United Kingdom, because of suppressions of material facts and evidence and because of defaults, omissions and or direct acts, such as the false statements of accounts introduced, filed and or secured, by persons in the legal circles who have been seen to benefit from assured freedoms to ignore Parliaments laws and the guidelines and the rules of the relevant governing bodies in matters attached to the application of law by and at court.

6.  DJ RAND erred and or was wrong to discriminate against the Defendant, in as much as that the Order Appealed against is clearly endorsed with an Order for costs which DJ RAND awarded to the Plaintiff’s legal representative as ‘an additional blank cheque award’ through impositions on the assets of the Defendant by DJ RAND who ignored the regulations and rules on fixed costs in the matters attached to the application before the Court on the day. On the occasion DJ RAND ignoring the rules on the costs applicable on the day and that discrimination in any form and or on any grounds is covered by the Articles of the ECoHR as submitted to the Court and Pleaded on affidavit. And that the Court ( in the person of DJ RAND) to contemplate and or to entertain any notion of positive discrimination in favour of the legal representatives of the Plaintiff in the matter of costs attached to the application was in contempt of the rules and regulations. The aforesaid breach of the rules by DJ RAND also breached and violated the rights of the Defendant as provided for under Article 1 of the First Protocol of the ECoHR.

7. That following the pleadings and submissions by the Defendant DJ RAND erred and or was wrong to ignore the matters raised by the Defendant, and DJ RAND ought to have applied herself to the facts of the case; in particular to the documents attached to the affidavit handed to her (as the Defendant’s submissions of the day *Link to another case) establishing fraudulent activities by the legal circles leading to the hearings before District Judge Maple, who entertained hearings behind closed doors, gagged the Defendant, failed to hear evidence in support of the Intervener’s rights and acted as invited by the legal representatives of the Petitioner and the Respondent alone (*Link to Footnote 2 and FIND OUT, WHY & WHAT FOR, the theatrical production for/on the day), who, at all material times, were in command and control of the matters before the court. District Judge RAND conscious of and or within her knowledge the fact that the Petitioner’s solicitors had NOT ISSUED A BRIEF TO THEIR AGENT IN COURT, Barrister Flori O'Donoghue, who to all intends and purposes allegedly was representing the interests of the Petitioner whereas the aforesaid barrister was acting in contempt of the rights of the Petitioner in full knowledge that he could be protected under the ill-conceived and ill-designed ASSUMED AND BESTOWED RIGHTS TO PROTECTION through undisclosed (to the parties in court proceedings) ‘immunity for work done by barristers for and on behalf of parties in court proceedings’ irrespective of the barrister’s conduct, behaviour and or part in ‘blunt and blatant constructive frauds in the course of court proceedings AND HEARINGS’. DJ RAND and or any other, could not and ought not to have ignored and or overlook matters attached to practice directions and the rules succinctly raised in the guide to the Professional conduct of solicitors. Solicitors, in the instance at hand, ignoring it all as well as statutory principles and provisions of Law, National and International, that the United Kingdom and its Parliament subscribe to through membership of the United Nations, the European Community and through ratification of the ECoHR, especially when specific violations of the last were and herein yet again are pleaded as indulged and entertained. (*Link to the exclusive page where we expose the arrangements in place for 'double constructive frauds on the budget, the taxpayers, the suckers who pay for it all).

8.  The Court ought not and cannot suppress the Pleadings (*Footnote 3) and or obstruct the Defendants without dealing with and or hearing the fundamental 'facts of life' within the United Kingdom until such time as the Court can establish and produce evidence that the United Kingdom Government and Parliament have authorised and suctioned the use of the Courts' processes in order to impose on the public 'Robin Hood practices and indulgences' at the expense of the uninformed and unsuspecting members of the public who recognise the wrongs, are affected and or defrauded of their assets while the authorities ignore the criminal in intent activities by the legal professions, on the grounds that the issues are matters before the courts and therefore not subject to the criminal code and or Laws enacted by Parliament. And DJ RAND, through breaches and misconduct in public office, acting in contravention of every principle of Law and Justice, especially after the submitted evidence attached to the affidavit handed to the DJ established the blunt criminal activities of the parties. DJ RAND, and others before her, determined were of no concern to the authorities, one and all to issue the criminals with blank cheques (to be drawn out of the accounts and or to be cashed against the assets of the Defendant and the Intervener) as the reckless award for costs on 23 March was intended to be.

9. The Court in the person of DJ RAND was duty bound to report to the authorities the issue of misconduct and fraudulent activities by members of the legal professions, as the documented evidence attached to the affidavit of the Defendant establishes through diligent reference to and on perusal of the false documents the Plaintiff’s solicitors prepared and submitted to Court whereby they, on behalf of their client, FALSELY DECLARED that the Defendant failed to furnish them with details of his financial state and earnings.


I. An Order setting aside the Order of 23 March 2000

II. An Order declaring that all Orders entered into behind closed doors and or entertained behind the back of the Defendant and the Intervener in respect of their properties and their legal rights, consequential to the Judgement Order entered into by District Judge Maple in the proceedings, as and in the manner herein above pleaded, be stayed until such time as an investigation proper is conducted by the authorities in the United Kingdom, and or until such time as the Defendant’s Petition to the ECoHR be addressed by the European Court of Human Rights. (*Link to the evidence tat the fraudster, for whom the appeal hereto, had already committed himself to endorsement of the arrangements in place while he was abusing our time simply to put pressure on the offenders).

III. An Order directing ALL PUBLIC SERVANTS, and members of the legal professions who acted in the matters raised herein and in the course of the Court proceedings leading to this present application and Appeal to Court, to afford to the Defendant and his authorised representatives, full and unhindered access to all files, documents, entries and records relative to and attached to the proceedings AS OF THE ONSET when the Defendant instructed solicitors to institute Divorce proceedings returnable on the Plaintiff, whom the legal circles used as their vehicle through which to defraud the Defendant and the Intervener of their rights in law, their properties and to steal their rights to a life without impositions by the dishonest and the deceitful who grossly misconduct their affairs in collusion with one another and or through the established practices all have been benefiting from for decades if not centuries. Pecuniary advantage and illicit gains through and because public servants treat matters ad nauseum and misconduct in public office in contempt of Parliament’s Laws and through gross violations of the provisions of national and international Law. RIGHTS and freedoms guaranteed to the citizens of the United Kingdom breached and violated, and the citizens subjected to imposed thefts of their properties (including peace of mind) and conversion of their assets to alleged legitimate court orders and costs orders through abuse of the court’s processes as the Defendant and his brother (the Intervener) have been subjected to, over the last 12 years.

IV. An Order Directing and or inviting District Judge Maple to provide the Court and the Defendant with details of xxx calculations as the foundations of his determination that the Defendant ought to transfer and or remit an amount equal to the value of the sum of 30,000 as acceptable to him and applicable in the circumstances prevailing at the time when the matters were pleaded and raised in court before him. And that District Judge Maple do qualify whether the court bundles lodged at court and the rights of the Intervener and in particular the grounds upon which District Judge Maple determined that the Plaintiff was entitled to such financial rewards as he determined and that do do state and produce any evidence the Plaintiff’s legal team (the Respondent in the divorce proceedings) provided to HIS COURT covering her contributions to the acquisition of the property that the legal circles treated as the only matrimonial asset to be targeted in their quest for asset stripping and deprivation of rights to the targeted Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce proceedings) and the Intervener who acquired the targeted property jointly while the Plaintiff (Respondent) was living with another man, as indeed the Respondent subsequently, yet again, entered into after returning to live with and at the expense of the Defendant and the Intervener for over six years. AND THAT District Judge Maple do qualify as to how the facts of the case at hand were treated by him as provided by and under Article 14 of the ECoHR and Article 1 of the First Protocol of same.

V. An Order directing and or inviting District Judge Maple to state as to whether or not he took into account the behaviour of the Plaintiff (Respondent in the divorce proceedings) as provided for by the rules in matrimonial proceedings, as attached to the division of assets, in his determination of the financial ‘reward’ to the Plaintiff. And that the Court do satisfy itself that District Judge Maple issued an appropriate Order in consideration of the true facts and the evidence the Court should of its own motion now direct that the matters and the evidence attached to the divorce proceedings be reviewed and be determined diligently in accordance with the rules that were flaunted and or discarded by the legal circles and the individuals who indulged into fraudulent activities with a view to cause damages and to convert the assets of the Defendant and his brother to themselves through use of the Respondent’s position as an alleged wife proper meriting much more under their own practice rules than the facts and the provisions of Article 1 of the ECoHR provides for and guarantees to BOTH SEXES without discrimination and or bias on any grounds under Article 14 of the ECoHR.

VI. An Order directing and or inviting District Judge Maple to provide the Court, the authorities (the Lord Chancellor’s private office and the Home Secretary’s private office) with details of the assets of the Plaintiff (the Respondent in the divorce proceedings) at the relevant time when he entered into the Judgement Order as arranged and or as was organised between the legal circles who entertained notions that one of the sexes has responsibilities (invariably the male) and the other sex has rights (invariably the female) in gross violation of the provisions of Article 14 of the ECoHR, and that District Judge Maple be invited to qualify his determination and to state under what circumstances his ruling that the Intervener should be deprived of his properties for the benefit of the Plaintiff who did not invest in the property that District Judge Maple determined the Plaintiff had rights to, irrespective of her other interests, investments and rights to properties, which issues the legal circles suppressed and or conveniently negated to provide to the court care of the freedoms granted to them to ignore Court Orders and or as District Judge Maple entertained through the interventions of barrister Flori O'Donohue instructing District Judge Maple to ignore the Petitioner’s demands that the assets of the Respondent (in the divorce proceedings) be taken into consideration by the Court.

VII. An Order and or directions inviting District Judge Maple to state and provide the Court and the Defendant with a written statement qualifying the reasons and the grounds upon which he allowed and or permitted the representatives of the Plaintiff (Respondent in the Divorce proceedings) to subject the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings) to continuous and permanent RACIAL harassment and abuse in the course of the four day hearings before him, and that District Judge Maple should qualify what purposes the harassment and abuse served and what relevance the racial issues raised by the legal representative in Court of the Plaintiff (Respondent in the divorce proceedings) had and or contributed to the matters before the court safe to USE UP AND WASTE COURT TIME in the interests of such matters.

VIII. An Order directing and or inviting District Judge Maple to justify the purpose of the meeting he had in private with Mr. Justice Singer in the presence of the legal team of the Plaintiff in contravention of the principles on impartiality and that no contacts with the parties and or their representatives prior to and or during court proceedings should take place. The said private contacts and arrangements causing the Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce proceedings) to raise issue when lodging his Petition to the ECoHR following determination, by the Court of Appeal in the United Kingdom, that the conduct of the proceedings and the Order / ruling / determination by District Judge Maple was flawed because, among the other issues raised herein, the fact that prior to sitting in on the case District Judge Maple was party to the aforesaid private meeting with Mr. Justice Singer who thereafter sat in on the Appeal necessitated and warranted on issue of the Order / Judgement / Determination of District Judge Maple following the constructively engineered theatrical presentations by the parties who appeared before him after they transferred the case to his court from Croydon County Court following the admonitions District Judge Palmer directed at the solicitors. The offenders transferring the case to their chosen venue where they were allowed to indulge, among other issues, in blatant verbal racial assaults on and at the expense of the Defendant with the blessings of District Judge Maple even though the issues were irrelevant to the proceedings before the Court as District Judge Maple ought to have recognised and not allow the abusers of the Court’s processes and freedoms so to indulge in pursuit of ‘use of the court’s time yet evade to deal diligently and properly with the finances of BOTH PARTIES at the time and as the records at Court show that the Defendant (Petitioner) secured and had submitted to the Legal circles for use and consideration by the Court. At all material times with due consideration as to the provisions of Article 14 of the ECoHR, as opposed to the practices the Defendant was subjected to by the legal circles in the United Kingdom, for over 6 years.

IX. An Order Ordering the Plaintiff’s legal representatives to submit to the Court and to the Defendant the reasons why they systematically acted in contempt of the rules of procedure, defaulted to provide and submit full particulars of their client’s financial affairs and why they never complied with the Court Orders the Defendant, as Petitioner applied for and secured, while their colleagues in arms purportedly were acting for and representing the Defendant yet enjoined with them in the generation of such applications at the expense of the time of the Defendant, subsequently to seek financial rewards thereafter as alleged legitimate work ‘warranted through their joint defaults and omissions’ as alleged legitimate legal costs, fees and charges chargeable to and to be met by the Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce proceedings) care of persons who misconduct in public office when sitting in a Judicial capacity.

IX. An Order directing and or inviting District Judge Maple to state the grounds and reasons upon which he Ordered that the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings) should meet the costs of the Divorce proceedings and to state the grounds upon which he so determined and furthermore to state what, if any, references were made by him to the Court file wherein the records of the multitude of applications by the Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce Proceedings) necessitated and attributed to defaults by the Plaintiff (Respondent in the Divorce proceedings) and her legal representatives who systematically failed to adhere to the rules of procedure and AS ORDERED BY THE COURT by persons who defaulted, at the relevant times, to take into consideration the defaults of the Plaintiff and her solicitors to adhere to Court procedures and or act as ordered by the Court leading to indiscriminate use of ‘discretionary powers’ as to costs and the Order of District Judge Maple evinces.

X. An Order Ordering Lawford & Co., the representative of the Plaintiff (Respondent in the Divorce proceedings) to provide evidence in support of the negotiations they took part in, in matters attached to and in respect of the assets of BOTH PARTIES IN THE DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS. And the Plaintiff and her solicitors to provide copies of all communications they exchanged with the solicitors acting for and on behalf of the Defendant (Petitioner in the Divorce proceedings) establishing the grounds upon which the Plaintiff and Lawford & Co., negotiated within reasons and the documented facts and the evidence in the matter of the assets of both parties before applying for and securing an alleged Legal Aid Certificate through which vehicle the license to indulge in theatrical productions and the suppression of material facts and EVIDENCE.

XI. An Order Ordering Lawford & Co., to lodge and file at court and to submit copies to the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings) of the application by the Plaintiff (Respondent in the Divorce proceedings) to the Legal Aid Board wherein the grounds and the reasons stated as to why the application and the need for the theatrical scenario and presentations before District Judge Maple behind closed doors through suppression of material facts, by the legal circles, leading to and or omissions endorsed by the Court to deal properly with the facts and the evidence attached to and arising out of the documented facts in respect of the financial position and state of both parties in the proceedings. And that the submissions to the Legal Air Board be proven by way of Certified copies of all communications exchanged between Lawford & Co. and the Legal Aid Board.

XII. An Order Ordering the legal representatives of the Plaintiff (Respondent in the divorce proceedings) to deliver up to the court copies of the correspondence they exchanged with the insurers of the targeted property and to furnish copies to the Defendant (Petitioner in the divorce proceedings) and to produce any evidence that their client ever took any interest in the property and or invested in its acquisition and or towards the insurance premiums as an assumed beneficiary only without commitments. And that Lawford & Co. do also deliver up to the Court and the Defendant (Petitioner copies of all communications they exchanged with estate agents they instructed to issue valuations and instructions to MARKET the property at the valuations they thus secured and were relying upon to promote their constructively engineered frauds on the Court and on the Defendant and his brother. And that the solicitors Lawford & Co. do submit copies of their submissions and responses in respect of settlement negotiations in respect of the finances and matrimonial assets between the parties in the divorce proceedings.

Dated this the ................... day of ............................. 2000


Mr. Johan Michael Foenander
xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxx xxx

TO THE COURT with extra copy for service by the Court on the Plaintiffs on completion as to date and time.

Mr. Johan Michael Foenander
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxx xxx

Footnote eXtra: In October 2010, the coalition's Attorney General, in an interview published by 'COUNSEL' specifically spoke of the police distancing themselves from cases of (small-fry) fraud and asserted that he was making that element his department's priority. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, WHAT the coalition of the Con-LibDems, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY WILL IN FACT ATTEND TO THE RAMPANT FRAUD, and IF IT WILL DEAL with the criminals who abuse public office, especially when faced with appropriate submissions and claims that will be delivered in due course. Visitors/readers are urged to read the article published in the London Evening Standard, as settled by the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary in 2003 [*Link from here to the article we reproduce in another webpage and consider "Why tolerate the arrogance of the legal circles who had and have the audacity to assert to the lawmakers that the y, the lawmakers have nothing to do with the law"].
While there, above it, the explicit letter to ex-Minister, the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, delivered a few days earlier. ALL alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, by the time the letter was sent to the Minister, received copy of the letter just as they received copies of other letters submitted to government maintained Ministers and other official appointees to public office. Accessing the material pointed to from the letter (URLs) is of utmost importance. It should assist 'recognition of the citizen's rights at work', when called upon properly in truly democratic states. The above in 2003; there were other 'submissions' and among such civilised and, within the law, approaches by citizens that led to the right actions by governments, the explicit challenges when we set about exposing one of the most evil of alleged victims of the legal circles to have ever contacted us [*Link to our explicit submissions to (a)  the Prime Minister, (b) the Chancellor / Treasury, (c) the Home Secretary. WE acted so after we had secured more than enough evidence about the parts of an alleged victim whose only interests were (i) the rewards under the table FOR KEEPING QUIET about the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES and (ii) her parts in blunt attempts that were intended to discredit the person she was sent along to mess about with, Mr Andrew Yiannides]. Access please the letter to the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, in December 1998 [*Link* [*L] from here to the letter] and note the results evinced in the newspaper article (Hornsey Journal) also within days of the letter reaching its destination. Many the charlatans and stooges -lovers and 'promoters of the system as is'- on the job for decades; one and all acting as sold souls always do [*Link [*L] from here to the evidence we point to relative to the parts of one of a number of sold to the system fraudsters who were sent along / introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd / mob].

1. On 29th July 2004, we hear of Lord Justice Thorpe, Lord Justice Waller and Lady Justice Arden, that among other issues they addressed in a divorce case the following; "....pleaded (fine sweet word) to start talking and said that he (Lord Justice Thorpe uttering the words) would put the court's mediation service at their full disposal. WHY have the parties engaged on this insane litigation given the sad fact that their marriage has fallen through and sensible arrangements must be made for the future?" he said. These sorts of wars of attrition are very bad for children (wow, *Link to our words for almost three decades). It would be far, far better if they entered into mediation". (*Link to a case when human-rights set out to create the right 'precedent case through which to expose the charlatans and stooges, those who join the fraudsters club and take part in theatrical productions intended to impress the suckers who are drawn in to watch such disgraceful productions as in February 2000 when the fraudster for whom the appeal in this page, played the most vile of parts in the course of his contacts with Andrew, acting   solely as an agent, promoter and supporter of the vile arrangements for the double fraud on the taxpayers).
3Precisely as the fraudster Johan Michael Foenander had been engaging in, as instructed and sent along by the gurus and controllers who were/ are 'managing and directing the fraudsters club recruits / agents' going about by the title of LIPS, the Litigants In Person Society crowd/mob.
(*Link to the revealing content of a letter that the fraudster wrote to 'another victim(!) Mr Geoffrey Harold Scriven. The author used that letter as part of his impressive understanding of the evil forces at work BUT PRIMARILY as part of his 'subliminal indoctrination retainer'). Consider the fact that the fraudster suppressed such realisations and realities by failing to act as he contacted us for in the first instance = to publish the facts and the evidence in his own case in a personal web-site. He 'conveniently defaulted / failed to act as he 'allegedly intended to do', thereby acting in contempt of the law and his duty to report crime to the authorities. Need we to mention that he simply acted in breech of his assertions and declarations to us, for and because of which he secured our support and assistance 'under false pretences' = typical of the LIPS crowd/mob fraudsters (*Link to our exclusive revelations, exposing 'Lessons To Be Learned By Examples Stated In The Most Evil of Works Ever Published'). [NOTE: Such persons, always too keen to impress the suckers they are instructed to target. *Link to how one G Ebert set about promoting rubbish (a letter he was provided with by the police at Charring Cross) and consider how we got to the bottom of it all DESPITE HIS OBSTRUCTIONS and his vile part as 'another subliminal indoctrination operative'].
4. A number of cases covered in our pages relate to, or were before judicial chair occupants, who were / are  operating at Edmonton County Court. By far the majority of cases relate to the CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS INSTIGATED BY LOCAL AUTHORITY staff and officers who were / are trained to rely on abusers of the courts facilities in order to impose on 'the serfs' the type of societies that are created through the courts, as we cover in our pages. A page with introduction and links to each case and element will be released in due course.   
5. We cover a number of cases and issues in our pages that relate to the Royal courts of Justice and a page with introduction to each case and each element will be released in due course. Use of the search facility at the site will throw up many references to the RCJ and we apologise for our failure to introduce the page by now.

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The changes related to the introduction of charges for the facilities, included the facility for to archive the material at URrights; also the facility to download the archived material to the creator's system (computer) while the creator and his group of friends considered which of the level of charges and service the group was to adopt.
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All, as typical twin-tongue hypocrites carry on complaining about the media for failing to report & for suppressing the facts and the realities they allegedly reported to the hard of hearing, to the otherwise committed angels blowing their silent trumpets for decades, all ready and gearing to welcome the expansion of the New World Order.
Of such parts the contributions from and failings of the persons we name and expose, AS IF THEIR OWN SILENCE, THEIR FAILURES  & THEIR BLUNT OBSTRUCTIONS to the work and other actions by the creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, treated by one and all as if non-existent with the exception when the wily Norman Scarth, set off to abuse the trust he was allowed to benefit from, while his parts and questionable activities / performance were under scrutiny, specifically after HE FAILED to publish the full transcript of the Court of Appeal hearing HE WAS ALLOWED TO RECORD* [*Link from here to the food for thought page created by Andrew Yiannides, in the first instance].
Not one ever bothered to address the issues we expose in the explicit page, despite the fact that we have been pointing all of our contacts, since May 1992, to it all.
Visitors, readers and researchers are urged / invited to access and read the letter which the Hon. Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, Mr. Norman Scarth sent to the founder of human-rights, Mr. Andrew Yiannides, reproduced in the page .org/4deceit.htm* [*L]
The author's statements, such as 'what for and why seek additional assistance', thereby spelling out his parts as a lover of it all.
Common sense dictates, that he should have directed his request to his partners in deceptions aplenty, one & all engaging in fraudulent misrepresentations AND NOTED TO HAVE, WILFULLY, BEEN SUPPRESSING, FROM THE TAXPAYERS, THE FACTS OF LIFE RELATIVE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES as the failure of all to co-operate as covered and pointed to at:- [*L]. One and all fallen to the facilities for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers and the corruption of illiterates in law, the conditioned victims of the legal circles & courts who fall to the blackmail element attached to the REWARD for keeping the realities away from the taxpayers; just like the media and the Ministers responsible for the application of long existing law to the criminal activities we cover in our pages, do.
All the while one and all were / are engaging in the scenarios we cover in the exclusive page, which page the author of the letter which Mr Norman Scarth sent to Andrew Yiannides, afforded us the opportunity to address the issue of the contributions of his partners and affiliates in fraud aplenty on the taxpayers; despite the reminder one and all, named in the new page simply shoved it all in the dark corners of their devoid of grey matter skulls, their perverted / corrupted mind(s)

On Sunday morning, the 19th September 2010, the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal-Democrats in the course of the BBC TV politics programme, spoke of the coalition government's commitment to address the element of waste and fraud through the public services sector. We trust and hope that the elements we expose in our pages and the parts adopted by the conditioned victims of the legal circles, the persons who engage in PROMOTING & EXPANDING THE ONGOING CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, will be on the top of the list of government priorities.
Visitors, readers & researchers are urged to access the letters to Minister Frank Field [*L] after he had been directed by the Prime Minister to think/do the unthinkable.
Link also from here [*L] to the explicit letter to the Home Secretary in December 1998 with submissions arising out of the RAMPANT HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD
On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 'the Guardian' in its Comment & Debate page carried an article by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. In the evening of the same day the Deputy Prime Minister addressed a large audience at Kings place in respect of the government's changes on university students fees / loans.
Access from here the page where we reproduce an image of 'the Guardian' article & consider the simple fact that we, alone, have been asserting and proclaiming our objections to the theft of funds from the national budget leading to the ever-increasing annual deficit in the state's balance of payments.

ACCESS: (For an important message at this Community-on-Line web-site) & thereafter, access also the realities as submitted and lodged at the European Court for Human Rights covered at (Judge instigates Fraud On Tax Payers - he knows not the difference between 'imposed' & 'no undue influence'). APOLOGIES FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THIS WEBSITE. It appears that the beneficiary of the work, both for applications to the courts in the United Kingdom and the submissions to the ECoHR* [*Link from here to the Statement of Facts submitted to the ECoHR]. The beneficiary arranged with the providers of the free web space to erase the Intellectual Property of Andrew Yiannides, the founder of the human-rights Community-on-Line, without any reference to the creator of the website and owner of the Intellectual Property!
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