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Crime - Organised - Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note below the arrangements between the administrative, the judiciary and the media; read of the all-embracing guarantee in place, in contempt of all law : the root we point to in our pages.

WHERE IS JUSTICE? Read below:-

>>> "The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State" <<<*

*Link from herre to founder's tribulations in 1972-75 and recognise WHY, PSEUDOdemocracy

* And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy. Hence, the billions paid out as covered in the affidavit which visitors can link to directly from here [*Link].
* Link also from here to the founder's conclusions as of 1972-75 when the great Metropolitan police were seen to be nothing but accessories to and abettors to the rampant fraud and corruption through the courts organised and processed while Members of Parliament were -as they still do- promoting the waffle that amounts to nothing short of : 'independence of the judiciary to act in contempt of ALL LAW (national and international) in a pseudo-democracy.

Link from here to proof >most clear< as to the parts the police play in promotion and expansion of the criminal activities instigated, organised, managed, processed and imposed on society >the sucker-serfs : the taxpayers< by the legal circles. Read of assertions by a typical hypocrite, none other than the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM, when he spoke of FALSE RECORDS and FORGERIES by the legal circles when delivering his Dimbleby Lecture on BBC-TV in November 1976, 15 months after he received true copy of THE FORGERY created by the licensed criminals >the legal circles< for their evil ends in the case that opened Andrew Yiannides' mental eyes to the realities of life in the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. Can anyone enlighten Andrew and the millions of victims of the legal circles / the courts >"WHY NO PROSECUTION of the solicitors & the barristers in 1972?<

* With such facilities in place, the words we point to here, attached to arrogant abuse of public office and arrogant dereliction of public duties, can anyone assert that Mr Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights, was not right to conclude and determine that Justice has been abducted and that she is held captive in the dungeons maintained by her abductors who rape her daily in their courts in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies?
Access from here and read of the realities in articles penned by the researcher who declined an 'invitations to join the club of converted morons and fraudsters, persons who determine to target and use the ever growing numbers of victims of the abused courts facilities for more of the same criminal activities they 'had been victims of' themselves. Access also from here part of the stated events in the course of a hearing at court when the court's facilities were being used with criminal intent by the organisers of the lives of the sheeple in the United Kingdom, when properties were targeted by the fraudsters in control of the Law Enforcement Agencies, operating ion tandem with the used and encouraged products of an allegedly 'civilised democracy' as created by the followers and promoters of the vile scenarios sold and promoted to the ill-educated sheeple as 'holy scriptures'. Access from here and read the article on the alphabet crearted by fraudsters which alphabet they transkated to the language of the targeted civilsation some 2300 years ago.
* ALL Member States of the European Union are subject to the ruling which visitors, readers and researchers can access in the explicit page /yourrights.htm
Link from here to the realities - we point also, in our pages, to the hint / warning > indirect but nonetheless very clear < for thinkers / true humans to recognise
* On 3rd March 2008 >someone's birthday< we released a House of Lords PRECEDENT CASE and reveal deliberations by their Lordships in respect of FRAUD - DECEPTION - CONSPIRACY & IMPLIED LIES BY KEEPING SILENT about any wrong imposed on any other
* >>> IN THE MEANTIME WE have been naming and shaming a number who know of & do much more than just approve wrongs imposed on millions of 'sucker-serfs' in our allegedly civilised country / state / province / district of the European Union that allegedly protects 'citizens from FRAUD & CORRUPTION.
Needless to say the case entailed activities and practices by solicitors as Mr Andrew Yiannides was subjected to, decades later, by an old school friend, Mr Kypros Nichola of Nicholas & Co. in London. Mr K. Nichola bluntly abused the trust placed in him and indulged, in tandem with others, in criminal activities intended to cause the damages that were imposed on the targeted 'serf' by accredited - by the Law Society & Bar Council - allegedly Honourable Officers of the Supreme Court, the courts maintained by successive elected governments in the United Kingdom, one of many pseudodemocracies. In due course another revelation relevant to the arrogant 'inherent jurisdiction', through which to deny, obstruct justice & impose all manner of criminally created states on 'the serfs', who are taxed for the cost of maintaining criminals in public office, in pseudo-democracies]

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, successive irresponsible Lord Chancellors and Home Secretaries who ignored all complaints and submissions irrespective of the evidence and the law pointed to, by the victims of it all, the citizens who are called upon to pay taxes for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

*Link from here to our exclusive page, covering confidential fraud as arranged THROUGH THE BEST KEPT OPEN SECRET in allegedly civilised democracies >all European States, that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights after the conclusion of the 2nd. World War<.Elsewhere the foundations and the corner stone upon which the operatives built the societies of their making using the bricks and mortar we cover in this and other pages. The visitor should not be under any illusion that the stars in the theatrical productions we relate and partly cover in our pages were by any stretch of the imagination 'humans' who were / are gifted with any attributes that distinguish 'true humans' >thinkers< from wild animals hunting for food.

Fraud in court  Council staff use Forgeries  

Misconduct in Public Office. 2 cases relative to applicable law One Protocol says it ALL It betrays arrogant intentions Law Provides for THEFTS and it covers Judges too Judges' duties   TIME 4 CHANGE   & CHALLENGES Site CONTENTS - Table of Contents & ongoing work Your Rights & OBLIGATIONS to Society SEARCH facility for any specific element / issue of concern to visitors / readers
COURTS : their Facilities Abused For ORGANISED CRIME >FRAUD Solicitor's Perjury & Victim Ignores it all Just like the Law Society always does Blackmailed or is it Just Conditioned & Subjugated Victims who join the club ? We name Lovers of blunt fraud through courts - Users of the facilities 4 illicit gains Local Authorities & FRAUD on 'serfs' the Taxpayers who are kept in the dark Police Party to & Endorsing Criminal Acts, Activities Arrogant Fraud FALSE Records & Contempt of Law by the legal Circles & Public Services The crafty ones & Vexatious Litigant PLOYS for the rewarded silent

* Information FOR victims who wish to co-operate by EXPOSING & CHALLENGING abusers of Public Office *

[*Link from here to evidence. *Link also from here to a case when the abusers of the courts' facilities abandoned their plans for another targeted family]

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all victims of malpractice - misconduct - negligence, etc. TO NOTE

In the civil justice system in England and Wales, a judge presides over the proceedings that are argued by the opposing sides through the adversarial process. The process enables the court, judge, to reach a conclusion as to the truth of the facts in dispute. Thereat it is for the judge to apply the law to the facts proven, established at court.

The system as evolved is covered in the page 'English Legal System' and remains the same after the Woolf reforms.

An explicit Affidavit [*L] plus exhibits and
     letters to a Chief Inspector of Police
          one to solicitors
[*L] and another to the Lord Chancellor [*L] evince
               ORGANISED CRIMES
(Access and read the letter to the police in September 2006 [*L])
Access & read from one of a number of letters to the Prime Minister :- * I believe that New Labour will deliver us from the wrongs we have been suffering for far too long. Use of our resources in terms of human potential and capabilities can and should be channelled through rights not wrongs, through positives not through negatives. It is our produce and ingenuity we can sell to others not the minefields of corrupt and bankrupt public services. * [*Link from here to the page, note the steps taken to ensure the Prime Minister forwarded / delegated submissions and evidence received at 10 Downing Street to the right Minister / Ministry because the submissions were in respect of ORGANISED CRIMES


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Norman Scarth Enlightened

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Defence & Counterclaim P1
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Defence & Counterclaim P3
Defence & Counterclaim P4
Strike Out of Counterclaim
Appealing the Strike Out P1
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Appealing the Strike Out P3
Appealing the Strike Out P4 Appeal Lodged Receipt
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Bill of Rights Announced

Page ARTICLES - List
Bill of Rights Press Release


Page 1 of the Defence and Counterclaim Doc.
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Page 2  Def. & Counter.
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Page 3  Def.& Counter.
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Page 4 Def. & Counter.
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The Order Striking Out
enfccosr.jpg (203481 bytes)
the Counterclaim subject to the usual abuse of the courts facilities WITHOUT ANY NOTICE TO THE PARTIES TO ATTEND COURT.
Letter To Court When Submitting Appeal enfccalr.jpg (188431 bytes)
The APPEAL In TEXT 4 Links
Page1 of the Appeal
enfappr1.jpg (176508 bytes) Warranted because of the liberties indulged. 

Page2 of the Appeal
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Page3 of the Appeal
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Page4 if the Appeal
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Appeal Lodged Receipt
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The APPEAL In HTML 4 Links

Letter Serving copy of the Appeal on the Lord Chancellor
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Letter from the Court Service acknowledging receipt of the letter to the Lord Chancellor
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The Press Release clear 'The Times' reports the Lord Chancellor's 'Bill of Rights' proclamation.
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Our observations and comments
(*Link to pane on the right). We refer and point to persons who were/are operating as alleged legal gurus and ACCOMPLISHED RECRUITS TO THE SYSTEM OF OPERATIONS WHICH WE EXPOSE IN AN EXCLUSIVE (*Link). We referred and pointed to the activities / practices   many reporters and news / media editors and controllers. Not one, ever, indicated interest. Not even after the Press Release by government, in 2003, when the cost relative to 'compensation awards' was revealed to have reached the sum of 12.3 billion Sterling. The Press Release after we reported to government the parts and activities of another fraudsters club recruit.(*Link to page)

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As part of the reconstruction process our new pages and pages where changes and additions have been implemented, the improved / amended pages are endorsed with the link 'Page Changes and the date of the last changes. The link takes visitors to a List of the changes implemented in the page. These include new material and links from relevant paragraphs to other or new relevant material in other pages. For further clarification email: webmaster@

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Readers / visitors / victims of the system should recognise that by causing the announcement for the introduction of The Bill of Rights, the very persons who have been abusing occupation of judicial chairs for centuries / millennia were / have been placed in a position to carry on denying rights to selected / targeted citizens. Judicial chair occupants will simply carry on, as usual, pretend they are dealing with the provisions of 'The Human Rights Act 1998', in exactly the same manner as they had / have been doing in respect of all other Acts of Parliament. So long as there exist fraudsters of the calibre of the persons to whom this page is dedicated, so the system of operations, in place, will flourish. Thereby the criminals in control, as the parasitic vultures that they have been for millennia, will carry on care of their own creation which is NOT founded on any Act of Parliament but endorsed, by politicians, through silence. Contempt for the taxpayers, 'the serfs', 'the shitizens', those who are subjected to the whims of the corrupters, the corrupt and THE CORRUPTED (among the last the persons to whom this page is dedicated) in the order of the day. 

This page is dedicated to persons who were introduced to us by the LIPS crowd/mob (Litigants In Person Society) and to those who contacted us through reference to the list they were issued by the LIPS crowd managers - controllers and advisers, 1. Mr. Peter Hayward, 2. Mrs. Philomena Cullen and 3. Mrs Janet Cole. All came along as 'alleged active challengers of the rampant fraud in the Legal System' [*Link to evidence and a most profound example of the alleged interests and concerns of the group as a whole]. All complaining about the luck of interest by the police and the newspapers. Each and every one asserting that they had been the victim of the type of activities we cover in our pages. [*Link to FOOTNOTE, below, for links to their parts as the CIUKU Enterprises (* F2) front line soldiers / promoters and users of' The System As Is'].

We were caused to bring forward the release of the evidence we publish in these pages, hence we request of visitors and readers to be on the look out for additional information. We ask of all visitors to access three of the most relevant pages where we publish evidence that qualifies the fact that the courts are used for rampant constructive fraud on Mr & Mrs Average, the taxpayers: -
   1.  A
the clarified point.

  • The staff of Enfield Council, in line with the staff of other Local Authorities in our country, were demanding a refund from targeted Landlords in the sum of £165 pounds sterling [*Link from here [*L] to other typical & inexcusable demands of targeted private landlords, by persons operating out of Haringey Council & Hackney Council]. The reasons given, simple: Council staff simply alleging that overpayments, as in the instance at hand, had been made in respect of the rents paid for the occupation of private accommodation that *had been occupied* by assisted persons, as in the instance at hand.
  • The first four images, to the left in a descending order in this page, are the four pages that constituted the Defence & Counterclaim document that was lodged at court and served on the Claimants, the London Borough of Enfield.
  • The second image is page 2 of the Defence & Counterclaim lodged at court.
  • The third image is page 3 of the Defence & Counterclaim lodged at court.
  • The fourth image is page 4 of the Defence & Counterclaim lodged at court.
  • The fifth document is the image of an Order issued by the Court whereby the court, of its own motion, simply issued a piece of paper, purportedly a legitimate Court Order, Striking Out the Counterclaim. Most victims should be familiar with this ploy and abuse of the Courts' facilities by persons who determine that sections of the communities in the United Kingdom are not entitled to the protection of the Law. Also, in the instance at hand, it was a case of attempting to steal funds in order to finance the generosity of third parties who determined to create a melting pot of cultures and ethnic groups in the United Kingdom as in other European and Western States. The generous simply relying on abuse of the courts facilities in order to finance their schemes instead of  dipping into their savings, their bank accounts or taking a cut in their salaries. Visiting victims, readers and researchers are requested to access and read the letter sent to the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP. six years later.* [*L]
  • The sixth document is the image of the letter to the court when submitting the Appeal that was warranted after DJ Rose struck out the Counterclaim. Reference to the Order itself establishes blunt discrimination by the court / judge at the very least. We recommend that you read the submissions as put to the court in the letter.
  • The seventh to the tenth images on the left are the four pages of the Appeal that was necessitated after the court served its Order on the targeted citizens. Readers should acquaint themselves with the content of the document and then access and consider the assertions by one of the persons who was introduced to us by the LIPS crowd/mob, to which parties this page / file is dedicated (*Link). The Appeal that was necessitated after typical divorce proceedings (theatrics by criminally motivated free-loaders and parasites) which we covered and published subsequently in our pages, actually relates to and covers much, but not all and everything that the abuser of our good-will and time had been subjected to for years (*Link).
  • The eleventh image is that of the receipt that was issued by the court when the Appeal was lodged.
  • The twelfth scanned image is that of a letter addressed to and sent to the Lord Chancellor with a copy of the Appeal.
  • The thirteenth image is that of the Press Release, the article that was published by 'The Times' when covering the Lord Chancellor's announcement of the Bill Rights.
  • We have published only part of the warranted work necessitated when the attempts to defraud the targeted 'serfs' were being challenged. The plans of self-appointed Lords & Masters who set off  'to subject the targeted to the fraudulent activities of the criminals and masters in the art of abuse of public office, in our pseudo-democracy had to challenged. We request that you access the stated facts in the case that was lodged with the European Court of Human Rights in July 2002. After reading THE FACTS as STATED (*Link) follow on / scroll down to THE VIOLATIONS PLEADED (as argued by us for the member of the * Community On Line*.
  • We trust that readers will duly NOTE THE ARGUMENT based on the RIGHTS TO THEIR LIFE as the 'serfs' planned and not as their Lords & Masters conspire in secret meetings to impose on the 'shitizens' in pseudo-democracies. Alleged democratic states where the victims of crimes, at and through the courts, are coerced into the world of the Lords & Masters managing the legal system and controlling the courts. Intrigue, conspiracies, fraudulent misrepresentations with plenty of hypocrisy, sycophancy and the securing of advantages from the targeted UNDER FALSE PRETENCES; (as in the instance of the allegedly legitimate right of DJ Rose to Strike Out the Counterclaim that was resting and founded on the abuse of the time and the resources of the targeted victims).
  • Wasted resources and lives as IMPOSED by the criminals who, in acting out their public(?) duties(!), indulge in the free-for-all as advocated propagated, endorsed and promoted by the executioners of dictatorial rulings through which to defraud the 'serfs' of their properties and THEIR RIGHTS IN LAW. Abusers of public office, from the staff and officers in charge and control of funds, belonging to others, indulging in the creation of 'the need for the litigation antics and the frauds pointed to the researcher Stephen Knight' [*Link]. Of such practices alleged victims, soon learn the ropes after they are coerced into acceptance of 'the only hope for restitution being the endorsement, acceptance of and compliance with the terms / arrangements ENTAILING THE SECOND FRAUD ON THE SERFS - the taxpayers [*Link].
  • We need only add that in reference to 'victims' we mean all who end up, (through the scheming and planning of and by the self-appointed Lords & Masters) before the tools of and the creators of 'The Dictatorship through the back door imported and via the abusers of judicial chairs imposed on the 'serfs' ", thereafter to be subjected to the whims of the corrupters, the corrupted and the corrupt. In the event that readers / visitors to these pages have not recognised to which parties we refer to as the Lords, we clarify as we did when the hero of the LIPS crowd/mob enquired: "Surely you know which persons you are addressing as your Lords when you appear before Court of Appeal judges? As to 'masters' just replace 'public servants' with the word and there you have it".

Below the appeal as lodged - in HTML for links


Case No. ED707382

PLAINTIFFS The Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Enfield

DEFENDANTS Arcade Accommodation Services Ltd.



TAKE NOTICE that the Court will be moved on the ........................... day of .............................. 1997 at ............................. to hear an APPEAL on behalf of the DEFENDANTS in this action against the ORDER of District Judge Rose whereby the said Judge elected to act in contravention of every principle of Justice and existing Court rules and directions from Higher Authorities and without due notice to the Defendants ordered that the Defendants' Counterclaim be struck out.

AND THE GROUNDS FOR THE APPEAL are that the District Judge erred and was wrong to seek the suppression of the PLEADINGS as submitted to the Plaintiffs and to the Court by the Defendants and that further and in particular the Judge erred and was wrong because:-

1. The Defendants were not notified of the intentions and or propositions of the Court, and specifically of District Judge Rose, to deal with any aspects of the case before the court 'in camera' and the Court is called to strict proof as to when and how the Defendants were informed and or notified of the proposed 'freedoms' as were to take place and or to be entered into by District Judge Rose'.

2. The Order / Judgement Appealed against contravenes the Judgement of the European Court as in 'Hendrikman and Another -v- Magenta Druck & Verlag GMBH' whereby it was adjudged that "...Judgement NOT RECOGNISED when the Defendants unaware of trial".

3. The order discriminates against the Defendants who hereby plead the case Pery -v- Yiannides when similar attempts and denials of rights were contemplated, were entered into and the Court's processes were wrongly used; subsequently the Court to rescind erroneously and wrongly entered/motivated/secured Orders and to reverse Judgement culminating eventually in the Schooling of all 1800 District Judges on racism.

4. The Defendants hereby also plead the case Korytsas -v- Demetri when the Court, and others who were abusing the Court's facilities (and Legal Aid Funding for years) were caused to abandon the theatrical productions they had entered into, and a settlement was secured by agreement between the parties and attempts to intimidate and threaten one of the parties with imprisonment for alleged/promoted contempt of Court had been entered into which were abandoned following a succinct and explicit Appeal and communication to those who sought to abuse the Court's processes for other aims than the service of Justice through Parliament's Laws, the facts of the case and the Principles of unbiased Justice administered by truly independent of other influences and undisclosed policies and practices 'Judicial persons'.

5. That the Order / Judgement as entered into in private and arbitrarily by District Judge Rose cannot be allowed to stand in as much as that it is an attempt to silence the Defendants and to suppress material facts in futile efforts, by the County Court, to evade dealing with the issues arising out of the pleadings and the practices entertained and perpetrated at the expense of the citizens and imposed on 'selected members of the communities within the United Kingdom'.

6. The District Judge erred and was wrong to discriminate against the Defendants in as much as that the Order Appealed against is clearly endorsed with the words "Upon the Plaintiff not appearing and the Defendant not appearing". AND that discrimination in any form and or on any grounds is covered by the Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights as were pleaded in the Defence and in particular the Counterclaim that District Judge Rose sought to suppress from the Court's records thereafter for the Court to default to deal with the Defendants' Pleaded RIGHTS IN LAW, national and international. And that the Court ( in the person of District Judge Rose) to contemplate and or to entertain any EX PARTE application/alleged hearing by any party (to which the Defendants had no access and right of audience) was wrong to rest and found its ruling/Judgement/Order on the grounds stated on the Order specifically endorsed that the parties did not appear before District Judge Rose.

7. That until such time as the close of Pleadings the Court, District Judge Rose and or any other, could not and ought not to enter into any directions in the matter, let alone seek to suppress well founded Pleadings resting on matters of Law and Principles that the United Kingdom and its Parliament subscribe to through membership of the United Nations, the European Community and through ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights, especially when specific violations of the last were and are pleaded in the Counterclaim which District Judge Rose sought to suppress through the Order appealed against.

8. The Court ought not and cannot suppress the Pleadings and or obstruct the Defendants without dealing with and or hearing the fundamental 'facts of life' within the United Kingdom until such time as the Court can establish and produce evidence that the United Kingdom Government and Parliament have authorised and suctioned the use of the Courts' processes in order to impose on the public 'Robin Hood practices and indulgences' at the expense of the uninformed and unsuspecting as pleaded in the Counterclaim that District Judge Rose sought to suppress through his public office in contravention of every principle of Law and Justice.


I. An Order setting aside the Order of 30th September 1997;

II. The Defendants' Counterclaim be re-instated;

III. The Plaintiffs proceed to enter and file a Reply to Defence AND THEIR DEFENCE TO COUNTERCLAIM and that the said document be duly served on the Defendants;

IV. The Defendants to enter and file their Reply to Defence to Counterclaim and that thereafter the parties hereto attend Court for directions in accordance with the rules and that such directions from the Court be founded on the facts pleaded by the parties AND IN PARTICULAR THE LAW AND THE PRECEDENT CASES PLEADED BY THE DEFENDANTS.

V. The Plaintiffs do qualify and or justify their demands of the Defendants IF SUCH BE FOUNDED and resting on any Appeals against the Court rulings and Judgements in the precedent cases referred to the Plaintiffs by the Defendants and subsequently Pleaded.

VI. The Plaintiffs to furnish to the Defendants the National Insurance number (and or other Central Government reference number) of and or for the tenant M Alberto whom Central Government was supporting by way of Housing Benefit entitlement so that the Defendants can take matters further in order to establish the facts in the case at hand AND that any failure to furnish such information be pronounced and or be deemed to be nothing but attempts to obstruct Justice and or that the Plaintiffs and their staff and agents are lending themselves to be accessories to acts of dishonesties and deceptions on the Defendants and conscious promoters of such practices and acts.

VII. District Judge Rose be ordered by the Lord Chancellor (who will be served with copy of this Appeal) AND or invited by the Lord Chancellor to state in a written reply to the Defendants and to the press the grounds upon which the Counterclaim was struck out if other than the suppression of facts of life in the United Kingdom and the promotion and encouragement of dishonesties and deceptions and or the denials of rights to selected members of the communities that constitute the citizens of the United Kingdom leading to a society with no morals and a society that ignores Parliaments laws and to a state that disregards its own undertakings and commitments to the International Community.

VIII. AND that District Judge Rose be removed from this case.

Dated this the ................... day of ............................. 1997

................................................ P. Nicolaou , a Director, for and on behalf of

The Defendants - Arcade Accommodation Services Ltd.
158 Clay Hill
Enfield EN2 9AL

TO THE COURT with extra copy for service by the Court on the Plaintiffs on completion as to date and time.

MORALITY priority issue! Consider our comments

  • In due course the fraudsters who were sent along to abuse our time will get to know WHY family issues were first on the list of Rights, in the article released by the Lord Chancellor / the government.
  • It is hoped that persons like Mr. Norman Scarth who never had/maintained a family might then come to terms with his own parts and contributions to the evil activities of the others he was and has been rubbing shoulders with.
  • For years creating false images about their persons and doing their darn best (with other organised fraudsters club 'centres of operations') in collective activities and operating  as 'maintenance engineers and users of the system as is' for personal, albeit fraudulently created / secured gains / rewards. [*Link from here to explicit statements relative to Mr Scarth's parts in the targeting and conversion of an inheritance, a property in Leeds, to legal costs]
  • All the while fully aware of the fact that the taxpayers (whom they kept/keep in the dark and mislead, in tandem with the media barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes retained by the barons for such purposes) are meeting, through taxes, the rewards such fraudsters aim and work for.
  • Mr Scarth himself and a number of his affiliates / associates received copies of the affidavit used for the purposes of the above case & appeal. Copies of letters pertaining to the developments as of filing and lodging of the Defence & Counterclaim Service were also given or transmitted to lovers of the constructive frauds, imposed on targeted 'serfs', through the courts. 

bilorigf.jpg (128165 bytes) 
Reference to the last Order sought on appeal
(*Link) should clarify the intentions of the person who pleaded and settled the appeal, for the small family business that was targeted by servants of the public; persons who were/are trained/used to treat the frugal & creative as 'serfs' who have no rights to plan their lives and those of their children. (NOTE: Violations of Article 8; also Articles 1-2 of the First Protocol of the European Convention, in contempt also of provisions relative to fraud and corrupt practices in national & EU law)

Visitors, readers, researchers should access the page:
There they can read of other abusive use of facilities and CHALLENGES that caused the abusers to abandon their fraudulent demands by shoving their heads in the dark caves from whence they emerged as robots, the programmers of which failed to install the necessary modules pertaining to Law and ethical / moral conduct as commanded of all citizens in properly constituted and manged / controlled civilised states / societies.


The email, and the images of the email transmissions, below and on the right, respectively, as transmitted to the Greek weekly newspaper 'TA NEA' ('The News') in London, on 9th June 2008. [*Link from here to the page where we publish an article by the same newspaper in March 2006. Through the article the Christian Orthodox Hellenic Communities in the UK, the readers of the newspaper, were informed of the fact that the solicitor Kypros Nicholas, is a top rank Freemason, along with other 'notables' from within the Hellenic Christian Orthodox Communities in the United Kingdom] (*FX)
Monday, June 9, 2008 10:38 PM
From:               ""
Subject:           Re: FW: ERRATIC Mentalities & ARROGANT Discrimination
-------- Original Message --------
Your email has been forwarded to the founder of human-rights and in the event that you need to contact us urgently please write directly to:

> Dear Editor
> I re-transmit, as requested by you, my posting of 6th June. I trust you will acknowledge receipt and that you will
> find the content useful & informative, bearing in mind the fact that you did not receive the leaflet handed to the
> congregation at Panayia - Wood Green, the previous Sunday.
> Sincerely
> Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
> London - UK
> =========

We refer visitors to the page* where we copied an article from the newspaper 'TA NEA' when the editor was informing the readers of the newspaper that their alleged Christian Hellene representatives acted as Freemasons in the most blunt and offensive of manners [*L]

We simply point out that the editor of 'TA NEA' and his affiliates / associates come-lap-dogs of the system's organisers simply ignored the elements they were pointed to. Nothing but typical promotion of false interests and concerns on issues that relate to the well-being and the abused trust of the community the editor and the newspaper purportedly serve.
One h
as to wonder if the editor himslef or the owner of the newspaper 'TA NEA', was / is a Freemason, too.
Interested visitors and victims of the usual / relentless abuse of public facilities, by alleged servants of the public who indulge as they please and use public facilities for other purposes than the services are intended for* [*L], in particular Readers and Researchers should access the article we reproduce in our pages and thereafter access the video by the researcher Keith Thompson, linked to from where through the introduction to the video (*Exposing False Fronts : The Awakening*) Andrew Yiannides, the creator of this website, points to important realities / material for years in the public domain / pages at this website.

The email, and the images of the email transmissions, below and on the right, respectively, as transmitted to the Greek weekly newspaper 'TA NEA' ('The News') in London, on 6th June 2008. [*Link from here to... ] (*FX)
> --- On Fri, 6/6/08, Andrew <> wrote:
> From:              Andrew <>
> To:        
> Cc:        ,,,,,,,
> Subject:          FW: ERRATIC Mentalities & ARROGANT Discrimination
-------- Original Message --------
> Date:             Friday, June 6, 2008, 12:10 AM
> The exchanges below cover and point also to the whole of my late mother's Will, an extract of which I transmitted
> to the media at the time when the Kofi Anan plan was released.
> Kindly refer to the extract relative to my late mother's properties in Northern Cyprus and then consider the simple
> fact that in a GENUINE Democratic state EACH CITIZEN has the inalienable right to dissent and NOT TO BE
> BOUND by the decisions of every other including the representatives of the majority. You must be aware of the
> fact that the elected are MEANT TO BE ACTING as representatives of the electorate / the citizens and NOT as
> ABSOLUTE RULERS / DICTATORS, let alone as agents of other powers and or as committed to other 'plans for
> the citizens' care of secretive organisations, such as 'The Brotherhood', 'the Illuminati', 'the Bilderberg', 'the Skull
> and Bones', etc. Refer to the page: -
> & note the credit to an article from 'Ta Nea', relevant to alleged delegates of the Christian Orthodox Hellenic
> communities of the UK.
> Consider that the law is no ass. An ass is any ill-educated and ill-informed person who is caused to accept what
> others impose on him / her because others misinform the citizens in pseudo-democracies because of
> pre-existing plans for planet earth by agents of the organisers of it all.
> Access the page: -
> & consider the changes to my submissions to the weekly 'Eleftheria', when inexcusable changes to the text of my
> submissions were made by the editor.
> Note please that because of my work (for human rights) at the website, the North American Academy of Arts &
> Sciences awarded to me a Fellowship.
> Access also the material at:
> & read the email exchanges with a senior Executive of a USA Corporation when I was invited to partake in
> propositions for Internet TV (including an Open University facility) productions and note what the person
> received from me and how the person responded in respect of my concerns and the assurances I sought at the
> time. Note in the page my submissions to the editor of the London Evening Standard for and in respect of the
> Armenian
> Genocide and my references to the RC church, founded and resting on RECORDED REALITIES no one can
> erase from history except the maligned and the promoters of evil impositions on mankind THROUGH defaults,
> omissions and reckless SUPPRESSION of such realities as I pointed the editor of the LES, to.
> I trust and hope that you will take on board some of the issues I point to, as I prepare to challenge and expose the
> reasons behind the perpetuation of the rampant fraud through abuse of the courts facilities and the corruption of
> conditioned morons through the arrangements in place. READ OF THE ARRANGEMENTS I refer to at:
> &
> Prepare for more revelations and EVIDENCE which will be released by me after I release the letter from the
> opposition leader (Tony Blair) and the party's Parliamentary Spokes Person on Legal Affairs (Paul Boateng).
> Sincerely
> Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
> London - UK

The processing and furtherance of ORGANISED CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, in particular on targeted communities and sections of recognised states and countries happen to be the foundations of and the reasons for the submissions to Enfield Council.

Only persons who do not follow what goes on in their own backyard and nation-state could be forgiven for claims to ignorance as to the long ongoing JUNGLE RULE IMPOSITIONS in the homeland of the Palestineans and of the Christian Hellenes of Cyprus.

'The Conspiracy In Cyprus' & Freemasons Listed by Name / Lodge prodosia.jpg (153433 bytes)
Thoroughly researched by the author Michael Michael the book commands reading by anyone interested in the states & conditions imposed on 'the serfs' of Cyprus. A must for persons interested in the activities of Secretive Societies, such as the front men & women operating as Freemasons & simply as an allegedly philanthropic brotherhood.

The comprehensive research that led to the documentary film / video by a concerned USA citizen, Mr Keith Thompson we point to from here [*L] because of the NEED FOR THE VICTIMS OF THE RELENTLESSLY IMPOSED STATES ON HUMANITY, by and from the descendants & followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been misrepresented to mankind with fraudulent intentions by abuserrs of trust and public office. The video / documentary can be accessed from from where other relevant video productions are also pointed to.
The email, and the images of the email transmissions, below and on the right, respectively, as received on 5th June 2008, from Enfield Council, in response to the email transmissions and challenges published below this reply. [*Link ] (*FX)
> Tuesday, June 5, 2008 10:38 PM
> From:   []
> Sent:              05 June 2008 08:25
> To:          (Email service provider changed to
> Subject:        Re: ERRATIC Mentalities & ARROGANT Discrimination
-------- Original Message --------
> Dear Mr Yiannides
> I have no idea what you are referring to; we have no relationship as a Council with Northern Cyprus.
> Yours sincerely
> Cllr Michael Rye
> sent by Chris Stubberfield

> ****************************************************************
> Any opinions expressed in this email are those of the individual and are
> not necessarily those of the London Borough of Enfield. This email and
> any attachments or files transmitted with it are strictly confidential and
> intended solely for the named addressee. It may contain privileged and
> confidential information and if you are not the intended recipient you
> must not copy, distribute or use the communication in any other way.
> If you receive this email in error please contact the sender as soon as
> possible and delete the email and any attachments.

> ****************************************************************
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> Version: 8.0.100 / Virus Database: 269.23.21/1458 - Release Date: 5/21/2008 07:21
Below, on the left an email, with the images of it on the right was transmitted to Enfield Council, on 4th June 2008, for the attention of the acting Mayor, Mr. Michael Rye. He had been reported, to us, as one of the many politicians within the United Kingdom who engaged in highly questionable activities as covered in the email. [NOTE: The HTML text below is published from the response, as received back, and part of the reply which we publish above; hence the less than sign preceding all line entries] (*Fxxx)
> Monday, June 4, 2008 22:27
> From:            Andrew Yiannides []
> Sent:             04 June 2008 22:27
> To:                Michael Rye  []
> cc:         []
> Subject:        Re: ERRATIC Mentalities & ARROGANT Discrimination
-------- Original Message --------
> Dear Mr Rye
> my attention has been drawn to actions taken by the Local Authority you represent and act for.
> Apparently the Authority, through your official approval, is promoting and encouraging the furtherance of the
divide and conquer / rule activities first put on record in the Old Testament, some
2300 years ago, by the creators of it.

> And, as you must be aware, the ploy for decades / centuries, was erroneously asserted to have been, as a
British ploy : "the divide and conquer tactical manipulation of ill-informed 'serfs' everywhere".
> I refer to the issue of the invasion of Cyprus care of organised pre-arranged scenarios that were and remain
false and arrogantly created states that rested on the very ploys written of by the creators of most of humanity's tribulations for well over 2000 years.
> Access the extract from my mother's Will (from Karavas on the North coast of Cyprus, in the District of
Kyrenia) which you can find at:
> &
> READ THE ENGLISH RELEASE of her Will while keeping in mind the simple fact that the village was in its
entirety populated by Cypriot Christians who had not been caused to convert to Islam over the 400 years of
occupation of the island by the Ottoman Empire.
> After considering HER RIGHTS in international law, in respect of her properties at Karavas and in the District of
Kyrenia, CONSIDER the simple fact that the person (my mother) was a CITIZEN of the United Kingdom and by
extension of the European Union, after and since the citizens of the UK, through A REFERENDUM PROPER
elected for their country (of residence / abode) to be part of the proposed European Economic Community, &
NOT the intended DICTATORIAL STATES on the drawing boards of non-elected persons >>> European
> Commissioners who engage and indulge at the expense of the taxpayers in all of the * member states of the EEC / come European Union *, without the consensus of the 'serfs' who are called upon to pay taxes towards the maintenance of lousy actors in public office.
> Access also the page:
> &
> READ (in the page) THE ORDERS SOUGHT ON APPEAL in the instance when fraudsters & abusers of public
> office who were operating out of Enfield Council DID SET ABOUT >>> through reliance on abuse of the
> facilities at a local County Court to STEAL FUNDS which they needed to HAVE STOLEN (as in many other
> cases / instances) from the legitimate owners of targeted funds >>> BECAUSE OF THE NEED TO FINANCE
> THE ORGANISED MELTING POT arrangements / creations in Europe (as elsewhere) by abusers of public office > and abuse of the trust of the citizens who are and HAVE BEEN TREATED AS SERFS of the Middle Ages for far > too long >>> I REPEAT : by abusers of trust and public office.
> Needless to say I do not have to point out that the plans of the FRAUDSTERS USED BY the controllers, 
> organisers and managers of Enfield Council backfired.... did not materialise as intended by one and all in public
> office. (IN THE SERVICE OF THE PUBLIC, ALLEGEDLY) because of the fact that 'the targeted serfs' were
> assisted to challenge the fraudulent ways of abusers of trust and public office while operating out of Enfield
> Council & Edmonton County Court.
> On accessing the above page DO NOTE WHAT THE GOVERNMENT (through the Lord Chancellor) WAS
> CAUSED TO ANNOUNCE soon after the appeal was lodged at Edmonton County Court. Recognise WHY the
> Government of the day (in 1997) had no choice but to introduce the Bill of Rights, after the challenges and the
> demands made of the Government through the Appeal you are pointed to.

> I do not consider it essential to point out that successive United Kingdom Governments (since 1948) HAD
> CITIZENS OF EUROPE (not to the imported melting pot constituent alternative cultures and religion flood of
> organised flow of migrants) UNDER THE CONVENTION and come to terms with the reality that the citizens,
> the taxpayers, the electorate can no longer be treated as serfs because the media Barons and the Intellectual
> Prostitutes they retain and maintain (as alleged reporters of the truth) have gone past the sell-by-date provision
> (selling & promoting falsehoods to the ill-informed taxpayers / electorate).

> In the pages at more than enough is published in respect of the ORGANISED
> CRIMES (against humanity) by the very circles who organised the scenarios created & imposed on Cyprus. I
> refer to the citizens of Cyprus (as a whole) who were / are treated, by alleged servants of the public, as serfs there
> too.
> I refer to the citizens whom the agents of the divide and rule / conquer (different tongues scenario) manipulate
> (as promoters of the plans of the creators of the Old Testament) through alleged services to the public that happen
> to be ongoing in most of the pseudodemocracies, which the products and agents of the creators of most of man's
> inhumanity to man have been asserting and promoting to be the genuine article: Democracies, which states are
> populated by ill-educated and ill-informed 'serfs'. As serfs of scenarios care of morons and the ploys that always
> rest and are founded on the very element 'which the targeted sons of men' (on planet earth, as if the creators and
> organisers of * man's inhumanity to man * arrived from some other planet) with the rubbish promoted and
> disseminated through the Old Testament for over 2300 years now.... by the followers of the teachings from that
> vile creation.
> Access the material at:
> &
> respond to this communication / submissions / CHALLENGES with information in respect of the following:
> 1. Does Enfield Council maintain a register of Freemasons who are employed by the Council or are serving as?
> elected Councillors? The need arises to question the fact that such persons, by extension (as Freemasons) ARE
> PROMOTERS & PRO-ACTIVE IMPLEMENTERS of / for the imposition of undeclared policies on the ill
> educated, the ill informed and the kept in the dark taxpayers / electors of actors, who most definitely do not
> operate / act as representatives of the electorate / citizens / taxpayers (in the true sense of the word and state) in
> pseudodemocracy.
> 2. Does Enfield Council, maintain within its confines a Masonic Lodge / Temple (Refer to the researched work
> of the late Stephen Knight, 'The Brotherhood) and if so HOW IS THE PUBLIC, the electorate, the taxpayers made > aware of the 'facility' for / to persons who serve other plans and interests as opposed to the needs and the
> interests of 'the serfs who pay taxes for the maintenance of actors in public office'. I refer to persons who
> relentlessly
> misrepresent themselves as alleged servants of the public, as you should know.
> This email and submissions / challenges will be released in the public domain:
> (A) In the page where the APPEAL that was called for and warranted in 1997 when Enfield Council used
> illiterates in law in the attempts to suck honey into the coffers of the Council for the bees rushing to the land of
> milk and honey (the UK) as sold to the world at large by the media Barons and the reporters the craft-y ones
> organise and promote as alleged servants of the public. I refer to the Intellectual Prostitutes retained and
> maintained by the media Barons as planned by the organisers of most, if not all, of 'man's inhumanity to man',
> founded and resting on the 'different tongues scenarios first written of by the CRAFT-Y ones behind the creation
> and promotion of the Old Testament.
> (B) In the pages where I published my mother's Will and I am to release more evidence about the activities of
> one of the eminent citizens, of Enfield Council, an allegedly Honourable Officer of the Supreme Court (a solicitor) > who relishes in using and promoting FORGERIES besides encouraging and entertaining false states (within his
> knowledge) as part of the, allegedly legal, professional services (like most solicitors) whom I met and dealt with
> over the span of my adult life in the United Kingdom.
> Sincerely
> Andrew Yiannides NDD., ACFI., ATI., FNAAAS
> London - UK
"Do with, by and for yourself, alone, that which pleases and satisfies you, so long as that which you do, does not infringe upon or violate the rights of any other". (A.Y 1972-1975)
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> Version: 8.0.100 / Virus Database: 269.23.21/1458 - Release Date: 5/21/2008 07:21

In our pages we STATE FACTS & PUBLISH EVIDENCE in respect of CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES the staff and officers of the Local Authorities - Local Government named below indulge as protected species.
Everything care of police officers who benefit from funds stolen by such fraudsters.
All engaged and engage in such activities with tongue in cheek arrogance because they rely on abusers of Judicial chair occupation to endorse and further the processing of their criminal acts, as covered and exposed in a number of pages at this website.


London Borough of Islington


London Borough of Haringey

Access from here the following pages at this website and get to know of criminal acts by public servants, bluntly endorsed, promoted and processed (also attempted) by abusers of the Local County Court : Edmonton County Court.
(1) /crimesin.htm
(2) /natinscan.htm
(3) /haringey.htm
(4) /forgery.htm
(5) /localscam.htm
(6) workand.htm


London Borough of Waltham Forest


London Borough of Enfield

Access from here the following pages at this website and get to know of criminal acts by public servants, bluntly endorsed, promoted and processed (also attempted) by abusers of the Local County Court : Edmonton County Court
(1) /hbappeal.htm
(2) /workand.htm
(3) /haringey.htm
(4) /forgery.htm.


London Borough of Hackney











FOOTNOTE common to most web-pages at this website
MOST IMPORTANT:- In October 2010, the coalition Government's Attorney General, in an interview published by 'COUNSEL' the mothly legal banter magazine, specifically spoke of the police distancing themselves from cases of (small-fry) fraud and he asserted that he was making that element his department's priority*

*Link from here to the evidence.

IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, WHAT the coalition of the Con-LibDems, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY WILL IN FACT ATTEND TO THE RAMPANT FRAUD, and IF IT WILL DEAL with the criminals who abuse public office, especially when faced with appropriate submissions and claims that will be delivered in due course. Visitors/readers are urged to read the article published in the London Evening Standard, as settled by the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary in 2003
*Link from here to the article we reproduce in another webpage and consider "Why tolerate the arrogance of the legal circles who had and have the audacity to assert to the lawmakers that they, the lawmakers have nothing to do with the law"?
While there, above it, the explicit letter to ex-Minister, the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, delivered a few days earlier. ALL alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, by the time the letter was sent to the Minister, received copy of the letter just as they received copies of other letters submitted to government maintained Ministers and other official appointees to public office. Accessing the material pointed to from the letter (URLs) is of utmost importance. It should assist 'recognition of the citizen's rights at work', when called upon properly in truly democratic states. The above in 2003; there were other 'submissions' and among such civilised and, within the law, approaches by citizens that led to the right actions by governments, the explicit challenges when we set about exposing one of the most evil of alleged victims of the legal circles to have ever contacted us.

*Link from here to our explicit submissions to (a) the Prime Minister, (b) the Chancellor / Treasury, (c) and, the Home Secretary. We acted so after we had secured more than enough evidence about the parts of an alleged victim whose only interests were (i) the rewards under the table FOR KEEPING QUIET about the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES and (ii) her parts in blunt attempts that were intended to discredit the person she was sent along to mess about with, Mr Andrew Yiannides.

Access please the letter to the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, in December 1998

*Link from here to the letter

& note the results evinced in the newspaper article (Hornsey Journal) also within days of the letter reaching its destination. Many the charlatans and stooges -lovers and 'promoters of the system as is'- on the job for decades; one and all acting as sold souls always do

*Link from here to the evidence we point to relative to the parts of one of a number of sold to the system fraudsters who were sent along / introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd / mob..


    1.    It is essential that the visitor/reader recognises that such persons fail to act as warranted, simply because of their parts as accomplished 'fraudsters club recruits' [*Link]. As lovers of the facilities and arrangements in place, the asses, prefer to indulge in fraud on the tax payers (just like those they set off complaining of and about). GREED for undeclared greens and the temptation of and for the carrot at the end of the tunnel (for those they target and entice in the ranks of CIUKU Enterprises) over-ride logic and obedience to 'The LAW'. Such persons simply READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO SERVE THE SYSTEM, to cash in and benefit through THE SECOND CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS. Upon the aforesaid realisations their convenient defaults to publish, anywhere, the facts of life in the circumstances they set off complaining of and about; thus they are acting as the perfect agents for 'the subliminal indoctrination' ploy, alongside the great puke production machine in the UK, James Todd of VOMIT repute [*Link], also other like-minded and sold to 'The System As Is' fraudsters / lousy actors. We refer to the type of Charlatans and Fraudsters who are, by far, mostly responsible for the perpetuation of the imposed 'FRAUD IN & THROUGH THE LEGAL SYSTEM'. The facility for the 'Community on Line' was introduced as our founder's answer to the repetitious assertions(!) and complaints(?) about the failures of: (a) the police, (b) the media, (c) Members of Parliament. ALL of the crafty stooges ignoring in the process THEIR DUTY TO REPORT CRIME to the citizens directly but ONLY, of course, if they object to the practices and to the system in place. Actors of such calibre as the LIPS crowd/mob were/are and their like-minded chums (other organised lovers of the system as is) were asked to access the HomePage at and to submit their comments to the invitation to the citizens of the world. NOT ONE EVER bothered to revert to us! Need any one to comment on such convenient failures and defaults?
    2.    CIUKU is derived from Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited.
    3.    xxx

ACCESS: (For an important message at this Community on Line web-site)   (A judge instigates the Fraud On Tax Payers -  he knows not the difference between 'imposed' and 'no undue influence' by solicitor).

..To HomePage


The creator of this website invites victims to access URrights & join him with other victims to expose & challenge abusers of trust & public office

APOLOGIES to friends and persons who could not access URrights following the recent changes by the providers of the facility ( Andrew Yiannides used to create the presence on the Internet for the group of victims / challengers of abused public services in allegedly civilised societies > PSEUDODEMOCRACIES <.
The changes related to the introduction of charges for the facilities, included the facility for to archive the material at URrights; also the facility to download the archived material to the creator's system (computer) while the creator and his group of friends considered which of the level of charges and service the group was to adopt.
HOWEVER the creator, Andrew Yiannides, WAS UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVED MATERIAL and all attempts to engage the providers and their staff in reasonable explanation as to WHY THE FAILURES TO CONNECT / DOWNLOAD from the system THE ARCHIVED MATERIAL, were ignored.
Emails to the Publicity, to the Promotion, to the Public Relations, also to the Chief Executive's Office merited no response whatsoever from anyone acting for
In the circumstances Andrew will appreciate any information related to the problems covered above. Andrew will also appreciate any information relative to exchanges with or email postings, from to existing members.
EXISTING URrights members, victims of the legal system, victims of solicitors and the courts should access the updated pages at .org/solicitors.htm and .org/solfraud.htm by using the links from the list below.

Below pages where we expose known lovers of it all, users and maintenance engineers of the system as is

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Every single person we name and expose in the above pages elected to ignore THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO REPORT (to 'the serfs' = 'the taxpayers'), THE ABUSERS OF PUBLIC OFFICE & PUBLIC FACILITIES. All were/are relying on the Intellectual Prostitutes, from within the media, to keep it all in the family closet.
All, as typical twin-tongue hypocrites carry on complaining about the media for failing to report & for suppressing the facts and the realities they allegedly reported to the hard of hearing, to the otherwise committed angels blowing their silent trumpets for decades, all ready and gearing to welcome the expansion of the New World Order.
Of such parts the contributions from and failings of the persons we name and expose, AS IF THEIR OWN SILENCE, THEIR FAILURES  & THEIR BLUNT OBSTRUCTIONS to the work and other actions by the creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, treated by one and all as if non-existent with the exception when the wily Norman Scarth, set off to abuse the trust he was allowed to benefit from, while his parts and questionable activities / performance were under scrutiny, specifically after HE FAILED to publish the full transcript of the Court of Appeal hearing HE WAS ALLOWED TO RECORD* [*Link from here to the food for thought page created by Andrew Yiannides, in the first instance].
Not one ever bothered to address the issues we expose in the explicit page, despite the fact that we have been pointing all of our contacts, since May 1992, to it all.
Visitors, readers and researchers are urged / invited to access and read the letter which the Hon. Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, Mr. Norman Scarth sent to the founder of human-rights, Mr. Andrew Yiannides, reproduced in the page .org/4deceit.htm* [*L]
The author's statements, such as 'what for and why seek additional assistance', thereby spelling out his parts as a lover of it all.
Common sense dictates, that he should have directed his request to his partners in deceptions aplenty, one & all engaging in fraudulent misrepresentations AND NOTED TO HAVE, WILFULLY, BEEN SUPPRESSING, FROM THE TAXPAYERS, THE FACTS OF LIFE RELATIVE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES as the failure of all to co-operate as covered and pointed to at:- [*L]. One and all fallen to the facilities for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers and the corruption of illiterates in law, the conditioned victims of the legal circles & courts who fall to the blackmail element attached to the REWARD for keeping the realities away from the taxpayers; just like the media and the Ministers responsible for the application of long existing law to the criminal activities we cover in our pages, do.
All the while one and all were / are engaging in the scenarios we cover in the exclusive page, which page the author of the letter which Mr Norman Scarth sent to Andrew Yiannides, afforded us the opportunity to address the issue of the contributions of his partners and affiliates in fraud aplenty on the taxpayers; despite the reminder one and all, named in the new page simply shoved it all in the dark corners of their devoid of grey matter skulls, their perverted / corrupted mind(s)

On Sunday morning, the 19th September 2010, the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal-Democrats in the course of the BBC TV politics programme, spoke of the coalition government's commitment to address the element of waste and fraud through the public services sector. We trust and hope that the elements we expose in our pages and the parts adopted by the conditioned victims of the legal circles, the persons who engage in PROMOTING & EXPANDING THE ONGOING CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, will be on the top of the list of government priorities.
Visitors, readers & researchers are urged to access the letters to Minister Frank Field [*L] after he had been directed by the Prime Minister to think/do the unthinkable.
Link also from here [*L] to the explicit letter to the Home Secretary in December 1998 with submissions arising out of the RAMPANT HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD
On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 'the Guardian' in its Comment & Debate page carried an article by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. In the evening of the same day the Deputy Prime Minister addressed a large audience at Kings place in respect of the government's changes on university students fees / loans.
Access from here the page where we reproduce an image of 'the Guardian' article & consider the simple fact that we, alone, have been asserting and proclaiming our objections to the theft of funds from the national budget leading to the ever-increasing annual deficit in the state's balance of payments.

ACCESS: (For an important message at this Community-on-Line web-site) & thereafter, access also the realities as submitted and lodged at the European Court for Human Rights covered at (Judge instigates Fraud On Tax Payers - he knows not the difference between 'imposed' & 'no undue influence'). APOLOGIES FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THIS WEBSITE. It appears that the beneficiary of the work, both for applications to the courts in the United Kingdom and the submissions to the ECoHR* [*Link from here to the Statement of Facts submitted to the ECoHR]. The beneficiary arranged with the providers of the free web space to erase the Intellectual Property of Andrew Yiannides, the founder of the human-rights Community-on-Line, without any reference to the creator of the website and owner of the Intellectual Property!
All visitors, serious readers and researchers are urged to access and read the arrangements in place FOR CORRUPTING THE MORONS who fall prey and victims of the legal circles / the abused courts facilities in all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies care of the CASH REWARDS to the morons who agree to join the club by accepting the rewards on offer through the European Court of Human Rights under the conditions stipulated as the evidence we point to clarifies and qualifies at:-
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