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Crime - Organised - Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note below the arrangements between the administrative, the judiciary and the media; read of the all-embracing guarantee in place, in contempt of all law : the root we point to in our pages.

WHERE IS JUSTICE? Read below:-

>>> "The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State" <<<*

*Link from herre to founder's tribulations in 1972-75 and recognise WHY, PSEUDOdemocracy

* And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy. Hence, the billions paid out as covered in the affidavit which visitors can link to directly from here [*Link].
* Link also from here to the founder's conclusions as of 1972-75 when the great Metropolitan police were seen to be nothing but accessories to and abettors to the rampant fraud and corruption through the courts organised and processed while Members of Parliament were -as they still do- promoting the waffle that amounts to nothing short of : 'independence of the judiciary to act in contempt of ALL LAW (national and international) in a pseudo-democracy.

Link from here to proof >most clear< as to the parts the police play in promotion and expansion of the criminal activities instigated, organised, managed, processed and imposed on society >the sucker-serfs : the taxpayers< by the legal circles. Read of assertions by a typical hypocrite, none other than the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM, when he spoke of FALSE RECORDS and FORGERIES by the legal circles when delivering his Dimbleby Lecture on BBC-TV in November 1976, 15 months after he received true copy of THE FORGERY created by the licensed criminals >the legal circles< for their evil ends in the case that opened Andrew Yiannides' mental eyes to the realities of life in the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. Can anyone enlighten Andrew and the millions of victims of the legal circles / the courts >"WHY NO PROSECUTION of the solicitors & the barristers in 1972?<

* With such facilities in place, the words we point to here, attached to arrogant abuse of public office and arrogant dereliction of public duties, can anyone assert that Mr Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights, was not right to conclude and determine that Justice has been abducted and that she is held captive in the dungeons maintained by her abductors who rape her daily in their courts in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies?
Access from here and read of the realities in articles penned by the researcher who declined an 'invitations to join the club of converted morons and fraudsters, persons who determine to target and use the ever growing numbers of victims of the abused courts facilities for more of the same criminal activities they 'had been victims of' themselves. Access also from here part of the stated events in the course of a hearing at court when the court's facilities were being used with criminal intent by the organisers of the lives of the sheeple in the United Kingdom, when properties were targeted by the fraudsters in control of the Law Enforcement Agencies, operating ion tandem with the used and encouraged products of an allegedly 'civilised democracy' as created by the followers and promoters of the vile scenarios sold and promoted to the ill-educated sheeple as 'holy scriptures'. Access from here and read the article on the alphabet crearted by fraudsters which alphabet they transkated to the language of the targeted civilsation some 2300 years ago.
* ALL Member States of the European Union are subject to the ruling which visitors, readers and researchers can access in the explicit page /yourrights.htm
Link from here to the realities - we point also, in our pages, to the hint / warning > indirect but nonetheless very clear < for thinkers / true humans to recognise
* On 3rd March 2008 >someone's birthday< we released a House of Lords PRECEDENT CASE and reveal deliberations by their Lordships in respect of FRAUD - DECEPTION - CONSPIRACY & IMPLIED LIES BY KEEPING SILENT about any wrong imposed on any other
* >>> IN THE MEANTIME WE have been naming and shaming a number who know of & do much more than just approve wrongs imposed on millions of 'sucker-serfs' in our allegedly civilised country / state / province / district of the European Union that allegedly protects 'citizens from FRAUD & CORRUPTION.
Needless to say the case entailed activities and practices by solicitors as Mr Andrew Yiannides was subjected to, decades later, by an old school friend, Mr Kypros Nichola of Nicholas & Co. in London. Mr K. Nichola bluntly abused the trust placed in him and indulged, in tandem with others, in criminal activities intended to cause the damages that were imposed on the targeted 'serf' by accredited - by the Law Society & Bar Council - allegedly Honourable Officers of the Supreme Court, the courts maintained by successive elected governments in the United Kingdom, one of many pseudodemocracies. In due course another revelation relevant to the arrogant 'inherent jurisdiction', through which to deny, obstruct justice & impose all manner of criminally created states on 'the serfs', who are taxed for the cost of maintaining criminals in public office, in pseudo-democracies]

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, successive irresponsible Lord Chancellors and Home Secretaries who ignored all complaints and submissions irrespective of the evidence and the law pointed to, by the victims of it all, the citizens who are called upon to pay taxes for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

*Link from here to our exclusive page, covering confidential fraud as arranged THROUGH THE BEST KEPT OPEN SECRET in allegedly civilised democracies >all European States, that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights after the conclusion of the 2nd. World War<.Elsewhere the foundations and the corner stone upon which the operatives built the societies of their making using the bricks and mortar we cover in this and other pages. The visitor should not be under any illusion that the stars in the theatrical productions we relate and partly cover in our pages were by any stretch of the imagination 'humans' who were / are gifted with any attributes that distinguish 'true humans' >thinkers< from wild animals hunting for food.

Fraud in court  Council staff use Forgeries  

Misconduct in Public Office. 2 cases relative to applicable law One Protocol says it ALL It betrays arrogant intentions Law Provides for THEFTS and it covers Judges too Judges' duties   TIME 4 CHANGE   & CHALLENGES Site CONTENTS - Table of Contents & ongoing work Your Rights & OBLIGATIONS to Society SEARCH facility for any specific element / issue of concern to visitors / readers
COURTS : their Facilities Abused For ORGANISED CRIME >FRAUD Solicitor's Perjury & Victim Ignores it all Just like the Law Society always does Blackmailed or is it Just Conditioned & Subjugated Victims who join the club ? We name Lovers of blunt fraud through courts - Users of the facilities 4 illicit gains Local Authorities & FRAUD on 'serfs' the Taxpayers who are kept in the dark Police Party to & Endorsing Criminal Acts, Activities Arrogant Fraud FALSE Records & Contempt of Law by the legal Circles & Public Services The crafty ones & Vexatious Litigant PLOYS for the rewarded silent

* Information FOR victims who wish to co-operate by EXPOSING & CHALLENGING abusers of Public Office *

[*Link from here to evidence. *Link also from here to a case when the abusers of the courts' facilities abandoned their plans for another targeted family]

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all victims of malpractice - misconduct - negligence, etc. TO NOTE

In the civil justice system in England and Wales, a judge presides over the proceedings that are argued by the opposing sides through the adversarial process. The process enables the court, judge, to reach a conclusion as to the truth of the facts in dispute. Thereat it is for the judge to apply the law to the facts proven, established at court.

The system as evolved is covered in the page 'English Legal System' and remains the same after the Woolf reforms.

An explicit Affidavit [*L] plus exhibits and
     letters to a Chief Inspector of Police
          one to solicitors
[*L] and another to the Lord Chancellor [*L] evince
               ORGANISED CRIMES
(Access and read the letter to the police in September 2006 [*L])
Access & read from one of a number of letters to the Prime Minister :- * I believe that New Labour will deliver us from the wrongs we have been suffering for far too long. Use of our resources in terms of human potential and capabilities can and should be channelled through rights not wrongs, through positives not through negatives. It is our produce and ingenuity we can sell to others not the minefields of corrupt and bankrupt public services. * [*Link from here to the page, note the steps taken to ensure the Prime Minister forwarded / delegated submissions and evidence received at 10 Downing Street to the right Minister / Ministry because the submissions were in respect of ORGANISED CRIMES


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Jesus Christ
Luke the Evangelist
Oliver Cromwell
Thomas Jefferson

The visitor's attention is drawn to the words of Jesus Christ, attributed to Him by the editors / creators of The Gospel according to St. Luke. Access His words to the Lawyers some 2000 years ago. Many the dignitaries over the two millennia who shared His views [*Link].





ACTORS & FRAUD  * Page created June 2004 *  
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*Page Revised: August 17, 2012*  

VISITORS ARE URGED to access and READ THE IMPORTANT update and ADDENDA we were obliged to introduce in January 2002. We had no choice but to REPORT THE CRIMES TO THE TREASURY* [*L]; our observations and knowledge of the constructive frauds made us accessories if we kept quiet, like the alleged victims who work towards the implementation of the schemes by the abductors and rapists of Justice, the Goddess; it was such a person who had been wasting out time and securing support through many a crocodile tear.  You will find the addenda statement at the top of the Updated Pages File. We are sure that you will share with us our concerns and most profound disappointment at and with persons who adopt and promote activities which they know are nothing but downright crimes* [*L]. We refer to our exclusive page* [*L] where we expose (as conscientious, law abiding* [*L] citizens) the Confidentiality Between Fraudsters that exists care of the BEST OPEN SECRET. 

Guidelines on Navigating through the extensive material: access instructions.  

As part of the reconstruction process our new pages and pages where changes and additions have been implemented, the improved / amended pages are endorsed with the link 'Page Changes and the date of the last changes. The link takes visitors to a List of the changes implemented in the page. These include new material and links from relevant paragraphs to other or new relevant material in other pages. Visitors can use the SEARCH facility for any specific element or issue they are looking for; the SEARCH button can be found below the human-rights green banner at the top of most pages. For further clarification email: webmaster@

Read below of the attitude and activities of alleged victim-challengers of the wrongs they complain of, the elements we cover in our pages. Far too many are running around promoting the very wrongs we expose. Their real aims and contributions on the vital issue of educating / informing the public at large is NOT what one would expect of genuinely concerned victims. Their main preoccupation is to PROMOTE & USE THE SYSTEM of operations they allegedly complain of. Their repetitious ranting, about the fraudulent use of courts facilities, are OFFERINGS FOR THE SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION OF 'THE SERFS', they are pointed to. They offer to, and they engage in assisting those they are pointed to, but ONLY as MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS OF THE SYSTEM IN PLACE, the consecutive constructive frauds we expose, [*Link from here to the page where we address and expose the institutionalised rampant constructive fraud imposed on the taxpayers through abuse of the courts facilities, INTENDED TO LEAD TO THE CORRUPTION of the conditioned victims who are coerced, assisted and used for the consequential rewards to persons who endorse criminal activities in the courts and agree to keep quiet about it all.]. 

Attention is drawn to the title of this page, in red characters above. It is imperative that visitors to these pages and web-site, are made aware of the most important and crucial factor, upon which rests and is founded the perpetuation of the rampant fraud and corruption in our society / country. Most persons who have looked into the issues that victim-citizens relate to them (to reporters and Members of Parliament, for instance) may well resolve to accept the problems as complex and not within their understanding or capabilities because of luck of knowledge of the legal issues that attach to the complaints. We urge that visitors should read the extract from a letter a solicitor sent to a client [*Link from here to the extract] wherein the solicitor covered the arrangements between the administrators and the executive in a pseudodemocracy. References to the realities of life, as imposed on society by the creators and managers of CIUKU Enterprises, abound in our pages. [*Link from here to the founder's conclusion over 30 years ago. *Link from here to a barrister's own experiences and conclusions in respect of the administrators of Justice and the courts. *Link from here to the arrogant provision, an illegal facility, by the judicial chair occupants in the UK, whereby they determined that the serfs in the United Kingdom should have no access to justice or redress when public servants, (state employees) cause damages to the citizens, the said facility in contempt of all law, national and international leading to blunt & arrogant Dictatorial regimes].

However, the simple fact happens to be 'the attitudes of those who are seen to be nothing but the frontline soldiers who promote the existing practices through the dual roles they engage in:-

A.    On the one hand they simply relate the problems and difficulties they encountered/encounter with: -
1.     Their legal representatives / solicitors by far the main culprits; also issues arising out of the manner with which barristers retained and presumably/allegedly instructed by their solicitors, acted in the course of hearings. (*F1).
2.     Police officers (right up to area Commanders) who invariably come up with such inexcusable assertions as a 'victim', Mr G Ebert was running around promoting and 'selling' to all manner of victims and gullible 'serfs'. We refer to the letter from Charring Cross police Station in London, which you can access in our pages (*Link to left margin scans). There you can read also of the results when that promotional material was challenged as the situation commanded. Mr G. Ebert may have denied Andrew a copy of that disgraceful letter but the matter was taken up by Mr Norman Scarth, as Andrew discussed with him, because Norman Scarth who, as Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, was provided with a copy.
3.     Promotions of whatever their MP (Member of Parliament) and any Minister they apparently wrote or write to, threw / throws back at them. For the purposes of the submissions in this page it is most important that the reader / visitor does not loose sight of the fact that the vast majority of such 'fraudsters club recruits' (*Link to the facility in place for blackmail and 'buying consciousness'), charlatans and stooges. Such persons, those who were sent along or introduced to Andrew, the founder of *human-rights* knew of and had been informed of the fact that in 1992, Andrew successfully challenged fraudulent in intent practices and activities at a County Court (*F2). The very persons who were sending along their tutored stooges, contacted Andrew in the first instance and offered co-operation for the creation of the data bank 'The CAMILA Project' specifically was intended for. The persons, Mr. Peter Hayward and Mrs. Philomena Cullen, NEVER acted as they allegedly were in a position to do. It should be noted that all were informed, later, of the fact that in July 1995, Andrew benefited from an acknowledgement (*Link to main window) in respect of THE FRAUD IN THE LEGAL SYSTEM. No one ever bothered to enquire what preceded that event and as a result of what work or submissions to the Prime Minister in waiting, the Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, lead to the Spokes Person on Legal Affairs for the Opposition to concede / acknowledge the practices. Peter Hayward and others from within the LIPS crowd/mob (as we prefer to refer to the fraudsters) had only one goal in mind; to use the needs of the victims of the rampant fraud and corruption (through the courts) for personal gain and pecuniary advantage. MOST ALARMING WAS THEIR APPARENT APPROVAL OF THE ARRANGEMENTS IN PLACE for the double fraud (*F3 on the 'serfs', the taxpayers.


B.   On the other hand as sold-to-the-devil souls and as 'fraudsters club recruits' they carry on ranting about the rampant fraud in and through the courts. They do so AS CONVERTS to the facility in place, for the double fraud on 'the serfs', 'the the taxpayers', those whom they wish to treat as irrelevant shitizens. They just carry on 'promoting the practices by the system's operators' because they are simply serving those interests:-
1.     Their main objective is to ensure that victims they target are used, exactly as they were used, and for one goal only. The reward under the table for those who endorse the system as is. One such charlatan and 'fraudsters club recruit' / lover, Mr Norman Scarth even declared, in an email, that what he stumbled upon was 'legal'. It never occurred to him that what he had agreed to be party to was to keep quiet, take what was on offer under the table and 'be party to, as an accessory and abettor to the double fraud on the taxpayers, BECAUSE HE AGREED TO KEEP QUIET ABOUT IT ALL" - hence his failures to proceed as he allegedly committed himself to do when he joined the Community on Line. NOTE: No one should be under any illusion that the web-site created by Mr Andrew Yiannides AFTER the dreamer arranged to end up in prison IN ORDER TO CREATE / SET-UP Law Centres in order to use inmates and their grievances for more abuse of the courts facilities by ILLITERATES IN LAW & FRAUDSTERS WHO JOINED AS OPERATIVES OF THE EXISTING SYSTEM & PRACTICES.    
2.     Such persons, thereafter, simply using / helping / guiding others to go for and down the same avenue. Norman Scarth, the allegedly honourable Secretary of the LIPS crowd/mob did receive a copy of the explicit affidavit that we publish in our pages, AS A WARNING SHOT
[*Link to the affidavit]. Johan Foenander attempted but failed to entice a member of the Community on Line, into the LIPS crowd/mobsters area of activities, but Mr Norman Scarth succeeded in sucking the very pro-active member of the Community On Line, Roz Kellett, to go down the same avenue and to 'remove all of her material (stated facts plus evidence) & to delete her personal web-site; just 'another sold to the devil soul'. Norman and others who were / had embarked on the same path, at the time, were not told of our plans for such fraudsters and the operators of the system. He and his like-minded mates (from within the LIPS crowd/mob and other groups / movements and organised fraudsters he and the others were rubbing shoulders with in private) ignored the fact that their intentions were known to us. Mr Andrew Yiannides had been invited to be party to their schemes/plans 'to help victims of the legal circles' (persons they were/are targeting) as THE NEW GURUS who learned how to play the field. Most had been made aware of the fact that for years Andrew was looking into THE REASONS, such as WHO / WHAT were / ARE behind the perpetuation of the established practices, DESPITE the words of Jesus Christ to the lawyers almost 2000 years ago, OR at about 1700 years ago, when the editors/creators of 'The Gospel According to St. Luke' were putting together 'The New Testament' [*Link]. Another charlatan, who had declared himself to be 'A Born Again Christian', Mr Maurice Kellett (no relation to Roz Kellett) was one of the recipients of copy of the same affidavit. Recipient of copy of the very affidavit was also the person who submitted his thoughts in the email we publish below, Mr. Paul Talbot-Jenkins. The last joined the Community on Line as an endorser of the statement of intent "OUR AIMS", but he had other plans in mind and set about serving undeclared interests from day one. [*Link].

We refer, above, to persons who, like the second fraudster we name in this paragraph, after going for the carrot in place, he decided that 'everything was & it is all within their expectations and understanding of the law' and, therefore, legal. That is precisely what the chum of Johan Michael Richard Foenander, Mr. Norman Scarth, the allegedly Honorary (and therefore honourable) Secretary of the LIPS crowd/mob also determined, as one of the many who went for the carrot dangling on a string for persons who endorse the double fraud on the taxpayers'. Such persons, thereafter, simply act as bought and sold souls, blackmailed into endorsement of it all, stooges, who make it their business to obstruct any other from challenging and exposing the arrangements in place FOR RAMPANT FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS & THE CORRUPTION OF MORONS & ILLITERATES IN LAW; and all, because they set up business as legal advisors following in the footsteps of the Hussein's and the Lou Foleys [*Link 1 - *Link 2]. We request that visitors access and read the letter the fraudster Johan M. Foenander wrote to Mr Geoffrey Harold Scriven which we publish in support of our statement "Institutionally Organised Fraud and Corruption". The copy we reproduce [*Link to the text for links to and from] was given to Andrew (in order to impress him) while the fraudster was of the opinion that he was playing with a mouse. We request of visitors / readers to also access Andrew's response to an invitation [*Link from here to exchanges with a judge in court] and the evidence relevant to Andrew's stance on the issue of 'no association with persons who rub shoulders with the criminals who are in control of the legal system, the courts'. [*Link also to another page with documented evidence in support of another invitation].

The email exchanges below should be read in conjunction with: -
    A. The email submissions to Ormila, that follow below the exchanges with Mr. Paul Talbot-Jenkins.
    B. The references linked to (in other pages) from both email documents were/are called for because of other elements that cannot be shoved in the dark corners of any 'decent and law abiding citizen's mind'.

> Andrew,
> Every time I visit the "Human-Rights" web site I can never find any links to my pages.
Links Paul are introduced to BOOK MARKS or Anchor points, as you should know. You were asked umpteen times to provide some, both in telephone conversations and by email, but you did NOT co-operate. You want visitors to JUST ACCESS the site and towards that goal there are more than enough links and pointers to the *fame97* site from *human-rights*. I look forward to information about links from *fame97* to *human-rights*. (The evil fraudster NEVER introduced any links from fame97 to human-rights. Obviously he did not wish to upset HIS MASTER & CONTROLLERS. Hypocrites of his calibre come at a penny a million, in Andrew's book)
YOU WERE ASKED (Maurice too, for that matter (*F5)) to consider introducing BOOKMARKS / ANCHOR POINTS to as many specific issues such as the ones that were covered & introduced at human-rights through the page:-   (NOTE: URL changed because the demon site / account was closed, by us, for a number of reasons)
I SUGGEST that you visit the page and then come back with any information pointing to LINKS to ANY OF THE ISSUES in the *fame97* pages. (I mean to specific paragraphs that cover the same subject matters which the article from 'The Observer' gave grounds, TO ME, for the creation of the stated *human-rights* page. DO I NEED TO REMIND YOU THAT THE ISSUE WAS FRAUD... FRAUD... FRAUD…. FRAUD? Am I to assume that, as the free masons are not involved in such matters, IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR PERFORMANCE, that YOU, THEREFORE, NEVER INTENDED TO MISLEAD visitors to *fame97*? Or is it at all possible that like 'THE HUNTER' (Aesop's fable) you do not want to take risks, such as a claim from 'the innocent of such wrongs'?
>Is that because it exposes Freemasonry for exactly
EXACTLY?… exactly??…. exactly???
Consider the above VERY CAREFULLY & TREAT IT ALL AS A CHALLENGE, Paul. [*Link from here to the Footnote below]
Get on with it; introduce links to the relevant paragraphs. After all, you have the ammunition and the military training'; go to war on your terms and not just with your ammunition but with that which WE ARE SURE that Maurice, Rita and such others who co-operate and work together diligently will be providing to you! I will be there too, IF & WHEN Maurice can establish and prove that the lawyers, the barristers and the judges in the cases that I will pass details to him were/are:-
1. Simply free masons acting as their instruction manuals, which HE & YOU are going to produce at court as incontrovertible evidence!
In the meantime CONSIDER THAT, WHICH THE CASE (just released) COVERS, chum. I released the details for ALL victims everywhere to access it on the Internet, and no longer JUST for / to *CO-OPERATING* (co-operating *I*S* the word, Paul) Community On Line members. The last statement leading on to my stated way ---> the rungs <--- that included the non-event of a Challenge to suspects ---> "Where is it Maurice? Did you EVER really bother with such a document?"
2. Free to indulge in criminal activities through abuse of the legal system & ACTED / WERE ACTING IN CONTEMPT OF THE LAW & THE EVIDENCE. Yes Paul free -Masons- building the societies and a world in accordance with the teachings of the God they follow (by examples stated) ALONG WITH THOSE who are enrolled to serve their masters, the string-pullers controlling the 'fraudsters club recruits'. (My way, intended to lead to the common factors and much further / higher, chum - read the paragraph, introduction to the site with links, as YOU DETERMINED) for your intended battles... with whom / which parties though, also how and for what ends?
>what it is,
Is that what the *human-rights* site is about? Refer please to the issues that I raise with you above. Incidentally, I did not know that you were the designer or planner of the *human-rights* pages or the Community On Line, concept.
>and you do not want to look at the reality
I am dealing with THE REALITIES MY WAY, Paul. Access and read the submissions to government in the page:-
NOTE that in my letter to the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, I did not incorporate the evidence of WORK TOWARDS THE INTENDED GOALS. Do not overlook the *plural* used (in goals). The released material and THE PARTICULARS PLEADED, arising out of abuse of the Housing Benefit facilities at Local GOVERNMENT level (mate) through the public(!) servants(?) (mate) who instigated it all (note above re: 'publicly funded bodies and organisations, of which YOU KNOW), VERY CLEAR. You have recently been made aware of such 'enriched uranium rods' for the nuclear reactor of the submarine (Community On Line) that I launched years ago.... and Norman was inviting me to go row (with him) his dingy through the stormy oceans that are infested with sharks (legal boffins) and killer whales (judges) to Bristol, with him, in order to watch the theatrical productions.... the trial of Robert Ashman, the chap who could only react as you were suggesting.... 'Let's storm the Law Society, better still the OSS buildings.' just like the great show at and with the Treasury on the very day when I was delivering my succinct letter to the Prime Minister, on 8th December 1999. Access it and read it at *human-rights*, Paul.
  • *Link from the web-site page (where these submissions are now published) to the copy of the relevant letter at *human-rights*.
  • The issue of the criminal activities that Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins & HIS ASSOCIATES ARE FULLY AWARE OF, were/are clearly covered in the letter to the Prime Minister.
  • Now, through this page, the additional challenge to Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins & his affiliates / associates / supporters: -
  • "You received a copy of the letter to the Prime Minister at the time.
  • Come along, now, and produce ANY EVIDENCE that you ever attempted to deal with the rampant fraud and corruption at, in and through the courts (over the years that I have known of your 'case').
  • At the same time explain away your arrogant failures to co-operate on the issue of links between Community On Line web-sites, WHERE VICTIMS ARE STATING & COVERING SIMILAR ACTIVITIES.
  • All victims of the rampant fraud through the legal system / at and in the courts SPEAK & WRITE OF SIMILAR BREACHES OF LAW. Can you please point out where is the common factor that leads to your (and your like-minded mates) psychosis with the masons?
  • Eventually, all are made aware of the fact that the issue of abuse of the courts' facilities, by judicial chair occupants who simply misconduct in public office, IS THE CORE ELEMENT.
  • Anyone who professes, like you do, to know of the relevance of the law, should know that such persons (judicial chair occupants) simply act in contempt of the evidence before them.
  • Even worse, they act in contempt of the law they were/are retained (on behalf of 'the serfs', the taxpayers) to administer.
  • You are not being asked to explain your ostrich acts in respect of the page where *human-rights* HAS BEEN EXPOSING THE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS through abuse of the legal system and the facilities of the courts. Visitors to this page can access the facts stated and the arrangements in place, as created by the abductors and rapists of Justice, the Goddess (*Link).
  • Your defaults and omissions made it clear that (like the others who have been behaving as if blind, deaf and dumb actors, out there) YOU TOO happen to be a person who converted to 'the system as is' years ago.
  • It was evident, that you too, was aiming and working FOR NO CHANGES & FOR MORE FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC / TAXPAYERS. I keep in mind your disappointment with Philomena, Peter & co., who introduced Mr Peddy to Lou Foley and not to you! (*Link to the page where the facts stated and a newspaper article cover the issue of the pensioner who was being used by such 'gurus').
  • All converts have been acting as 'retained fraudsters club recruits'. All have been relishing in the spreading of the gospel FOR THE NEW MORAL CODE', through their parts in the subliminal indoctrination tactical assaults on the naïve and gullible, you all target. The issue, as you know, was adequately covered in my exchanges with the dreamer who was sent along last year to sell a dead duck. It has since been published in the explicit page: /theproof.htm
  • All other lovers of your type of promotions and activities / convenient defaults, should refresh your memories by accessing the page /theproof.htm (*Link to the above page, at this site, now).
    THERE the puke-production machine, James Todd and a couple of others who, like you, have been stuck on their psychosis with the masons…. the masons…. the masons WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE by any of you. All ignoring the breaches of law which activities you endorse now, by conveniently defaulting to apply yourselves to the realities  EXCLUSIVELY EXPOSED in the relevant page by me).
Will you please come back and tell me that the page is not dealing with realities after you have read the material published at *human-rights* as in the letter you are pointed to above? I do not need to remind you that YOU RECEIVED A COPY OF THE LETTER at the time.

The FULL PARTICULARS and the evidence, in support of my submissions to the government, is all about a stooge's part (a LIPS introduction fraudster) busy at and in the constructive frauds through the courts. The very issues you and others, in this list, do not want to see an end to, for reasons that I have had more than adequate hints and observations of persons who engage in such blunt and direct activities. I have had also PLENTY of recklessly childish defaults to go by, in reaching MY CONCLUSIONS.

WHERE IS YOUR CONTRIBUTION and links to the realities, such as the above, at and in the *fame97* pages, Paul? (I refer to links FOR CONNECTION to the file/page at.. - there plenty of *BOOK MARKS that you know EXIST, as *realities* for victims of the rampant FRAUD AT & THROUGH THE COURTS, Paul).

"Is it because such elements are alien to the targeted group at and by *fame97* which cause you to disregard the issues raised in such pages AND PROOF at *human-rights*?

Maurice was asked umpteen times to introduce JUST ONE BOOK MARK / ANCHOR POINT and he persistently defaulted to do so. He can confirm or deny this fact; the choice is his. He can also tell us if at any time he was denied assistance and to tell us also how many links to stated law and other bookmarks he was given over the years. I refer to links that were enhancing his postings in newsgroups, and IN PLACE, in order to assist members of the public and victims all over the world. I refer to the needy of assistance 'NOT OF THE NEEDY WHO ARE BEING USED BY CHARLATANS', simply for fun and games. Should I clarify: "As and by 'puke production machine', James Todd?" Or should I be blunt and emphasise "For greens - plenty of dosh', as by and for the users of the old age pensioner that we both know of, and in particular more about that victim, than stated at *human-rights*", Paul.

>of it?
You know perfectly well that I am covering issues from another angle AND IN PARTICULAR the international scene. You received more than just the copy from the cover of a book. (Over 500 pages in Greek, with information about its contents. You never even acknowledged that fact, even though I informed you that the author and I are discussing future work in the areas that I have been researching for over 50 years). Compare the reminder in the brackets with your personal approach and mentality on similar issues and possibilities, which you could never deny.
>You want people to become members of "YOUR"
Way off the mark and the suggestion is an outright and naive attempt to place me in your shoes Paul.
The implication of personal (in the 'singular' as you are implying) is inexcusable and unjustified. COMMUNITY implies PLURAL. My contributions (plural and no personal cry wolf ranting) are out there, in terms of facts and applicable law; where be YOURS?
I systematically and persistently refer to and write of 'we'. I now request that you provide evidence that you have EVER done so, apart from just one isolated instance that actually left me speechless.
>community on line but only on your terms
I invite you AGAIN to furnish information upon which you can found the assumption / assertion. Recognition of your work on the issues covered at and by *human-rights*, such as BREACHES OF LAW & VIOLATIONS OF RIGHTS exist at *human-rights*. POINT TO such elements in your community on line *fame97* web-site, from where you introduced links to *human-rights* and to which others can link.
You have done your best to maintain an isolated web-site. A web-site that, 'by design', is not relating to any other web-sites or issues, presumably because you do not want to risk facing claims by the Freemasons who you, indirectly, hint are NOT involved and or they do not engage in the activities we cover at *human-rights*! BY failing to co-operate and provide links to the specific issues (for which we have evidence) you kick in two elements, both of which are against you:
(a) You do not like to co-operate with any other UNLESS THEY ARE DOING SO UNDER YOUR TERMS & CONDITIONS. Yet you dare attempt to put my feet in your shoes!
(b) By failing to co-operate in the issues we cover at human-rights and for which the evidence exists, you wilfully went about blocking development (*Link to your other parts) of arguments in relation to 'cases stated'. SHOULD I HAVE TO CLARIFY: "Stated like Helen Patey's case, ONLY within the family… ? See refer to the other addenda in this version). BLOCKING & OBSTRUCTING, therefore, any connection between the practices and your target, IS YOUR WAY. The very element smacks of the failures of Maurice to get on with the challenge, the 'DECLARATION' that he was to make available to one and all (from his web-site) for downloading / printing by visitors and for submission to all suspects.... intended to lead us to the very element that put ALL DEFAULTING CHARLATANS & STOOGES who failed to address the issues covered by *human-rights* in the exclusive page:- (NOTE the was closed by us in March 2006 the link points to this web-site as of then)
I do not have to point out that the FAILURES FOR LINKS also deprived you and denied us the opportunity to introduce links to such pages at *fame97* in my explicit letter to the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, ex Minister. THE SUBMISSIONS to the government, DEALING WITH THE RAMPANT FRAUD AT & THROUGH THE COURTS, the *human-rights* way!
Do refer to the letter to Frank Field MP and produce evidence that IT WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE, for me, to incorporate JUST ONE LINK to any of the issues you could have created bookmarks / anchor points to at *fame97*. You know darn well that you adamantly refused and defaulted to co-operate. Your choices, your world; only your views and your dictates so please do not try forcing your shoes on my feet; my feet are too small for your large shoes, Paul.
>and with content that suits your aims.
Paul you know darn well that the shoes are on the other's feet.
I suggest that you have a darn good look at the pleadings released to the general public and NOTE that the main document IS IN HTML, ready for links to ACTUAL POINTS and not the site... the site.... the site.... which is YOUR WAY... YOUR TERMS.... YOUR TERMS
While on the subject of the allegation that amounts to 'selfish' terms, I suggest that you get in touch with Helen Patey (an obvious neighbour of yours) who could not possibly have not heard of you or the 'Rotland Mercury'. Ask her WHY SHE REFUSED TO PUBLISH the whole of her STATED FACTS / CLAIM on the Internet, as a member of the Community On Line? Then you come and tell us, all, why did I offer to help her (if you cannot see it as a case of casting my nets, baiting my hook and dropping it in her area)? You come back and tell us, all, WHY SHE SET OUT TO deny me the opportunity to assist in dealing with / challenging any attempts by the courts to deny her, her rights (as in the case released generally)? We all know that such elements - subsequently- arose in 'her case': NO RIGHT TO A FAIR HEARING of her grievances! She simply wanted to 'keep it all in the family closet' and thereafter to be FREE to allege that she was denied 'fair hearings', NOT IN OPEN COURTS HEARINGS but in and for theatrical productions, ALL for consumption by the targeted, the gullible, impressionable 'serfs' and the targeted 'shitizens'. Do I need to re-state: "The 'shitizens' who are called upon to meet the cost of the theatrical productions for the two frauds as organised through the choices of Helen Patey & Co., the charlatans that I have known of and about for the last 25 years plus? Need I have to 're-state': "The 'shitizens' who are called upon to meet the cost of the second fraud 'as organised by all who co-operate in and FOR SUCH arrangements, through CIUKU Enterprises, because of 'BY DESIGN' alleged unfair hearings NOT IN OPEN COURTS?" (I am still waiting for the actress to produce evidence as to how the struck out claims were re-instated, if at all factual all that she was asserting in her email postings).
I STRONGLY URGE YOU to access the pleadings in the case recently released by human-rights. In particular you should look up the COUNTERCLAIM & THE APPEAL in that case. It was released for the world to access and refer to, under the terms stipulated at the bottom of every page. The page is no longer just available to *co-operating* (is the word) Community On Line members, Paul. (Are you receiving the message Marisa? Pass it on to the LIPS crowd/mob).
After she declined / adamantly refused to co-operate, can you tell me that I owed her any duty to use my time for just another selfish and egocentric abuser of it? Such elements on top of intentions to steal knowledge and guidance on law PLUS my knowledge of all the dirty tricks and abuse of the courts facilities, as THE CASE THAT I HAVE RECENTLY RELEASED PROVES, Paul?
>You make offending comments about people
Any comments about anybody ARE FOUNDED ON FACTS, EVENTS and WORDS used by the persons. If anyone does not like honest opinions and fair comment THEY SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHAT THEY DO (and conveniently they do not do with intent) AND WHAT THEY SAY OR WRITE. There's the remedy for the offended! (WE are back to the scenario with the offended client of the Privy Council(!) solicitors who hold the toilet roll for Her Majesty when she uses the loo, chum).
Consider the scenario about the client of the solicitors who wrote to threaten ME, with 'puke production machine' chipping in while you knew of it all. Do I need to remind you that it was all about the material at *fame97* which the solicitor's client found *allegedly, offensive as if not true* and therefore actionable?
You pride yourself on calling a spade a spade as far as free masons are concerned (even without direct link / proof to events and persons far removed from activities). You now seek to deny me the right to act likewise despite indisputable facts, events and convenient defaults, like the puke production machine's spiteful and maligned (as far as I am concerned) default to publish MY REPLY to the TOILET ROLL PAPER HOLDING solicitors. As YOU full well know, they set about threatening me, and he, 'puke producing machine, James Todd', rushed in to ASSIST THEM by INTIMIDATING ME. And all, allegedly, because some material in a Community On Line web-site was offending the client of illiterates in law! The very solicitors, according to 'puke production machine', were going to destroy me, as the *big shot Privy Council boffins* they were, who nonetheless needed his help and he rushed in to lend a helping hand!
Some scenario / script, Paul!
>with whom you disagree and rather than contribute
MY WORK & CONTRIBUTIONS ARE OUT THERE, including the results, if you do not mind. I am entitled to more than just an explanation for such inexcusable, unjustified and way-out assertions.
>to a cohesive
Paul I hereby invite you to inform us all as to WHY YOU FAILED / defaulted to proceed in a direction we had agreed three years ago. May I remind you that it was a case of working together with *YOU* LEADING the team (there were 8 of us) for an action against the Law Society? (Re: issuing practice certificates to criminals & maintaining an alleged complaints department that was just covering up, all-manner of constructive frauds).
WHAT caused you to 'run away' / 'turn yellow' / 'withdraw', Paul? [*Link from here to challenges, the Law Society has no defence for]
May I remind you that you did receive copy of a letter received by the Chief Executive Officers of both 'wings of 'The Merchants of Misery' (copyright words between quotes) and it was sent by one of the eight persons? [*Link from here to the exclusive letter received by the Chief Executives of the Law Society and the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors]
Was it, by any chance, a letter that you disapproved the contents of, OR was there some other problem or obstacle?
As I recall you never made any comments about the content of the letter, and, you did not come back to me on the subject matter. And you speak of cohesion and co-operation Paul?
>organisation you drive people away.
Have it your way. I have and I am now going to use evidence about abusive wasters of my time and good nature, especially when they bluntly engaged in the rampant constructive frauds industry, at and through the courts. [*Link from here to a page we created after such an abuser attempted to impose on Andrew - the creator of this web-site and pages - the evil ways of persons who adopted the New World Order Code of Ethics & Morals; thereafter WAKE-UP victims, serfs, taxpayers on recognising the parts played by such immoral and evil persons who sold their conscious (if ever they were gifted such an attribute) to the evil ways of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything. *Link also from here to the words of Jesus Christ when he addressed the followers and promoters of the creators of the alleged creator of all and everything. *Link also from here to evidence establishing without any room for doubt that the roots of Freemasonry are followers of the teachings by examples stated in the most vile of works ever to have been presented to mankind by the promoters of the biggest and longest running fraud on mankind].
Such persons came along on retainers and CRAFTILY were attempting to entice me in fraudulent activities, which I turned down umpteen times. (By the way I have just published a page/file which I will dedicate to 3-4 such fraudsters because the evidence against them is crystal clear and none have any defence or could ever advance any excuses of justifications for adopting the system of operations through the courts YOU are very familiar with).
You now imply that I turn people away. You do so, presumably, BECAUSE SUCH CRIMINALS should be dictating to me, by the general tone of your posting Paul. It is as if the purpose for setting up *human-rights* was to take people to the cleaners, just like others do [*Link from here to such elements]; to secure pecuniary advantages from 'the serfs' and 'the shitizens', being targeted. Exactly as the situation was when the managers of the LIPS crowd/mob were sending along Johan and others to me or introducing the old age pensioner to another 'admirer and user of the facilities, available to the craft(y), the dishonest and deceitful, who join the fraudsters club for such activities.
I refer you to 'OUR AIMS' [*Link from here to the statement of intent] and request that you inform me as to WHY I should waste my time with people who never had any intention to challenge the criminals in control of the legal system, THE COURTS. All too happy to dance cheek to cheek with the abusers of judicial chair occupancy, just like the legal circles do while fleecing Mr & Mrs average!
It is they (judges and the fraudsters club recruits) who indulge in FALSE INSTRUMENTS which they dare refer to as legitimate material and even 'sound' court orders, Paul. Without such facilities, by judicial chair occupants, no lawyer or barrister could get away with the criminal activities they all indulge in, and you know it.
>Most of us are working diligently
I never commented and I would never do on the work of any other unless invited, and you know it. (I could point to a scenario when a Community On Line member was to benefit from diligent work and co-operation, as you know [*Link from here to k). I do not propose to drop further down the slide of disgraceful behaviour by others, Paul).
However, I do point you to what was released recently. I also invite you to inform me if you ever bothered to access the stated facts that were submitted to the European Court of Human Rights?
'Right to life arguments' were pleaded, mate. [*Link from here to a petition lodged at the European Court of Human Rights]
Apply your diligence to the very element when fraudsters set about interfering in the work and LIFE PLANS of others; they bluntly ACT AS DICTATORS, in which area I class wilful and criminally motivated defaults and omissions. In that classification, persons who cover up crime just like Johan did. He, like Ebert, promoting crap about the lack of interest by the police!
Get to know your law or apply it PROPERLY instead of waffling like the solicitors and barristers do, Paul. (*F6)
YOU were one of the first persons that I contacted and I specifically pointed you to the fact that there were plenty of book marks, READY FOR ANY ONE TO LINK TO, from their sites to the links at the Community On Line member's site. MATCH THAT for 'diligent co-operation' through deeds and REAL ACTS and activities you and those you state 'diligently work together', assert and claim. Provide me with, and publish details, Paul, PLEASE.
DID YOU ever contact me for details because you wanted to link to any SIMILAR ACTIVITIES (stated facts) that you were the victim of?
Simply, because you do not approve of any collaboration between victims! You do not wish for any cohesion, and you apparently OBJECT TO PRECEDENT CASES as PROOF for COMMON FACTORS (in almost all cases that you know of the elements arise) when raising issues with MPs and Ministers!
>in our own ways
Where do you cover examples of 'some of the diligent and cohesive work between YOU (plural) which I would love to have sight of and come back to you with details about links between the various sites?
>and with others to bring about changes
Like the changes announced by the Prime Minister whom Maurice is blaming for the criminal activities that he was the victim of, even though the Prime Minister was not in the position he is now? YET, we have Maurice doing exactly the opposite of what he should be doing, NOW! Even though the Prime Minister is attempting to deliver what he promised in 1995, as he was being coaxed through submissions (also to Ministers and to MPs) over the years and in particular the last 6 years.
>in the system - do not denigrate people unjustly
Puke production machine wilfully elected to SUPPRESS OUR (note I am not using the first person even though you played no part) STRENGTHS (plural BECAUSE I STOOD LIKE A ROCK by you). Do you suppose that I acted so (stood by you) because of your contempt to and for my requests for links or is it at all possible that uppermost in my mind and MY PRIORITY was to challenge the solicitors? Indeed, as I did, I also put James Todd in a spot when I pointed areas of law he could not fathom. Are my statements about CHARLATANS & STOOGES coming through, now that I have reminded you of such realities, Paul? Or is it possible that you need to revert to some other boffins and gurus on matters legal that arise out of INDISPUTABLE FACTS?
In any event was 'puke production machine', James Todd, justified, to suppress the *human-rights* strengths in accordance with your logic, Paul?
If that be the case, the situation is akin to the time when four LIPS charlatans went about co-operating or selling to me a concocted scenario (the choice is yours) whereby the great hero… our hero… our hero was to be sectioned as a loony (an officially certified one). And because I acted (*Link to documented evidence), one of the 'conniving and evil ones' came up with vulgarities and adjectives that I do not propose to publish here, for good reasons.
And what of the stupid intimidation by and from 'puke production machine'?
With friends like him who needs enemies? (I can name a few more Paul). He does his best to promote groups that are approved by the organisation that has been depriving and denying you your rights to deal with your children's inheritance, however. And just like 'The Times' and 'The Guardian' he does promote quite a few questionable 'activities', and charlatans.
We both know why such organisations benefit from public funds, Paul. Simply ------> part of the Institutionally Organised Fraud & Corruption, the very elements declared at the top of every page at human-rights, just as the reasons for the perpetuation of it, Paul, in the ADDENDA at the top too.
The last person who was introduced by the Loonies In Person Society, like Johan, simply abusing my time. She was playing at cat and mouse (in which games and tactics Norman also indulged AFTER they enticed him / bought his commitment to work against the *human-rights* concept). ALL were/being introduced to another language, by the followers of the God of the Old Testament. Every one, working for and preparing ONLY, with others, to work within and FOR the Lord Chancellor's new avenue for MORE (*Link to his Lordship's scheme and what sort of persons waiting in the sidelines) FRAUD ON THE 'SERFS' and 'SHITIZENS' ---> 'THE TAXPAYERS'.
And I am supposed to turn a blind eye and play daft?
>Andrew for by doing so you are no better than the enemy!
Paul I hate having to point out that the shoes are on the other's feet. Persons like Johan, the last LIPS stooge from Plymouth, other converts, and the 'puke production machine', James Todd, ARE THE ENEMY and they are worse than the original offenders, as Cicero pointed out!
>>From: Andrew Yiannides

The email exchanges and submissions below, refer to matters that Paul of:  busied himself in, behind the scenes and we leave it to visitors to these pages to draw their own conclusions, as to his true colours. The issue of the recurring negatives, in his undertakings must be read also in conjunction with Paul's silence when he, Paul, received copies of Andrew's exchanges with the solicitors who threatened to instigate legal proceedings, on behalf of 'an allegedly offended client of theirs' because of Paul's material and allegations about the solicitor's client. [*Link from here to explicit submissions to a group of lovers of the system as is, the carrot dangling at the end of the tunnel, for asses]. 
We publish and release also, exchanges and submissions to another 'victim' who was introduced to human-rights and Andrew by the LIPS crowd/mob. The person was/is none other than the one who defaulted to proceed with the preparation of the necessary Statement / Affidavit from the recording referred to in the page 'Two LIPS Talking' [*Link]. Visitors to these pages can read of the 'convenient failures by the time-wasting abuser of trust. As an accomplished 'jumping jack', she was jumping into action only for the parts she engaged in (or as she was tutored / instructed in) just like the rest of the LIPS crowd/mob circles engaged and engage in.

The email submissions / exchanges below stand as submitted to the actress Ormila Bhopal

Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 04:01:05 +0100
To: "urme bhopal" <>
"Andrew Yiannides" <> Add to Address Book
Subject: Re: your posts on forumhub
Thank you,
    THIS IS AN OPEN RESPONSE and you are invited to re-consider the realities stated below. Above all, you must deal with the issue of YOUR ATTITUDE AND DEFAULTS THROUGHOUT.
    YOUR ASSUMED RIGHTS TO ABUSE MY TIME FOR & THROUGH YOUR INEXPLICABLE BEHAVIOUR, TO-DATE, IS APPARENT. It is seen as nothing but activities in and for which you took part READILY and not as states that were imposed by others, alone, intended to be seen (by those you contacted / contact) as maligned actions against you. In other words you are seen to have come along WITH 'preconceived notions and or plans', solely intended to lead to dead ends WHICH YOU ORGANISED WITH OTHERS, always in the background, THROUGH YOUR VERY CONVENIENT DEFAULTS & OMISSIONS.
    Congratulations, in case you fail to deal with the issues!
    You are invited to prove that you are made of the staff that it takes to make a true HUMAN SPIRIT, as opposed to a manipulated or indoctrinated slave of that which is in place for the naive to suckle at as an infant. I add, also, 'the moronic who are seen to be dangling on the strings of the manipulators as puppets, or as marionettes in the hands of the abusers of public office and their agents in pseudo-democracies, that allegedly rest and are founded on law and order.
    WAKE-UP if you are(!) a genuine victim as you allege. Carry on slumbering in a lethargic state and or relish in your dream-state and enjoy your masochistic pleasures. Any 'abused' human who suffers at the hands of Sadists ACTS if not a pleasure seeking masochist!
Do you realise that your response NOW, implies that you just came (were sent along / introduced by the LIPS agent, the mischief making stooge Johan M.F) for other purposes than those you were promoting to me? Do you not recognise that your actions (when using my time) and your convenient defaults (whenever PROPER activity was called for by you) establish that you also came along with plenty of words without substance, simply as a time-waster?
, in order to establish (NEVER, as it appears now) the validity or TRUTH OF THE MATTERS YOU WERE ASSERTING, or should it be ALLEGING, to me!
    NO EVIDENCE of any statements, which you allegedly made to the police
[*Link from here to  the case of Mr G Ebert who happily was running around SIMPLY PROMOTING 'the system as is', to the naive and gullible. Read all three communications in the left margin you are linked to for the full picture; also the case of two women who benefited from the letter we settled for them, *access from here and READ THE LETTER you are linked to and recognise use of the law that exists], ABOUT the man who, you said/alleged, mislead and abused your trust, Mr. Paul Talbot Jenkins! He, not long ago, all of a sudden, alleged (in a posting) that it was the police who wiped out your pages / your published material, IN YOUR PRIVATE & PERSONAL human-rights web-site.
He asserted that it was because of racist content and racially motivated allegations by you. Funny, how it took him three years to concoct and come up with that new excuse.
    And all the while (for over two years) YOU WERE JUST OUT THERE IN THE WILDERNESS, after wasting my time because of the issues that arose FOLLOWING THE WIPING OUT OF YOUR MATERIAL FROM YOUR PERSONAL web-site.
    You did assert/allege inability to state your cases in your private web-site, thereafter but YOU HAVE HAD PLENTY OF HOURS TO promote the powers that be... the powers that be.... the powers that arranged to pay shysters and fraudsters under the table (you, young lady, were/are among 'the alleged victims' WHO PERSISTENTLY DEFAULTED AND ARE FAILING TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE OF THE DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS. Never let that issue just 'slip into oblivion', for I AM NOT ignoring it, not for a moment.

Should I have to repeat, in this email, that which I stated on many instances? ALL assertions and allegations about the wrongs imposed on victims who, CONVENIENTLY, DO NOT USE THEIR RIGHTS TO REPORT THE CRIMES THEY COMPLAIN OF AND ABOUT, but engage in private exchanges and in other areas WHERE THEY SIMPLY 'promote the powers that be .... the abuse of public office..... ARE SEEN BY ME AS NOTHING ELSE BUT SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION agents.
Such persons, as you know, simply seek to influence their readers
(JUST LIKE James Todd, the puke production machine of VOMIT fame) of 'the powers of the abusers of public office' including the courts' facilities. In other words, young lady, you have been doing nothing else but promotion of the subliminal message intended to subjugate the masses TO YOUR PREACHING :
"Do not challenge them, it is useless, just accept it all as part of the 'N.W.O', and get on with your life in serfdom. You will not succeed".
In the meantime no mention, anywhere, about the web-site that allegedly was wiped out by Paul Talbot-Jenkins, at the time of the events which you promoted to me. And, two years on, he comes along to allege that it was the police who did it. I suggest that you access the page I point to below and set off with the following query, in your mind:
"Why was there apparent failures to contact Andrew and human-rights about the alleged grounds for the killing of my allegations?".
You might then benefit from 'your own common sense' answer and understand, also HOW the material at the page (below) EXPOSED ALL THE STOOGES and charlatans of those events:

    There you will read of the fact that I WAS NOT WILLING TO SELL MY SOUL and become part of the established way of administering law and 'Justice'. You should also get to grips with the fact that 'the childish attempts by charlatans, stooges and ACTIVE AGENTS OF THE CRIMINALS WHO ARE IN CONTROL, failed. All were/are operating precisely as SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION EXPERTS. Read it all, at the page, and NOTE:
    A. HOW
solicitors were used, not to mention the puke production machine, James Todd, subsequently. Both aiming to scare me and cause me to remove the waffle (albeit well presented case BUT NOT ALL) from and by Paul Talbot Jenkins. I AM EMPHASISING the simple fact that we are talking of and dealing with his own web-site, as an alleged *human-rights* Community on Line activist!
    B. HOW all failed to cause me to act in the manner they were dreaming of; anticipating that I would be scared into doing.
Presumably, had they (dreamers) succeeded, Paul Talbot-Jenkins (just another agent FOR the subliminal indoctrination policy and the plans in place) MIGHT HAVE BEEN PUT in a position to claim that I interfered with his rights to publish the facts of life and, therefore, instigate proceedings against *human-rights* and me personally; the grounds: that I violated his rights under national and international law. I DO REFER TO THE LAW, whereby ALL ARE OBLIGATED TO REPORT CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES (if not party to the crimes - self-incrimination facilities in place). That was the case, as I understood it to be, in your situation when you decided to join the human-rights Community on Line.
    Reporting TRUTHFULLY TO THE AUTHORITIES, beginning with THE POLICE, that which all LAW ABIDING CITIZENS (not sold to the devil souls) are aware of and know to be CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES. I include, here, the police, to whom you and Paul Talbot-Jenkins, allegedly, stated your respective waffle about the events (those you both came back to me, with) 'CONSEQUENTIAL TO THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR YOUR CASE TO BE KILLED'. You (a victim?) WERE SILENCED, AS AN ALLEGED VICTIM, were you not under the scenario you presented to me?
YOU, an 'assumed' pro-active member of the Community on Line, SIMPLY CHOSE TO LIVE WITH THAT SCENARIO, under the self-imposed delusionary state you sunk in, while of the opinion that it was all sold to, and bought, as the script spun by 'two dreamers'.
    C. HOW
ALL FAILED: (i) solicitors, (ii) James Todd of VOMIT, (iii) Paul Talbot-Jenkins (an non co-operative member of the Community on Line)
a fourth,
THE CHARLATAN (Sharon) who gave me grounds and cause to state the events that exposed ALL dreamers). She WAS SENT ALONG in order to play the usual tunes with the badly tuned guitar she was armed with. Just another ILLITERATE IN LAW tool of the manipulators and a playmate of the abductors and rapists of DEMOCRACY (true and factual reporting is an absolute essential ingredient) the Goddess. I include, in the manipulators, the agents they retain for such services as well as those who indulge as accomplished Sadomasochists, just like the great hero, Norman Scarth, the self proclaimed (as arranged with other fraudsters' club recruits) Honorary(?) Secretary of the LIPS crowd/mob.
    Reverting to YOUR PART, as an alleged victim who simply carried on as a person who made it your business to just promote (as others do) the waffle that allegedly represents your/their suffering as victims(?) of the Institutionally Organised Crimes Against Humanity (with fraud and corruption the kink-pin).
Fair comment founded and resting on the facts you could never write off.
YOU, young lady, simply acted (or should I say, indulged) as just another accomplished/retained, FOR the subliminal indoctrination scheme and facilities (stooges/fraudsters club recruits) in place. ALL, of course, consequential to the killing of your case - the 'very convenient disappearance of your personal web-site material......
    You never contacted me UNTIL AFTER I cast my nets and baited my hooks, young lady!
    So, consider the chain of events and, IF YOU CAN, get out of that scenario as things evolved. It was I who CAUSED YOU TO COME FORWARD WITH THE hatched up script you presented to me, thereafter. A script / scenario CREATED FOR THE OCCASION to explain (persons without intellect or foresight could fall for such childish presentations) the disappearance of the material and the promoted (hatched up) excuse for alleged inability to reinstate / restate YOUR alleged state and case, as an allegedly long-suffering victim....... a masochist?
    At the same time the person who allegedly wiped out your material (because you gave him your passwords) promoted excuses and justifications for the scenario you presented to me, and both of you to sleep on the laurels of your success!
Paul, allegedly took control of your computer WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION (a simple enough excuse for an alleged(!) victim(!) such as you.
BUT YOU THEN (as an ongoing victim?) DID NOTHING about reporting such crimes to the world, in permanent pages ON THE INTERNET....
You NEVER sold that herring to me young lady. Your failures, as of then, spoke louder than your recent defaults and omissions, when you repetitiously failed to address the DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS as covered in the exclusive page:
    CONGRATULATIONS are in order for your part IN APPROVING AND ENDORSING THE CRIMES EXPOSED by *human-rights*. You simply did and ARE DOING SO, through your repetitious defaults and omissions to address the obvious crimes, to which YOU WERE POINTED umpteen times.
A law student?
Or just a trainee in the art of maintaining that which has been in place, at least as of the times of the creation / editing of the New Testament?
If not genuine the words attributed to Jesus Christ in accordance with the Gospel credited to St. Luke (for which you SHOULD ACCESS and read the words, in the quotes page) at least the creators / editors of the New Testament (320 AD onwards) knew of the state of affairs AS FAR AS THE ADMINISTRATORS OF LAW - lawyers - goes. Do not simply shove your head in the sand again, like a typical ostrich, if not a FRAUDSTERS CLUB RECRUIT and hireling who came along to abuse and waste my time, just like the stooge who introduced you to me. Accept that SHOULD I HAVE SURMISED/CONCLUDED as I state now about your part (in connection with my wasted time) BOTH, Paul and you, PROVIDED ME with the right ammunition about the offenders that I set out to investigate, well over 12 years ago.
    Be advised that I determined to act as I state in the last statement of the above paragraph, BECAUSE of the words attributed to:
Aeschylus, [*Link]
(b) Charles Dickens, [*Link]
(c) Jefferson, Thomas, [*Link]
(d) Jesus Christ, [*Link]
(e) Montesquieu, Charles Louis the French Jurist, [*Link]
(f) William Shakespeare, [*Link]

Should you have bothered to acquaint yourself with my work and research, in particular the FACTS STATED at:
    YOU SHOULD HAVE RECOGNISED that I am a quick learner. As of a young age I THINK FIRST and then I act, AFTER digging into the truth and the balance of probability, USING LOGIC, (analysis of the given/ researched factors) before I jump in with any waffle.... waffle..... waffle like those who introduced you to me and those who, LIKE YOU, use the yarns that are spun at every corner when the criminals who are in control ARE CORNERED.
    Wake up.
    You most certainly appear to have co-operated with those you allege have denied you OR VIOLATED YOUR RIGHTS. One of the persons that you complained about, TO ME ONLY, as far as I am concerned (no proof whatsoever that you complained elsewhere) APPARENTLY / ALLEGEDLY set about OBSTRUCTING THOSE WHO WERE TO REPORT, OR REPORTING (you) THE FACTS ON THE INTERNET, in personal web-sites!
    Earlier you, also, alleged that Johan M. F set about to influence you in whatever you were proposing to do with my assistance as a presumed genuine Community on Line member (false declarations of intent to me?).
Later, you simply allowed Paul (allegedly) to help himself in and WITH YOUR RIGHTS TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, FAIR COMMENT and to report crimes *against you*!
    You, thereafter, DOING NOTHING in your own case, within your rights as assured in international law irrespective of my assistance and the facilities at your disposal that WERE/ARE PROVIDED TO VICTIMS BY *human-rights* (NGO). You, young lady, chose / elected to ignore your rights (as if nothing happened or no progress HAD been made in respect of your complaints/claims, BUT, as an accomplished masochist, you carried on promoting the powers that be.... the powers that gave/give so much pleasure to.... masochists!
    Young lady, unlike the media barons, and all those others that you know of and have been complaining of and about, in private exchanges, ALL *human-rights* and Community on Line activists, ARE NOT part of the organised crimes against humanity fraudsters you have been associating and or rubbing shoulder with, for years; at least since you were introduced to *human-rights*.
    The grounds and YOUR reasons FOR FAILING TO ACT as deemed absolute and essential?
Simply because Paul, allegedly, another stole/took over your computer; as if no other facilities were open or available to you. USE (or should I say blunt abuse) OF MY TIME, in order to deal with the squabbling that evolved out of your naive trust in him, who took such liberties with your rights (as you promoted your story to me).
    I refer to rights that you asserted/alleged to me, were violated/breached by him, 'when your statements were/are taken as true events and that NO OTHER background shenanigans were part of 'the whole scenario of the times'.
    NOW, you come along with a childish excuse through which to absolve yourself of any responsible acts that were commanded of you TO DO, AS FROM DAY ONE, provided of course that you were/are the victim of THE CRIMES that you alleged throughout and still assert to have been AND BE the victim of.
    Ormila, NO STRAIGHT THINKING PERSON, who was done in, as you asserted and were alleging, WOULD WALK AWAY, from it all, UNLESS NEEDING A BREATHER AND INTENDING TO COME BACK REFRESHED IN ORDER TO FIGHT A DECENT BATTLE. You did no such thinking or thing, but you came back, at a very interesting juncture of my work while researching and investigating THE STOOGES & PARTNERS OF THE CRIMINALS WHO ARE IN CONTROL, simply to abuse my time, yet again.
    I suggest that you access the only page (at the moment) that is released for all to read:
    The above page covers the parts the stooge and fraudsters club recruit was playing as a dreamer of a 'legal brain' who was, had been, is aiming to assist others FOR & IN THE DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE 'SHITIZENS', just like Norman Scarth and his associates from within the LIPS (crowd/mob) had been, were aiming for!.

Below copy-paste of the latest NEWSLETTER that members of the Community on Line received.

25th May 2004
Human-Rights Organisation Community on Line
NEWSLETTER - 2004/My/006
I. Your attention is drawn to the new version of the page:
You will note that there is plenty of scope in the page for links to material and evidence published in our pages. We do not need to invite you to submit links to (bookmarks and anchor-points) in your pages. If you need advice on how to create bookmarks and or anchor points, in your pages, contact us or someone who can help you. Contact, also others who you know might wish to have links to their pages ON THE ISSUES WE COVER IN THE ABOVE PAGE. We remind one and all that we co-operate with ALL GENUINE challengers who are stating the facts of life and publishing the evidence upon which they rely to establish 'abuse of public office and misuse of the facilities available at, and through the courts'.
II. We copy-paste below a self-explanatory letter that member (!) Simon Muller of will be posting to the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary.
We stress and emphasise the simple fact that Mr Muller had to resort to a court application FOR Judicial Review of a decision by the Home Office. We are sure that the Home Secretary was not and has not been kept informed of the activities by alleged public(!) servants(?), who indulged at the expense of the targeted and ignored victim, for over a decade now. Mr Muller, as webmaster for the Lancashire area, will be acting as all genuine victims and those who object to the practices should do; in other words he will be reporting and exposing the full sordid story of his life in the public domain.
A reporter from a national newspaper (The Guardian) attended the hearing/presentation on 29th April 2004. At the time the reporter indicated that newspaper editors and reporters 'would rather report the issues taken to them in 'their own way'. We pointed to the victim and the reporter the 'clearly stated facts of life, as acknowledged by an insider:

Present at the time was a victim, for whom the paper produced only a half-baked potato in his case. He, we are informed, has been preparing for his own exposures on the Internet. We look forward to his march and onslaught on the offending abusers of facilities through the public services and the courts.

III. We have published a simple statement of facts arising out of the disputed Protocols of the wise men of Zion. Common sense and realisations founded and resting on historical facts, also published and promoted religious teachings and works are but the solid ground upon which we rest our fair comments and sound views. The page we release can be accessed at:

The page should be read in conjunction with the material and the introduction to 'the family of man' which can be access at:
For the above web-site Andrew needs to secure a copy of a video production, by Clive James (Watchmaker 1999) believed to be 'The Night Of A Thousand Years'. Use of an Old Master, a painting depicting the Garden of Eden expulsion event was part of the backdrop to a scene in the TV production. Andrew needs to study the Old Master's presentation / interpretation of that biblical event. We are sure that you will have noted the references to the biblical story, in the page we have now up-graded. We have done so in order to meet with our strategy and plans, as to, 'how best to expose and challenge abusers of public office and the trust placed in them by the naive and gullible'. Any assistance leading to securing a copy of the video production and or leads that could secure a good photographic reproduction of the Old Master, as used for the above Television production, will be greatly appreciated.

The draft of the letter, as settled for the member of the Community on Line, follows:-

Mr Simon Muller
38 Houghton Close
St Anne's

22 May 2004

The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett
The Home Secretary
Cabinet Office
Downing Street
London SW1A


Your Ref: Elected to serve the people
My Ref: Obstructions to / Denial of Rights Assured in International Law

Honourable Sir
Re: Attached, self-explanatory, copies of communications.
As with this letter all are executed / transferred in Braille for your personal attention:
   1. Letter to the Administration Court / office at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, dated...........
    2. Letter to the Mechanical Records Department at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, dated........
   3. Letter to the Civil Appeals office at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, dated.........
   4. My letter of ............., to my Member of Parliament, the Rt. Hon. ........., who, I have been informed, has communicated his concerns, to you personally.

I beg to refer and draw your personal attention to the following material that is published on the Internet at:
where an explicit letter to the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, ex-Minister, is published. The letter points to a number of very serious issues indeed.

In particular the material facts and the evidence pointed to in the pages/material, published at the site and other web-sites, leads one to conclude that the free-for-all, and fraud on the public, is systematically imposed through the legal circles. An abused legal system and the courts services, wherein THE ADMINISTRATORS ACT IN CONTEMPT OF THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED TO & BEFORE THEM and, alarmingly, IN CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT'S LAWS!
Democratic governance,
resting and founded on law

There the activities and participation of the alleged victim, in the rampant DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, was and will be seen in all its magnificence when all the evidence will be released for the public and the world at large to access. I was given to understand that the alleged victim was ONLY INTERESTED IN THE CASH UNDER THE TABLE that is covered in the exclusive page:
There THE FACILITY FOR THE RAMPANT DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS is exposed. Billions of taxpayer's funds distributed through organised crime via the courts and the legal system. In the meantime genuine victims of the abusers of public office shunned and relegated to a pittance of an existence. Forced labour imposed, because of the need to chase abducted and raped daily, (up and down the country) in our courts, Justice. Surviving on Social Security (because of the maligned abuse of position by public servants) while 'licensed criminals' silver-line their pockets through abuse of the legal system with the blessings of the police (the main culprits in the destruction of my family life and health).

There Parliament's provisions, under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 are pointed to. TORMENT & TORTURE THROUGH ACTS OR OMISSIONS, defined clearly.

Sir, I have no doubt that you meant every word in your article, which the London Evening Standard published, as reproduced at and by human-rights in the first page (URL) that I point to above. I am also sure that the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet will duly consider the wrongs imposed on me through abuse of public office, just as I am sure that New Labour WILL DELIVER JUSTICE out of the dungeons of the much abused courts and legal services.

Thanking you, in anticipation of your considered approach and directions to your subordinates, and to the police, whose prime duty HAS ALWAYS BEEN, TO INVESTIGATE CRIME PROPERLY, before presenting inexcusable and unjustified 'cases for prosecutions' to the Crown Prosecutions Service.

There is no doubt in my mind that by far the worst of elements in all that I was subjected to was 'the gravy train facility' THROUGH WHICH THE LEGAL CIRCLES WERE SILVER LINING THEIR POCKETS through abuse of the Legal Aid funds while ruining and destroying my life.
Simon Muller

ENCL. As text.


NOTE PLEASE that we will gladly incorporate a small image, the same size as the one we use at the top (left margin) in most of our pages. Provide us also with a link to your material and a few words by way of introduction (for inclusion in our FOOTNOTES) and we will incorporate it in the new version of the /corruptcourts.htm page.
Andrew Yiannides
*human-rights* (NGO)
London - UK
25th May 2004
/end of Newsletter to members of the Community On Line

IN VIEW of the above clearly stated facts, I suggest that YOU DO ACCESS the web-site that covers the family of man. There I deal with THE CORNER STONE & THE FOUNDATIONS OF MANKIND'S PROBLEMS.
<>WHEN you have recognised the issues and cryptic messages that I POINT TO, and or IF you are in a position to acknowledge such realities and realisations, AND, IF you resolve that you are a decent person who HAS A DUTY TO REPORT CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and if you were/are a victim of circumstances (as others imposed on you) and IF you have had a good hard look at the things YOU WERE complaining of and about, and IF you reflect back on your use (abuse of my goodwill and nature) and that you are willing to do something about it all, you might perhaps contact me with a fresh look at things.


You NEVER ACTED AS YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE, starting from the transcript of the recording made BY ME covering the issue of the NON available / removed documents from the folders you HAD lodged at the RCJ [*Link from here to the recording, as covered in the page /2lipstalk.htm]. You did have time to waste (yours), and YOU DID USE MY TIME (abuse in reality, as others so indulged, too) for all sorts of problems pertaining to your computer etc., BUT YOU NEVER MADE TIME ABOUT THE ISSUES THAT YOU CAME TO ME SEEKING ASSISTANCE FOR the very issues were / happen to be, also, matters that other victims(?) of the abused courts facilities(!) indulged in. Most, WERE INTRODUCED to human-rights BY THE VERY SAME Litigants In Person Society, the 'sing and dance about it all' experts! Those who, like you, did nothing, *e*v*e*r* (spelling it out for you) TO CHALLENGE OPENLY THOSE you all were/are 'puking about in private exchanges'.

You were assisted, I PREPARED IT ALL FOR YOU (computer and all else), you set off doing what you came to seek help about
<>Obviously, those who sent you along (and introduced you to human-rights) sent along another time wasting abuser and or just a guided / used stooge, if not a person who they anticipated / expected to be JUST A SELFISH & OR EGOCENTRIC 'waffler' who waffles and waffles...... BUT DOES NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE IN THE RIGHT AREAS of activity...... just as you established through your actions AND MORE IMPORTANTLY through your 'very convenient INACTION, numerous defaults that attach and arise out of DEFAULTS & OMISSIONS ON YOUR PART.

Let me remind you that it was you who ALLEGED THAT:-
   1. Johan, THE CHAP WHO INTRODUCED YOU TO *human-rights* (and to me) HAD BEEN ADVISING YOU IN PRIVATE, as to how you should treat me, 'NOT TO TRUST ME..... and you apparently chose to keep quiet about his 'wise counsel', for months. In the meantime YOU WERE FULLY AWARE of the simple fact that HE WAS USING MY READINESS TO ASSIST VICTIMS. [*Link from here to the Appeal in Johan's case - good enough to put pressure on the offending legal circles as far as the fraudster Johan and his mates were concerned and for dust over your eyes crap as in the exchanges with the other Fraudsters' Club Recruit Norman, in this page evince]. Do read the appeal that I published in and about his case. DO consider the fact that I have more evidence at my disposal about 'that fraudsters club recruit' (and his mates, of course.

Abusers of my TIME were all of the opinion that they were playing, as cats, with a mouse. Remember, young lady, he (Johan) had been and WAS co-operating with *human-rights* and me WHILE YOU KEPT QUIET about the attempts (on his part) to influence you. In other words, as far as his case was concerned it was all right to RELY upon Andrew OR JUST ABUSE his (Andrew's) time, and YOU failed to recognise such issues, if not a willing playmate/conspirator. But, apparently, you tried to sell a dead duck to Andrew, months later! Where do SUCH FACTS PLACE YOU ON A SCALE OF 1 to 10 in terms of 'a human WHO THINKS and does not exist just as an abused or tutored / blackmailed, by others, stooge?

(DO NOTE: For the last twelve, or so, years I HAD BEEN LOOKING into the activities of groups such as the one who introduced you to *human-rights* and me, the Litigants In Person Society, Also other groups and or individuals / charlatans).

   2. AFTER you secured assistance and you asked also for help in order to act in your own interests in respect of 'the missing papers' from the bundles (Arch Lever files) handed over by the Civil Appeals administration office, at the Royal Courts of Justice (*Link to the stated facts and evidence of a recording made at the time), YOU VERY CONVENIENTLY DEFAULTED SO TO DO (thus appearing to fail yourself, by ignoring YOUR RIGHTS ...... 'no skin off my nose', it is said, young lady.(*Links to more, case 2 all the way to the European Court, case 3 attempts by the European Court CHALLENGED; at the page READ the content of the FAX to the court; case 4 ongoing obstructions by the courts, in line with the 'constructive frauds on 'the serfs').
WAKE UP, those who introduced you, were advising, guiding, using you, WERE & ARE cloud cuckoo land dreamers.

   3. AND ..... AFTER you were assisted to get on line and to PROCEED WITH YOUR RIGHTS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW...... you very conveniently disappear, just as your material did too!
YOU THEN came up with all sorts of stories about being taken for a ride by just another of the type of experts that you placed yourself and trust in, ever since you reached the United Kingdom, intending to study Law!
YOUR TRUST and faith in the person (Paul) 'apparently, allegedly SHUTTERED'! You came up with likely stories BUT NEVER ONE JOT (from IOTA, the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet) OF EVIDENCE IN SUPPORT OF YOUR STATEMENTS.

   4. NOW you come up with childish, if not yet more convenient, waffle of an excuse FOR YOUR NEVER ENDING DEFAULTS / OMISSIONS / FAILURES, if not readiness to lend yourself to all sorts of pranks and naive schemes through which to establish that which the almighty architect of it all....
the God of the Old Testament, Jehovah,
and His followers .....
adherents to His teachings
and the practices,
the lessons learned BY EXAMPLES STATED.

I refer, above, to the lessons published in the most evil and vile book that I ever read. So I determined as a young man before my 13th birthday (before I was 12 in other words). Do access the pages at:-
Read the extracts from the Old Testament, where comprehension of the written words and understanding of the cryptic messages are DEFINED for a student of law..... to grasp, IF capable. In doing so, first seek assistance from anyone who knows Greek to explain to you "N R He In Oh Law-was' (One Begins With LOGIC). Please note that the letters from the English alphabet, the words, the exclamation and the combined words into a two syllable word represent the first principle FOR philosophical learning through assimilation of information, ANALYSING IT LOGICALLY, in one's 'brain box', BEFORE CONCLUDING AND UTTERING ANY IDEAS / OPINIONS about the subject matter covered by the information, SUCH AS I AM COVERING here FOR & IN your sordid situation, IF TRUE, as you present it to the world in closed circles. You keep on repeating such utterances (as you came/come up with) in public domain areas on the Internet but you omit to state your very convenient defaults and omissions to act as the occasions commanded and command of you. YET YOU FAILED to re-state.... pardon I MEANT STATE (you never did initially) 'your case', IF TRUE ('all' you came up with, as you went/go along) in the public domain, the Internet, THE area (personal web-site) for which YOU SIMPLY ABUSED MY TIME.

God (not 'Jehovah', your God presumably) knows why, since you are following in the tradition and the teachings by examples stated in the book I refer to above. Your God, also, knows why and under what circumstances you indulged at the expense of my time and WHY you NEVER proceeded as commanded and expected of you IF YOU GENUINELY were to challenge and expose those you were/are complaining of and about.

Just read the example about causing 'the sons of men' to speak in different languages.
SIMPLY REPLACE the word 'tongues / languages' with 'selfish personal dreams and or interests' AND YOU SHOULD GET THE REAL MESSAGE behind it all, if you are capable of a new approach to learning, at a different level of intellect. Should you be capable of grasping the lesson that I point you to, you should also be capable of learning FROM YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES with those who allegedly abused you. More importantly you should be able to learn from your own mistakes and or grasp my comprehension of the very convenient defaults and omissions that YOU INDULGED IN, as a dreamer or as a used/tutored, by others, stooge.

Remember, THIS IS AN OPEN COMMUNICATION, it could be used / published in the public domain, such as the groups you frequent. Also in a permanent page that will be covering the activities and 'the convenient defaults of and by time-wasters' / used puppets - marionettes. ALSO self proclaimed heroes (I assume that you have read Norman Scarth's 'book', "Cause For Concern") or attention seeking charlatans who know not what is good or best for them. IF VICTIMS OF THE SYSTEM they do not just complain about 'the problems they faced / face' in 'love letters to those they wish to abuse the time of, for their very own ends. They are seen to acting as
Just persons who never grew or are likely to grow up INTO THINKING HUMANS.

With the above, I invite you to sleep on it all. Wake up into a new world IF A GENUINE VICTIM and ACT instead of moaning and groaning like a wounded animal out there in the jungle of the world that is founded and rests on the 'teachings by examples stated' from the most evil of works/books that I ever read.
May the Best that you deserve from your own doing come to you.
Andrew Yiannides
*human-rights* (NGO)
London - UK

In message <>, urme bhopal <> writes

>I just don't like your approach. Since you wish to approach the matter this way.
>I am "not" prepared to deal with it further.
>You can't
someone and expect them to co-operate at the same time.
>I have no obligation to confirm whether something is true or not.
>There were many things I aksed of you and you blatantly refused.
Details of your allegations please. Asserting any waffle by way of excuses for and in support of your arrogant abuse and theft of my time is not good enough.
>Also pelase, refrain from publicsing such matters on an Indian History and Culture forum.
>It is just out of place.
WHY are you busy at publishing your waffle (just promoting the powers that be, as an accomplished subliminal indoctrination (refer to a specialist) agent of the powers that be, in an area that, by your own admission, is NOT intended to cover the United Kingdom?
WHY are you NOT MENTIONING YOUR FAILURES to act as deemed essential in your alleged quest to challenge those who wronged and offended you, as you allegedly intended to do when you contacted me?
WHY DID YOU ABUSE MY TIME while you had no intention to act honourably and as you allegedly intended?
Ignore the above and YOU SIMPLY CONFIRM every aspect of your part in 'the subliminal indoctrination policy'. You also confirm, yet again, your approval and endorsement (by you) of the rampant fraud and corruption THROUGH THE COURTS, the DOUBLE FRAUD ON the 'SERFS' the 'SHITIZENS' as exposed, at *human-rights* (NGO), by this 'researcher in law and the practices at and in the courts'.
The law, is at your doorstep / your court now.
human-rights organisation
protecting and promoting Human Rights World Wide
Go to: and JOIN
the Community On Line - Help Rescue 'Justice'
"The law is no ass. An ass is the person who believes it" (AY 1953)
"However, it would appear that it is administered by asses" (Added 1972-75)

FOOTNOTE common to most web-pages at this website
MOST IMPORTANT:- In October 2010, the coalition Government's Attorney General, in an interview published by 'COUNSEL' the mothly legal banter magazine, specifically spoke of the police distancing themselves from cases of (small-fry) fraud and he asserted that he was making that element his department's priority*

*Link from here to the evidence.

IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, WHAT the coalition of the Con-LibDems, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY WILL IN FACT ATTEND TO THE RAMPANT FRAUD, and IF IT WILL DEAL with the criminals who abuse public office, especially when faced with appropriate submissions and claims that will be delivered in due course. Visitors/readers are urged to read the article published in the London Evening Standard, as settled by the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary in 2003
*Link from here to the article we reproduce in another webpage and consider "Why tolerate the arrogance of the legal circles who had and have the audacity to assert to the lawmakers that they, the lawmakers have nothing to do with the law"?
While there, above it, the explicit letter to ex-Minister, the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, delivered a few days earlier. ALL alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, by the time the letter was sent to the Minister, received copy of the letter just as they received copies of other letters submitted to government maintained Ministers and other official appointees to public office. Accessing the material pointed to from the letter (URLs) is of utmost importance. It should assist 'recognition of the citizen's rights at work', when called upon properly in truly democratic states. The above in 2003; there were other 'submissions' and among such civilised and, within the law, approaches by citizens that led to the right actions by governments, the explicit challenges when we set about exposing one of the most evil of alleged victims of the legal circles to have ever contacted us.

*Link from here to our explicit submissions to (a) the Prime Minister, (b) the Chancellor / Treasury, (c) and, the Home Secretary. We acted so after we had secured more than enough evidence about the parts of an alleged victim whose only interests were (i) the rewards under the table FOR KEEPING QUIET about the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES and (ii) her parts in blunt attempts that were intended to discredit the person she was sent along to mess about with, Mr Andrew Yiannides.

Access please the letter to the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, in December 1998

*Link from here to the letter

& note the results evinced in the newspaper article (Hornsey Journal) also within days of the letter reaching its destination. Many the charlatans and stooges -lovers and 'promoters of the system as is'- on the job for decades; one and all acting as sold souls always do

*Link from here to the evidence we point to relative to the parts of one of a number of sold to the system fraudsters who were sent along / introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd / mob..


    1.    Evidently no one has ever bothered to consider the relevant factors that apply to such scenarios. No one has ever taken on board the simple fact that a solicitor, no more no less, acts as an agent for the client. There arise also the added elements of (a) a solicitor (as the professional in the relationship and contracted retainer) is responsible for all work executed and accountable to the principal, the client. (b) A solicitor is responsible for the brief and instructions passed on to a barrister. (c) A solicitor is responsible for the actions and defaults of an agent who acts for the solicitor in court proceedings. NO ONE HAS EVER RAISED THE ISSUE OF 'Fraudulently acting / indulging agents'. Visitors are urged to access the blunt forgery that a solicitor promoted to Andrew, the founder of *human-rights* over three decades ago [*Link from here to evidence : a transcript from part of Lord Justices TWO only deliberating in contempt of the law - as corrupt as they ever came]. That professional who was / is licensed to practice law, by the criminals who issue practice certificates to solicitors in England & Wales, asserted to the founder of *human-rights* that in view of such evidence, his client's (Andrew's) case stood no chance at court. That fraud of a professional simply recommended to Andrew to abandon a case of commercial fraud. Thereafter no one, including the police, from the lowest to the highest ranks up to the Commissioner for the Metropolitan Police, Members of Parliament or Minister concerned themselves with the issue of a forgery created. promoted and used for the corruption and perversion of Justice. Visitors to this page and ALL OF THE CHARLATANS, STOOGES & FRAUDSTERS CLUB RECRUITS (named above) also others who are not included but nonetheless indulged in cat and mouse games are invited to access the blunt forgery that the legal circles used for arrogant Corruption of Justice. Those who acted, as instructed, and or as retained agents of the abductors and rapists of Justice (or their under cover agents, such as leaders of organised victims groups) and persons who were used as ego-tripping dreamers, those who were/are planning with others (such as the LIPS crowd/mob) to go about 'offering alleged legal services to targeted victims', persons who are acting as the Hussein and Malcolm Glynn chaps whom all LIPS (Litigants In Person Society) members knew of and associated with over the last 10-12 years, are urged to access the forgery and then to access and consider the rights of the victims of crime, THE RIGHTS OF THE CITIZENS WHO ARE ENTITLED TO THE PROTECTION OF THE LAW in accordance with the principles published in the exclusive page. [*Link from here to the part of the page covering RIGHTS of the citizens].
2.    Visitors can link to a case of free-for-all and repetitious attempts at denials of rights to a targeted victim. Abuse of the courts facilities with 'blunt and arrogant racial discrimination'. Blatant defaults by police officers (all levels and ranks) who, like the county court staff and officers, also indulge in fraudulent misrepresentations and misconduct in public office. Everyone acting so, in order to achieve pre-determined goals for the targeted : to impose their terms and to create conditions that serve their plans for their victims. Police Officers, County Court staff and officers, Magistrates Court administrators and officers. Also the Lord Chancellor's Office and Department. ALL acting in concert, the cog-wheels of CIUKU Enterprises. Visitors can read HOW each vile attempt was challenged by the targeted victim who, nonetheless had to endure the invasion on and abduction of his life and the denial of rights to a life as planned by the targeted victim, for himself and his family. Access and read of the imposed 'forced labour' : the work necessitated to challenge the activities of THE CRIMINALS WHO HAVE BEEN IN CONTROL, for centuries, in pseudo-democracies; the false states which the media barons misrepresent as the genuine article to the naive and gullible. [*Link to an explicit Appeal & after reading it READ THE FULL STORY - briefly stated with more than enough to raise awareness and concerns for anyone who desires true and factual reporting about 'life in the mother of modern Democracy].
3.    Visitors should access the exclusive page where 'the facility in place' for the double fraud, on the tax-payers, is exposed. Alleged 'victims', persons who run around ranting about their suffering, going for the carrot (facility) in place and THEN WORKING FOR AND FROM WITHIN THE SYSTEM as alleged legal experts with one goal in mind. To use victims they are pointed to FOR THE SAME ACTIVITIES & THE DOUBLE FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' PROCESSES. Simply the best of fraudulent conversions arrangements that CIUKU Enterprises managers contrived. [*Link from here to the best kept 'open secret' founded and resting on facts (the practices) and the alleged legal avenue for fraud on the tax-payers, 'care of the fraudsters club recruits'; persons who go for the carrot, not as blackmailed victims, but, as 'sold to the devil souls'].
  4.    Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins, received proof, as some of his like-minded soul-mates did; others who are similarly suffering from a psychosis and are simply promoting their opinions (without any evidence or proof in support of their PROMOTIONS intended for subjugation of the naive who do not recognise the parts of such fraudsters in the scheme of things for the N.W.O plans for 'the sons of men') that the Free Masons.... the Free Masons..... the Free Masons are responsible for every problem they ever faced. The proof Mr. P. Talbot-Jenkins received was documented and it pointed to the root of all evil, as imposed on mankind for millennia. [*Link to the proof he and his like-minded affiliates received]. All recipients were reminded of intellectual property rights and IF they wished to point to the evidence, the root of it all, they should also state who referred and pointed them to the evidence they were to / SHOULD USE IF GENUINELY CONCERNED about the states imposed by abusers of public office & trust. THEIR CHOICE TO IGNORE THE EVIDENCE, EXPOSED THEM ALL FOR WHAT THEIR TRUE & REAL OBJECTIVES WERE & HAVE BEEN EVER SINCE. Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins treated it all in the same manner as he and his chums acted (shoved their heads in the sand) ON MANY INSTANCES EARLIER (and ever since). NOT ONE OF THEM EVER EXPRESSED ANY VIEWS OR OPINIONS ABOUT THE ARRANGEMENTS (in place) FOR THE DOUBLE FRAUD ON 'the serfs', 'the shitizens', THE TAXPAYERS, the victims they are pointed to by the agents and maintenance engineers of the system of operations. We confess that we were not expecting anything else from accomplished lovers of the confidential fraud arrangements in place. HE SHOVED HIS HEAD IN THE SAND ALONG WITH THOSE OTHERS who acted similarly ON THE ISSUE OF THE DOUBLE FRAUD [*Link from here to the exclusive exposures] and as far as we are aware it is still buried deep in the sand. In so far as we are aware they are all KEEPING THEIR HEADS BURIED DEEP IN THE SAND, for reasons that any grey matter user CAN / SHOULD work out. The Evidence they received has been released while we are still collating evidence on the all important element / issues of "WHO & WHAT (persons and elements) ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PERPETUATION OF THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, irrespective of the words of many dignitaries. [*Link from here to list in the left column].
    5.    Mr Maurice Kellett, was and remains but an alleged authority on the Freemasons let alone a basher of Freemasons. His activities, on the surface may well appear to be so to the uninitiated, to the naive and especially to the gullible who get ruined through the usual abuse of the courts facilities by the criminals in control of the legal system. The fact remains that in reality the citizens are subjected to such ARROGANT ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE (from judicial chair occupants to the most junior of alleged servants of the public) ONLY BECAUSE SUCH FRAUDSTERS ACT IN CONTEMPT OF THEIR DUTIES TO INFORM THE TAXPAYERS, ACCORDINGLY & APPROPRIATELY. Shysters, such as Mr Kellett, wilfully keep the citizens in the dark by suppressing material facts such as the facilities in place for the arrogant constructive frauds, on the taxpayers, through the courts and the undisclosed rewards under the table. HENCE THEIR TACTICS FOR TARGETING NEW VICTIMS WHO ARE ATTRACTED to their ranting as alleged Freemason bashers'; the fact has been and remains that the ranting from such fraudsters is but the bait. The objectives of such persons were and are to accost and use the victims drawn to their outpourings with others WHO SIMPLY ENGAGE IN ACTIVITIES FOR MORE OF THE SAME THROUGH THE COURTS. We refer to the REWARDS FOR MORONS & STOOGES WHO APPROVE OF & ENDORSE THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, as converts to the system of operations and as 'fraudsters-club-recruits', as covered in our exclusive page
[*Link from here to the page]. Most important and intriguing that such persons ELECT TO BURY (in the dark corners of their evil minds) THE FACTS OF LIFE IN OUR PSEUDODEMOCRACY. Just like THE MEDIA BARONS & THE INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTES THE MEDIA BARONS MAINTAIN, ALL SIMILARLY ELECT TO SUPPRESS THE EXPANDING RAMPANT FRAUD & CORRUPTION FACILITIES, THROUGH THE COURTS. [*Link from here to a page where we deal with the realities attached to and born of the activities, also the wilful failures & defaults by this alleged victim-challenger. He joined the Community on Line, allegedly because he endorsed the need to expose and challenge, in the public domain, collectively with others, abusers of judicial chair occupation. He did so, AFTER READING the statement of intent, 'OUR AIMS'. However, his convenient defaults and wilful failures to co-operate with other members through the introduction of essential links & anchor points to and from material covering similar issues, simply exposed him to have been a typical hypocrite. His relentless promotions of the powers that be, through his postings in the newsgroups, amounting to NOTHING SHORT OF INTENDED SUBLIMINAL INDOCTRINATION OF THE TARGETED SERFS & VICTIMS. Other activities of his established his true colours, especially after he contacted Mr Andrew Yiannides i n order to promote the illegal interference -by the Lord Chancellor's Department- in the rights of a proactive victim of the abused court facilities, Mr Jim Hulbert. He started publishing material facts and naming abusers of the courts' facilities and trust, ONLY AFTER HE WAS ENCOURAGED, by Andrew Yiannides TO USE HIS RIGHTS & CONSIDER HIS OBLIGATIONS TO SOCIETY AT LARGE. Victims, visitors and all Readers-Researchers should access, from here, also the page where we released on 3rd  March 2008, a House of Lords ruling and parts of their Lordships' deliberations relative to, among other elements, 'electing to remain silent -fail to disclose knowledge of wrongs through which the imposition of damages to any third party', such as *false Court Orders lacking accountability, as the dreamer, charlatan and fraudster-club-recruit was pointed to at .org/lawcompi.htm#brief]
.    *Link from here to a page where we published extracts from Halsbury's Laws of England. The material, years later, Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins audaciously asserted it was from him, as if intellectual property attributable to the recognised front line soldier and maintenance engineer of the system of operations organised by the legal circles and processed through abuse of the courts' processes & facilities, by abusers of judicial chair occupation. As a lover of the cash under the table facility, the bait intended for and used to corrupt the conditioned victims of the legal circles, he arrogantly asserted to third parties that the material was copied from him following exchange of views between him and the creator of this website. All recipients of his maligned lies were pointed to the introduction to the material (sections of Statute Law) with the introduction constituting, in law, Intellectual Property of the creator, Andrew Yiannides. Miracle it was not that the fraudster scarpered like a dog with its tail between its hind legs] 
  7.    *Link from here to the page where Mr Paul Talbot-Jenkins' features as one of the recognised craft-y lovers of the established system's ways. He and others simply adopted the system of operations as maintenance engineers and users of the facilities for rampant fraud through abuse of the courts' facilities, leading to the intended corruption of the conditioned victims. We cover the arrangements and method of operations in the exclusive page which ALL (without exception) leaders of organised victims' groups and most of the alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew never pointed to the facts related in the page, for obvious reasons. Need we to qualify and clarify that to point to THE ORGANISED FRAUD & CORRUPTION (through the courts) would simply amount to placing a noose their necks, period.
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All, as typical twin-tongue hypocrites carry on complaining about the media for failing to report & for suppressing the facts and the realities they allegedly reported to the hard of hearing, to the otherwise committed angels blowing their silent trumpets for decades, all ready and gearing to welcome the expansion of the New World Order.
Of such parts the contributions from and failings of the persons we name and expose, AS IF THEIR OWN SILENCE, THEIR FAILURES  & THEIR BLUNT OBSTRUCTIONS to the work and other actions by the creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, treated by one and all as if non-existent with the exception when the wily Norman Scarth, set off to abuse the trust he was allowed to benefit from, while his parts and questionable activities / performance were under scrutiny, specifically after HE FAILED to publish the full transcript of the Court of Appeal hearing HE WAS ALLOWED TO RECORD* [*Link from here to the food for thought page created by Andrew Yiannides, in the first instance].
Not one ever bothered to address the issues we expose in the explicit page, despite the fact that we have been pointing all of our contacts, since May 1992, to it all.
Visitors, readers and researchers are urged / invited to access and read the letter which the Hon. Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, Mr. Norman Scarth sent to the founder of human-rights, Mr. Andrew Yiannides, reproduced in the page .org/4deceit.htm* [*L]
The author's statements, such as 'what for and why seek additional assistance', thereby spelling out his parts as a lover of it all.
Common sense dictates, that he should have directed his request to his partners in deceptions aplenty, one & all engaging in fraudulent misrepresentations AND NOTED TO HAVE, WILFULLY, BEEN SUPPRESSING, FROM THE TAXPAYERS, THE FACTS OF LIFE RELATIVE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES as the failure of all to co-operate as covered and pointed to at:- [*L]. One and all fallen to the facilities for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers and the corruption of illiterates in law, the conditioned victims of the legal circles & courts who fall to the blackmail element attached to the REWARD for keeping the realities away from the taxpayers; just like the media and the Ministers responsible for the application of long existing law to the criminal activities we cover in our pages, do.
All the while one and all were / are engaging in the scenarios we cover in the exclusive page, which page the author of the letter which Mr Norman Scarth sent to Andrew Yiannides, afforded us the opportunity to address the issue of the contributions of his partners and affiliates in fraud aplenty on the taxpayers; despite the reminder one and all, named in the new page simply shoved it all in the dark corners of their devoid of grey matter skulls, their perverted / corrupted mind(s)

On Sunday morning, the 19th September 2010, the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal-Democrats in the course of the BBC TV politics programme, spoke of the coalition government's commitment to address the element of waste and fraud through the public services sector. We trust and hope that the elements we expose in our pages and the parts adopted by the conditioned victims of the legal circles, the persons who engage in PROMOTING & EXPANDING THE ONGOING CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, will be on the top of the list of government priorities.
Visitors, readers & researchers are urged to access the letters to Minister Frank Field [*L] after he had been directed by the Prime Minister to think/do the unthinkable.
Link also from here [*L] to the explicit letter to the Home Secretary in December 1998 with submissions arising out of the RAMPANT HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD
On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 'the Guardian' in its Comment & Debate page carried an article by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. In the evening of the same day the Deputy Prime Minister addressed a large audience at Kings place in respect of the government's changes on university students fees / loans.
Access from here the page where we reproduce an image of 'the Guardian' article & consider the simple fact that we, alone, have been asserting and proclaiming our objections to the theft of funds from the national budget leading to the ever-increasing annual deficit in the state's balance of payments.

ACCESS: (For an important message at this Community-on-Line web-site) & thereafter, access also the realities as submitted and lodged at the European Court for Human Rights covered at (Judge instigates Fraud On Tax Payers - he knows not the difference between 'imposed' & 'no undue influence'). APOLOGIES FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THIS WEBSITE. It appears that the beneficiary of the work, both for applications to the courts in the United Kingdom and the submissions to the ECoHR* [*Link from here to the Statement of Facts submitted to the ECoHR]. The beneficiary arranged with the providers of the free web space to erase the Intellectual Property of Andrew Yiannides, the founder of the human-rights Community-on-Line, without any reference to the creator of the website and owner of the Intellectual Property!
All visitors, serious readers and researchers are urged to access and read the arrangements in place FOR CORRUPTING THE MORONS who fall prey and victims of the legal circles / the abused courts facilities in all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies care of the CASH REWARDS to the morons who agree to join the club by accepting the rewards on offer through the European Court of Human Rights under the conditions stipulated as the evidence we point to clarifies and qualifies at:-
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