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Crime - Organised - Institutionalised - Corruption - Fraud - Protection Rackets, run and managed by judicial chair occupants, in a free-for-all state of abundance. Note below the arrangements between the administrative, the judiciary and the media; read of the all-embracing guarantee in place, in contempt of all law : the root we point to in our pages.

WHERE IS JUSTICE? Read below:-

>>> "The court has inherent jurisdiction to stay an action which must fail; as, for instance an action brought in respect of an act of State" <<<*

*Link from herre to founder's tribulations in 1972-75 and recognise WHY, PSEUDOdemocracy

* And by extension any act of any public servant who is appointed, retained and maintained by other public servants for all of whom, the state, as employer, is ultimately responsible, including abusers of judicial chair occupancy. Hence, the billions paid out as covered in the affidavit which visitors can link to directly from here [*Link].
* Link also from here to the founder's conclusions as of 1972-75 when the great Metropolitan police were seen to be nothing but accessories to and abettors to the rampant fraud and corruption through the courts organised and processed while Members of Parliament were -as they still do- promoting the waffle that amounts to nothing short of : 'independence of the judiciary to act in contempt of ALL LAW (national and international) in a pseudo-democracy.

Link from here to proof >most clear< as to the parts the police play in promotion and expansion of the criminal activities instigated, organised, managed, processed and imposed on society >the sucker-serfs : the taxpayers< by the legal circles. Read of assertions by a typical hypocrite, none other than the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Mark QPM, when he spoke of FALSE RECORDS and FORGERIES by the legal circles when delivering his Dimbleby Lecture on BBC-TV in November 1976, 15 months after he received true copy of THE FORGERY created by the licensed criminals >the legal circles< for their evil ends in the case that opened Andrew Yiannides' mental eyes to the realities of life in the United Kingdom, the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies. Can anyone enlighten Andrew and the millions of victims of the legal circles / the courts >"WHY NO PROSECUTION of the solicitors & the barristers in 1972?<

* With such facilities in place, the words we point to here, attached to arrogant abuse of public office and arrogant dereliction of public duties, can anyone assert that Mr Andrew Yiannides, the founder of human-rights, was not right to conclude and determine that Justice has been abducted and that she is held captive in the dungeons maintained by her abductors who rape her daily in their courts in the mother of all PSEUDOdemocracies?
Access from here and read of the realities in articles penned by the researcher who declined an 'invitations to join the club of converted morons and fraudsters, persons who determine to target and use the ever growing numbers of victims of the abused courts facilities for more of the same criminal activities they 'had been victims of' themselves. Access also from here part of the stated events in the course of a hearing at court when the court's facilities were being used with criminal intent by the organisers of the lives of the sheeple in the United Kingdom, when properties were targeted by the fraudsters in control of the Law Enforcement Agencies, operating ion tandem with the used and encouraged products of an allegedly 'civilised democracy' as created by the followers and promoters of the vile scenarios sold and promoted to the ill-educated sheeple as 'holy scriptures'. Access from here and read the article on the alphabet crearted by fraudsters which alphabet they transkated to the language of the targeted civilsation some 2300 years ago.
* ALL Member States of the European Union are subject to the ruling which visitors, readers and researchers can access in the explicit page /yourrights.htm
Link from here to the realities - we point also, in our pages, to the hint / warning > indirect but nonetheless very clear < for thinkers / true humans to recognise
* On 3rd March 2008 >someone's birthday< we released a House of Lords PRECEDENT CASE and reveal deliberations by their Lordships in respect of FRAUD - DECEPTION - CONSPIRACY & IMPLIED LIES BY KEEPING SILENT about any wrong imposed on any other
* >>> IN THE MEANTIME WE have been naming and shaming a number who know of & do much more than just approve wrongs imposed on millions of 'sucker-serfs' in our allegedly civilised country / state / province / district of the European Union that allegedly protects 'citizens from FRAUD & CORRUPTION.
Needless to say the case entailed activities and practices by solicitors as Mr Andrew Yiannides was subjected to, decades later, by an old school friend, Mr Kypros Nichola of Nicholas & Co. in London. Mr K. Nichola bluntly abused the trust placed in him and indulged, in tandem with others, in criminal activities intended to cause the damages that were imposed on the targeted 'serf' by accredited - by the Law Society & Bar Council - allegedly Honourable Officers of the Supreme Court, the courts maintained by successive elected governments in the United Kingdom, one of many pseudodemocracies. In due course another revelation relevant to the arrogant 'inherent jurisdiction', through which to deny, obstruct justice & impose all manner of criminally created states on 'the serfs', who are taxed for the cost of maintaining criminals in public office, in pseudo-democracies]

RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STATE OF AFFAIRS, successive irresponsible Lord Chancellors and Home Secretaries who ignored all complaints and submissions irrespective of the evidence and the law pointed to, by the victims of it all, the citizens who are called upon to pay taxes for the maintenance of criminals in public office.

*Link from here to our exclusive page, covering confidential fraud as arranged THROUGH THE BEST KEPT OPEN SECRET in allegedly civilised democracies >all European States, that signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights after the conclusion of the 2nd. World War<.Elsewhere the foundations and the corner stone upon which the operatives built the societies of their making using the bricks and mortar we cover in this and other pages. The visitor should not be under any illusion that the stars in the theatrical productions we relate and partly cover in our pages were by any stretch of the imagination 'humans' who were / are gifted with any attributes that distinguish 'true humans' >thinkers< from wild animals hunting for food.

Fraud in court  Council staff use Forgeries  

Misconduct in Public Office. 2 cases relative to applicable law One Protocol says it ALL It betrays arrogant intentions Law Provides for THEFTS and it covers Judges too Judges' duties   TIME 4 CHANGE   & CHALLENGES Site CONTENTS - Table of Contents & ongoing work Your Rights & OBLIGATIONS to Society SEARCH facility for any specific element / issue of concern to visitors / readers
COURTS : their Facilities Abused For ORGANISED CRIME >FRAUD Solicitor's Perjury & Victim Ignores it all Just like the Law Society always does Blackmailed or is it Just Conditioned & Subjugated Victims who join the club ? We name Lovers of blunt fraud through courts - Users of the facilities 4 illicit gains Local Authorities & FRAUD on 'serfs' the Taxpayers who are kept in the dark Police Party to & Endorsing Criminal Acts, Activities Arrogant Fraud FALSE Records & Contempt of Law by the legal Circles & Public Services The crafty ones & Vexatious Litigant PLOYS for the rewarded silent

* Information FOR victims who wish to co-operate by EXPOSING & CHALLENGING abusers of Public Office *

[*Link from here to evidence. *Link also from here to a case when the abusers of the courts' facilities abandoned their plans for another targeted family]

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for all victims of malpractice - misconduct - negligence, etc. TO NOTE

In the civil justice system in England and Wales, a judge presides over the proceedings that are argued by the opposing sides through the adversarial process. The process enables the court, judge, to reach a conclusion as to the truth of the facts in dispute. Thereat it is for the judge to apply the law to the facts proven, established at court.

The system as evolved is covered in the page 'English Legal System' and remains the same after the Woolf reforms.

An explicit Affidavit [*L] plus exhibits and
     letters to a Chief Inspector of Police
          one to solicitors
[*L] and another to the Lord Chancellor [*L] evince
               ORGANISED CRIMES
(Access and read the letter to the police in September 2006 [*L])
Access & read from one of a number of letters to the Prime Minister :- * I believe that New Labour will deliver us from the wrongs we have been suffering for far too long. Use of our resources in terms of human potential and capabilities can and should be channelled through rights not wrongs, through positives not through negatives. It is our produce and ingenuity we can sell to others not the minefields of corrupt and bankrupt public services. * [*Link from here to the page, note the steps taken to ensure the Prime Minister forwarded / delegated submissions and evidence received at 10 Downing Street to the right Minister / Ministry because the submissions were in respect of ORGANISED CRIMES


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Account For Your Parts *Page Created 9 October 2006*
hrbnrsml.gif (1165 bytes) JOIN the Community On Line.  State Facts, Publish the Evidence In Your Case and work with others for THE 'Common Cause'. Access clearly stated facts and realities that a member submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. Note and use (link to) and as a guide, any similarities in your own marathon runs through the theatres they dare refer to as Justice Halls and courts of law. (*Link, to the Community On Line victim's web-pages).

Euro Convention Rights
Article 6.1 Court Hearings
Article 6.2 Court Hearings
Article 6.3 Court Hearings
Article 8.1 Respect 4 Family
Article 8.2 Family Rights
Article 9  Free TO THINK +++
Article 10 Free to Share Info
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5. Fraudsters and Charlatans who simply SUPPRESS facts and evidence PROMOTING At THE SAME TIME the powers of the criminals who control Pseudo-Democracies (*List)
6. Accessories, Abettors, Stooges, Charlatans and Mischief-Makers on missions. Coerced, Blackmailed victims co-operating with criminals in order to maintain the status quo AFTER EMBRACING it all as sold to the evil mongering souls, lovers of the torment and torture  they speak of as perfect specimens of Sado-masochists. (*List)
7. Fraudsters Club Recruit targets victim of the legal circles and with solicitors the recruit delivers to the victim more of the same. 
8. A case of "If you can't beat them JOIN THEM".
9. Either join with us, accept our terms OR PERISH, policy
10. A victim part and parcel of the double fraud on the taxpayers. Crimes Reported. 11. Victims & The fraudsters Club facility in place.
12. Material Released- More Evidence Published - Victims Should Recognise their rights

THE IMAGES below are of
The Envelope wherein an Invitation to Andrew to Join the Society of Lawyers was posted. solenvf.jpg (48366 bytes)

The letter / invitation clear.
solinvif.jpg (105654 bytes)

The invitation at the recommendation of a person who knew of Andrew's work and commitment to Justice.solspoaf.jpg (134246 bytes)
The facilities for members of the Society are stated in the left part of the image.

Existing member set the invitation in motion as can be noted from the content of the image, below. solsponf.jpg (104160 bytes)
The above proof should cause fraudsters who were sent along by the LIPS crowd / mob, the UKMM and other centres of operations by stooges & charlatans to reconsider all of their evil activities in the background.


Andrew apologises to friends who joined him for the common cause at as concerned victims, for the developments after introduced NEW terms for the provision of the facility. Andrew was informed that the existing material on line could be dowloaded BUT the facility WAS OBSTRUCTED by the very people


Facebookers can connect with the creator of this website IF victims of the abused court & police facilities from within any pseudodemocracy Access the creator at .com/yiandrew
IF proactive OR wishing to expose & challenge the offenders




undercon.gif (1065 bytes) Page Revised: August 17, 2012. Additional material also links to and from the page pointed to from 
Site reconstruction. Guidelines on Navigating through the extensive material: access instructions.  
Published in the left margin / window (in another page) IMAGES where the link from here takes one; communications we were caused to publish because of the maligned and vile activities of alleged victims / challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, -the creator of this website- over the years
All had one aim in common: To indicate and exhibit their objections to the exposures we are publishing in our pages. We will be adding to the list of persons we name below
Apparently such persons fell in love with the existing arrangements, which they aim to & use 'for pecuniary advantage' as alleged legal gurus. EVIDENTLY they love the arrangements for the TWO CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS on the taxpayers
Consequently they all set about to obstruct us and to misdirect or channel the activities (of others, not us) into other areas such as the scenarios / promotions covered below
They were noted and seen to have been obstructing (others and on occasions us) in the normal execution of our plans and the work that was/is warranted in order to raise awareness to the rampant fraud and corruption instigated, processed and IMPOSED THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES, in a PSEUDOdemocracy.
Most certainly they were/are objecting to victims co-operating and putting in place the relevant material (stated facts); also the evidence in support, which was/is leading to APPROPRIATE CLAIMS for and by the victims, openly, as intended, in order to reduce, and ultimately eliminate the constructive frauds through abuse of the courts facilities care of amenable, to the fraud, judicial chair occupants.

The persons, we name, have established beyond any reasonable doubt that they were, are and simply always were lovers of the arrangements in place, which Mr. Andrew Yiannides determined, over three decades ago, to expose. Uppermost in his mind was the element of accountability*, 'also the element of Justice to be seen to be done'. Most important, also, was and has been the element: 'The citizens must know of and recognise where large chunks of the taxes they are forking out, year in year out, go. [*Link from here to relevant legal representations resting on THE RIGHTS & THE OBLIGATIONS of citizens in true Democratic states]

To visitors and victims, who have as yet to access our exclusive page where we cover the double 'constructive frauds' on the taxpayers, we strongly urge a visit. Accessing the material will cause them to come to terms with the situation and agree with us that the most dangerous of the offenders who act in contempt of the law, are not the legal circles but the hypocrites we name and point to in our pages. [*Link from here to the explicit page where we expose the arrangements in place for rampant fraud on the taxpayers & the corruption of the conditioned victims of abused public services, including the courts].

Among the persons who had been in touch with us, benefited from assistance but had engaged with others in blunt obstructions to our work, especially the development of the Community On line, the following:

  • Mr Peter Hayward, who contacted, with others, Andrew in 1992, within weeks of the lodging of the explicit appeal visitors, readers and especially researchers should link to and acquaint themselves with the realities born of abuse of public office and arrogant contempt for the law. He and Philomena Cullen offered, with others (from within the group they were managing ) to co-operate in 'The CAMILA Project' (*F).   
  • Mrs Philomena Cullen.
  • Mr. Norman Scarth. [*Link]
  • Mr Johan Michael Richard Foenander. (One of the many LIPS fraudsters retained by the agents of the criminals who are in control, eagerly abused our time and the facilities we provide to victims. All too eager to indulge in the free-for-all and seen to be lovers (with those who sent him along) of the existing facilities; all active and aspiring fraudsters club recruits. Operating within the arrangements in place FOR the double fraud on the taxpayers [*Link] acting as the person he (JMF) was writing of and about in the explicit letter that you can read in our pages (*Link) and then to draw your own conclusions about such persons. The simple fact is, that although they are fully aware of facts and the practices, they simply suppress it all 'as lovers of and persons who operate within THE SYSTEM IN PLACE'. Their activities directed only in the areas which they set off complaining about in the first instance but not as complainants BUT FOR THE FREE FOR ALL THROUGH THE COURTS, the facilities FOR FRAUD IN ABUNDANCE, ON THE TAXPAYERS).
  • Mrs. Veronica Beryl Foden. (Another of the LIPS fraudsters. She accepted a retainer by the controllers of the mob to waste our time and to abuse our facilities [*Link]. She failed to recognise that she was messing about with a tiger and not a mouse, as she was let to believe. She wrongly assumed that those she was co-operating with and acting for, could go on for ever indulging in rampant fraud and corruption through abuse of the courts' facilities).
  • Mr James Todd of VOMIT fame. (Brief intro to his capabilities)
  • Ian Kelly of the UKMM  (He & his colleague, below, evidently had advance information of what the criminals in control of the UK (CIUKU Enterprise managers) had arranged for Andrew, the founder of *human-rights*, and passed it on to their agents such as the LIPS & UKMM managers, well in advance).
  • Barry Worrall of the UKMM (See Ian Kelly, above for details).
  • Many others, whose antics, arrogance and blunt activities, in addition to their wilful defaults to apply themselves to the issues raised with and pointed to, in our exclusive page [*Link above] exposed them as nothing else but persons who endorsed and are lovers and users of the facilities in place. Evidently, THE DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE 'SERFS' / 'the citizens', the suckers who pay taxes for rampant fraud through abuse of the facilities at the disposal of public(?) servants(!) who sit in judicial chairs as alleged administrators of Justice proper, IS OF NO RELEVANCE to such persons! [*Link from here to an explicit quote most certainly relevant to 'the shitizens' reared and created in the mould of the managers and controllers of a typical PSEUDOdemocracy].
  • You can read below [*Link] of the vile attempts and the antics by others, including a 'victim' who joined the Community on Line, Mr. Paul Talbot-Jenkins. He too, at the time of the attempts & threats, more than likely expected of Mr Andrew Yiannides (the founder of human-rights) to act as the idiots had planned to impose through their joint venture. All wrongly assumed that Mr Yiannides was made of the same straw as their likes. You will be reading , below, of the threats by solicitors and of Andrew's response. THEN RECOGNISE THE TRUE ROLE OF PERSONS, like the puke-production machine (VOMIT creator/editor James Todd) and his chums. Thereafter consider 'the balance of probability element' and why ALL participants chose to ignore the response to the toilet paper holders( (legally qualified(?) phantoms who turned their guns on Andrew and relied on the likes of James Todd ( a self confessed and known Free Mason who disseminates much in respect or of the powers of the Free Masons) to bring pressure to bear / influence the targeted to submit to the childish and ill-conceived threats directed at Mr  Andrew Yiannides).
  • Out of the above stated facts, there arises the need to consider, specifically the role assumed, for the scenario, by the member of the Community on Line. WHY DID HE SHOVE HIS HEAD IN THE SAND, thereafter? He, too, NEVER ever addressed the ISSUE OF THE DOUBLE CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUDS THROUGH THE COURTS. We mention, also, the fact that he did engage in other vile activities in the past with a lousy actress, Ms Ormila Bhoopaul. He also complained to Mr Andrew Yiannides about the fact that Philomena Cullen of the LIPS crowd / mob, had referred (passed on) a victim-sucker to Lou Foley and not to him.
  • The last, one Ms Ormila Bhoopaul, like him, joined the Community on Line with 'other plans than the need to expose the abusers of public office'. She engaged in the plans of others for the founder of human-rights (NGO) before disappearing into the wilderness (self-exile?) until there was need for more time wasting theatrics through abuse of the courts facilities. As a typical time-wasting stooge / puppett, of the criminals who are in control of the legal system and the courts she acted, always, as covered in another scenario which visitors should link to, IF interested in learning of and recognising the evil plans of the criminals who are in control, through the antics their stooges engage in. Visitors are urged to access the page where the scenarios in which both of the aforesaid *Community on Line* actors engaged in. [*Link to the relevant page and draw your own conclusions].
NOTE: We will be introducing links to existing material in pages relative to the activities and the convenient defaults by the above whose priorities always were to promote and to perpetuate the non-challengeable (as they promoted and promote to the naive and gullible) powers of the criminals who are in control of our Law Enforcement Agencies:
1. The Courts and the Legal Circles. [FORGERY to pervert Justice at and by the Court of Appeal]
2. The police. [Ignoring FORGERIES and creating their own false instruments too - typical CIUKU Enterprises operations]
CIUKU : > Crimes Incorporated United Kingdom Unlimited

Below images of FAX communications evincing shared information / interests AND CONCERNS arising out of reckless misconduct by members of the LIPS crowd/mob & their managers.

All would come as tutored and guided by the Peter Hayward's of this world, his like-minded mates, his associates and their affiliates. Collectively they are spreading, directly & indirectly, the New World Order gospel.

Their direct, and blunt, support of the rampant Fraud & Corruption that abounds in our and other pseudo-democracies is evinced through their personal convenient and wilful defaults, also their direct parts in obstructing others to ensure the taxpayers are made aware of the abused facilities they fell in love with.

It is all too obvious, when one takes into account their failures and defaults to tell it as is, to publish any evidence in support of their assertions in the public domain.

Thus they are seen to be failing to challenge the offending abusers of public office. They recklessly fail to report the criminal activities they are aware of and AS ASPIRING PARTICIPANTS IN THAT WHICH THEY FAIL TO REPORT & EXPOSE, they fail to recognise that by simply blowing their 'silent' (to the taxpaying Mr & Mrs Average) trumpets, only in closed circles their real objectives are blown open to 'the observer and researcher'.

In the meantime and all the while we, the British, who are 'subjects' to the whims of the corrupt, the corrupters and the corrupted (like the persons pointed to in this page, and their supporters / followers) carry on being the victims of those they and their mates do nothing positive about.

Apart from the proclamations of how powerful the abusers of public of office are, all they come up with is that they are out there 'fighting the system'. They refer to their parts only in theatrical productions, the scenarios of which are intended to impress the naive and gullible who are invited to watch the shows intended to create piles of paperwork that do not reflect the realities of their parts in the constructive frauds intended to lead to the rewards, under the table, for those who keep it all in the family closet', and to hell with the principle 'JUSTICE TO BE SEEN TO BE DONE'.

The activities, we cover, have been ongoing for decades, that we know of. The very practices ongoing for centuries, as the earlier generations of 'serfs' and 'shitizens' had been suffering from without any avenue, at their disposal, through which to EXPOSE & CHALLENGE THE CRIMINALS whom persons, like his excellency James Todd works for, as an alleged 'exponent of the powers that be, which powers his postings make most clkear, allegedly / apparently no one can challenge'.

  • The FAX below was transmitted to Geoffrey Harold Scriven, in December 2000.
  • The antics of the LIPS crowd/mob and the foul activities of many of them, for years, surfaced through the conduct of the meeting in London in November 1999.
  • Johan Foenander referred to the meeting in his telephone exchanges with Norman Scarth, which exchanges he recorded* [*access the transcipt from here [*L] Read and marvel at the creative performance of a typical product of 'the society that reared him* [*L] and his associates / affiliates].
  • As a typical hypocrite, sycophant, convert-to and lover of the rampant constructive fraud through the bluntly abused court facilities intended to lead to the corruption of 'the conditioned & ill-educated serfs', he turned out to have been another *fraudsters-club-recruit* who was sent along / directed by Peter Hayward and the gurus manipulating the LIPS crowd/mob, simply to abuse and waste the time of Mr Andrew Yiannides (access most important revelations at *F1 the footnote).
  • Others were in control of the meeting in 1999 and neither of the appointees / self-appointed 'the President, Mr G H Scriven & the Secretary, Mr Norman Scarth' bothered to attend the pre-scripted theatrical production.
  • What preceded the London 'gathering of the victim-serfs' : 'the sheeple' and how the London meeting was conducted by the parties in command & control of it all, evinced more than enough, on the day.
  • Needless to say 'the messenger, Mr Johan Richard Michael Foenander, who passed on to Andrew Yiannides, the information about 'the meeting in London'.
Below EXTRACT from the content of the Fax with minor abreviations:

"A number of individuals and in particular Johan Foenander used my work and abused my time* [*L] WITH INTENT as transpired over the last 12 months, having secured my assistance under false pretences and wily connivance, typical of a product reared in a PSEUDOdemocracy; nothing but dishonest intentions. In view of the repetitious and reckless manner with which others too, from within the LIPS, were seen to be behaving towards my person and work I WAS CAUSED TO REMIND JOHAN FOENANDER to ensure that through you, as President of the Litigants In Person Society, no one ever uses and or passes on to any other copies of the explicit letter I refer to above. In the circumstances I request that you contact me in order to confirm the membership of LIPS will be reminded of the conditions under which I handed a few copy of the letter only for the explicit purposes I state above". [*Link from here to HOW in 2003, Mr Norman Scarth acted in breach of an agreement after he too secured a copy of the explicit letter under false pretences]  

Fax to Geoffrey Harold Scrivens
dec00far.jpg (124556 bytes)



FAX transmitted to Mr Johan M R Foenander & to many others, in Jan 2001 evincing much by way of coverage, which realities NOT ONE OF THE RECIPIENTS ever addressed after receiving the FAX
FAX to Norman Scarth in September 1999 addressing also HIS parts and the defaults of another in connection with the targeted for conversion to legal costs Legacy, the property in Leeds to which Mr Norman Scarth secured residency for allegedly the best of humanitarian reasons. [Link [*L] to image of a FAX transmitted document that disclosed a questionable statement as to the date of the demise of the owner of the property. Other questions arose as to the statements Andrew was 'fed' by the wily and craft-y Norman Scarth, who relied on other defaulters / actors to play their roles as predetermined collectively and or by each undertaken in the course of secret meetings, such as the meeting in Leeds when the arrangements by the participants were 'concluded in such private & secret sessions'].

Fax to Johan Foenander
jan2001r.jpg (126903 bytes)
Fax to Norman Scarth
s99cpwsr.jpg (119969 bytes)

The elements pointed to one of many who shoved their heads in the sand as lovers of organised fraud on the taxpayers

The REALITIES COVERED BELOW with our compliments to one Patrick Cullinane of the IBRG, also to his like-minded and foul of the law supporters and affiliates in practices : Mr Norman Scarth, Mr Colin Peters, Ms Marisa Sarda, Mr Johan Michael Richard Foenander and many others we do not name for the time being

Accountant party to questionable scenarios & FRAUDULENT demands by the Inland Revenue, which issues another failed to demand of the Inland Revenue, to address as regulations commanded. The failures of Mr Eleftheriou did lead to the one and only conclusion. He WAS A WILLING PLAYMATE IN THE CRIMINAL IN INTENT FRAUDULENT INVITATION FOR THE IMPOSITION OF ILLEGAL DEMANDS FOR INCOME TAX resting on earnings not received, AS THE CRIMINALS IN CONTROL OF THE COURTS & THE LEGAL SYSTEM ORGANISED & ARRANGED for the targeted sucker-serf who had been under the illusion that the United Kingdom was promoting genuine states and foundations on principles of Law & Order for the PSEUDOdemocracy Andrew Yiannides recognised as of the days the police recklessly breched their public duities when they were presented with a true copy of the FORGED FALSE INSTRUMENT the legal circles set about promoting as acceptable evidence in support of a concocted defence in High Court Proceedings founded on COMMERCIAL FRAUD.

*Link from here to the text of the letter below addressing the accountant's part in the scams & ORGANISED FRAUD on the taxpayers

7 September 2006

Mr Andreas Eleftheriou FSCA., FCEA., CMA., MBIM
122 Pemberton Road
London N4 1BA





ac1ae06r.jpg (126668 bytes)
ac2ae06r.jpg (156055 bytes)

Your Ref: News From Cyprus


Dear Mr Eleftheriou

Re: Coincidental telephone problems, the news you imparted and past failings

I attach copy / reprint of a letter which I wrote to Koulla consequential to the events covered in the copy. I do so, for in the event that she may seek confirmation from you I am sure you will do so.

No doubt you will note that in my letter I relate to events that attach to issues that arose at the time of the announcement of the United Nations (Kofi Anan) PLAN FOR CYPRUS. In due course I will be releasing material facts and evidence on the Internet. It is time that citizens of planet earth had access to the truth of the matter and the realities being suppressed by the evil forces that set out, millennia ago, to become absolute masters of all and everything on planet earth.

The above realities lead to that which I reminded you of and for which you would have been receiving in due course, news of developments over the last four years. I refer to that which I reminded you of in the course of the accidental telephone connection. It all relates to the facts attached to the fraudulent invitation by the Inspector of Taxes (through you) back in 1979. I wrote to you in late 1999, after I visited you and you recollected everything on the occasion, but you failed to write back and confirm that which you recollected very clearly when I visited you earlier. Subsequent communications (including Recorded Delivery postings) merited no response from you also. During that period (1999-2001) I pointed you to a case that was reported in the Jobs and Money section of ‘The Guardian’. I specifically provided Kyriacos (your son) and you with the URL where you could access and read of the realities attached to abuse of office by officers and condescending staff within the Inland Revenue, as published by ‘The Guardian’. I attach printout of the article for your attention and for due consideration in view of the fact that you told me back in 1979, that you had no idea that the invitation by the Inspector of Taxes was intended for use such as you witnessed.

Mr Eleftheriou, I complied with the demand as a result of the abuse of the courts’ processes and I stipulated to one and all, at the time, that I was doing so under duress. I also made it clear that I was to be dealing with it all later. Apparently, in 1979, officers and agents of the Inland Revenue were (presumably they still are) free to indulge in fraudulent demands for and in respect of earnings that were declared as earned BUT SUBJECT TO COURT PROCEEDINGS – and NOT RECEIVED, within your understanding and knowledge of the tax liabilities provisions. Access the explicit page on the Internet, below, where I have published more than just the fundamentals and rudimentary elements essential for management of and operations of ‘the state’ in the interest of the public, the citizens, in a Democratic State. The page is:

In the list of the rudimentary essential provisions, you will no doubt note that taxes are collected by the state / government primarily for and in respect of the cost and the needs for proper management of the country’s / state’s affairs. Such collection is FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE CITIZENS AND IN RESPECT OF THE RIGHTS ASSURED TO THE VERY CITIZENS, from personal well being to collective National Security.

Last year, I had cause to forward to Koulla an affidavit, which affidavit the deponent wilfully, as far as I am concerned, failed to execute and cause to be delivered to me for almost four years. In the affidavit the element of additional fraudulent activities by the Inland Revenue, in collaboration with the criminals who are in control of the justice system with other public(!) servant(?) indulging as they please, while of opinion that all citizens / persons who reside in the United Kingdom are serfs or persons to be treated as ‘subjects’ to the whims of the corrupters, the corrupt and the corrupted. For years now I have been pointing out on the Internet, and to many including Ministers, that the last (the corrupted) are the most evil and dangerous of the lot. You should read carefully the content of the above page and you will no doubt learn / get to know of the elements and the facilities in place for corrupting idiots and morons.

The activities BEHIND THE SCENE (undeclared to me / suppressed from me) evinced which other parties were involved in the constructive frauds through which to impose on my person and two innocent children that which was planned for me. That others were to be used (such as my parasitic brother Costas / Constantine Kyriacou Joannides and other family members) also the mother of the two children (as in other situations that I had been researching / looking into) was never far from my thoughts. Securing the essential evidence and applying the relevant law to the activities was part of the work that ensued. The said work was nothing else but IMPOSED COMPULSORY LABOUR, for one who had no choice but to pursue the rights denied and the damages caused and imposed through the criminal activities of public servants and the legal circles.

As I informed you many the stooges and charlatans who interfered directly and or in the background. Many came along as lovers of the arrangements, in place, for blunt constructive frauds through abuse of the courts’ facilities. The content of the page that I point you to above covers more than just the aforesaid arrangements by abusers of the legal system and the courts. It points to the corrupted, the idiots and morons who go for the rewards to persons who agree to keep quiet. The last element establishes that such idiots cannot even claim to be or have been blackmailed into such agreements. The reasoning is simple, BECAUSE the moment they agree while fully aware of the fact that the taxpayers are to meet the cost for the reward, such persons are rendered, in law, ACCESSORIES & ABETTORS TO ORGANISED FRAUD ON THE BUDGET, the taxpayers.

Mr Eleftheriou I was not offered / awarded a Fellowship by the North American Academy of Arts & Sciences for and because of the work on the Internet by the type of persons who have been speaking ill of me because of their own undeclared maligned thoughts and stupidity.

I informed you that all and everything is being revealed, stated and covered on the Internet. In parallel I am proceeding with appropriate challenges and claims against the state that permits such gross abuse of public facilities by frauds; alleged servants of the public who never declare their evil and fraudulent / corrupt practices. All thanks to their affiliation through, secret organisations, with the media barons and the Intellectual Prostitutes retained and maintained by the last. In the circumstances I invite you to write back and repeat your denial, in 1979, that you were not aware of the fraudulent intentions of the Inspector of Taxes, the invitation ‘through you’. Failure to confirm what you asserted to me then, will simply lead to the conclusion, ‘founded and resting on the balance of probability principle’, that you were party to the scam.


Andrew Yiannides

ENCL. As text.

CC To Whom It May Concern

Threats from a firm of solicitors about material published by a pseudo-challenger, a lover of the system as is; one Paul Talbot-Jenkins noted to be busy using the facilities 'for fraud aplenty on the sucker-serfs' while promoting also the religion ploys as concocted by the fraudsters who targeted a civilisation, over 2300 years ago, when they introduced their Old Testament RUBBISH to mankind. [*Link]

We received an email & we responded accordingly. We recognised what lay behind the threats. The member, who allegedly was offending the solicitor's client, had exposed his true colours one's too often. In any event, the member was publishing evidence in support of his statement, against the offenders, hence the ' illiterates in law' (who concocted the threats) failed to act as they were invited to do. The exposed mischief making pseudo-challenger, Mr. James Todd of VOMIT repute, rushed in to serve the interests of the abusers of public office as soon as he received copy of the threats AND OUR RESPONSE, & though his response he exposed his true colours yet again. And the member of the Community on Line who, allegedly, was offending the solicitor's client elected to IGNORE IT ALL. It was obvious that both, alleged authorities on everything they blamed the Freemasons for, recognised the fact, that we WERE NOT LIKELY TO afford either of them or their chums any opportunities to allege that we violated the rights of the one who, allegedly, joined the Community on Line, in order to expose and challenge the abusers of public office and the courts facilities, as OUR AIMS cover. However, both had exposed their true colours and were noted to be serving other plans than what they were promoting to us, while engaging in the usual subliminal indoctrination scripts and scenarios aimed at targeted victims they wished to coerce and cause to go for the cash on offer under the table and TO KEEP IT ALL UNDER THEIR HATS. [*Link from here to a House of Lords Precedent case, dating back to 1939-40, covering such mentalities and issues of law. *Link also from here to the page where we point to the law breached by abusers of judicial chair occupation when they issue false instruments = Court Orders that fail to account for the evidence and the law applicable]. 

Threats and intimidation from a firm of solicitors
erstd02r.jpg (99032 bytes)
intended to scare us out of our pants because of supported exposures.

The letter below was attached to the email we received from the solicitors.

We transmitted copy of the letter, we received to 'all hopeful dreamers, as the note added to it qualifies.

Visitors should *link from here to the exchanges with the great puke production machine, Mr James Todd of VOMIT repute. No one could possibly fail to notice his part in the IDIOTIC ATTEMPTS, naively intended to intimidate Andrew, whom many charlatans and stooges wrongly assumed to be game for their evil plans for use of the victims in the rampant and blunt fraud, organised, processed and executed through abuse of the courts facilities as we cover and expose in our exclusive page, linked to from here.

stf97elr.jpg (96096 bytes)
The email below, sent to the CoL member Paul Talbot-Jenkins, was clear enough.

The hopeful, who had been caught at it one's too often, simply ignored it all. He had been recognised as a promoter and user of the system as is and as a lover of the blunt DOUBLE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, he further expanded on his known repertoire. Link to exchanges with a victim he contacted in order to remove / 'allegedly' wipe out the other Community on Line member's stooge's material from the Internet. It was just a case of two charlatans who were rubbing shoulders with the LIPS mob / crowd, LOVERS & USERS of the system as is. Link from here to documented proof that relates to another fraudster. and a LIPS crowd/mob associate who introduced Ormila Bhopal to the founder of and the Community on Line facilities, the free web-sites under the logo.

The email to the dreamer P T Jenkins was clear. Simply, It was ignored by the hopeful who had been caught at it as a promoter of the system as is and as a lover of the blunt DOUBLE FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' facilities. Link to exchanges with a victim he contacted in order to remove 'allegedly' the stooge's material from the Internet. It was just a case of two   charlatans who were rubbing shoulders with the LIPS mob / crowd; LOVERS & USERS of the system as is. Link from here to documented proof that relates to the fraudster.  who introduced Ormila Bhopal to human-rights. 

etptd02r.jpg (137338 bytes)
Anyone reading the email exchanges pointed to [*L] above can recognise WHY the dreamer shoved his head in the sand, as he did and has been doing since he received in 1997 (along with Norman Scarth and Maurice Kellett) copy of the explicit affidavit we published in the page that he and ALL OF HIS CHUMS have been failing to address the criminal activities covered in the affidavit, readers and researchers can access [*L] from here. In the meantime one and all have been asserting and alleging to be concerned victims / citizens for years. It is for the serfs who pay taxes to take notice and to inform others as to who ARE responsible and WHAT IS BEHIND THE RAMPANT FRAUD THROUGH THE COURTS, in our country.

The fax on the right and the rest of the exchanges were also transmitted to other persons.....

Many the persons who were seen to be dilly dallying and systematically abusing our time and facilities to / for GENUINE VICTIMS to use and be seen with others to be exposing the offenders who defrauded them of assets and their rights in law, just as Mr P T Jenkins was engaging in with others in the background. (*F2)

Visitors to Mr Jenkins pages will note that he is ranting on about the Free Masons, like others who MADE IT THEIR BUSINESS TO act as 'indirect promoters' of the system as is. REWARDS* [*Link] at the end of the tunnel for those who agree to keep it all in the family closet. Such persons act as maintenance engineers, oiling   keeping the wheels running in and through the courts. Odd it was not when he was sent evidence connected to the practices he has & is so vociferous about, that he just shoved his head in the sand like his similarly mischievous and maligned chums.

ftpd02tr.jpg (58793 bytes)

Below, on the right, the Fax received by Mr James Todd of VOMIT repute, the king of the subliminal indoctrination ploys and the promotion of fraudsters club recruits FOR MORE OF THE SAME.... frauds on the taxpayers.

The Fax on the right was sent to James Todd of VOMIT repute, in July 2000. Anyone in contact with the great puke production machine, the alleged Freemason basher should contact him and enquire of him if he ever promoted the facility available to the victims, the victims he was using for his regular postings. In so far as we are concerned his postings simply  amounted to nothing but subliminal indoctrination tactics and 'promotion of the powers tha be', the states which he allegedly was / has been exposing, through his 'VOMIT' postings.


cwavjl0r.jpg (84126 bytes)

FOOTNOTE common to most web-pages at this website
MOST IMPORTANT:- In October 2010, the coalition Government's Attorney General, in an interview published by 'COUNSEL' the mothly legal banter magazine, specifically spoke of the police distancing themselves from cases of (small-fry) fraud and he asserted that he was making that element his department's priority*

*Link from here to the evidence.

IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN, WHAT the coalition of the Con-LibDems, THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DAY WILL IN FACT ATTEND TO THE RAMPANT FRAUD, and IF IT WILL DEAL with the criminals who abuse public office, especially when faced with appropriate submissions and claims that will be delivered in due course. Visitors/readers are urged to read the article published in the London Evening Standard, as settled by the Rt. Hon. David Blunkett, Home Secretary in 2003
*Link from here to the article we reproduce in another webpage and consider "Why tolerate the arrogance of the legal circles who had and have the audacity to assert to the lawmakers that they, the lawmakers have nothing to do with the law"?
While there, above it, the explicit letter to ex-Minister, the Rt. Hon. Frank Field MP, delivered a few days earlier. ALL alleged victim-challengers who contacted Andrew Yiannides, by the time the letter was sent to the Minister, received copy of the letter just as they received copies of other letters submitted to government maintained Ministers and other official appointees to public office. Accessing the material pointed to from the letter (URLs) is of utmost importance. It should assist 'recognition of the citizen's rights at work', when called upon properly in truly democratic states. The above in 2003; there were other 'submissions' and among such civilised and, within the law, approaches by citizens that led to the right actions by governments, the explicit challenges when we set about exposing one of the most evil of alleged victims of the legal circles to have ever contacted us.

*Link from here to our explicit submissions to (a) the Prime Minister, (b) the Chancellor / Treasury, (c) and, the Home Secretary. We acted so after we had secured more than enough evidence about the parts of an alleged victim whose only interests were (i) the rewards under the table FOR KEEPING QUIET about the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES and (ii) her parts in blunt attempts that were intended to discredit the person she was sent along to mess about with, Mr Andrew Yiannides.

Access please the letter to the Home Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, in December 1998

*Link from here to the letter

& note the results evinced in the newspaper article (Hornsey Journal) also within days of the letter reaching its destination. Many the charlatans and stooges -lovers and 'promoters of the system as is'- on the job for decades; one and all acting as sold souls always do

*Link from here to the evidence we point to relative to the parts of one of a number of sold to the system fraudsters who were sent along / introduced to Andrew Yiannides by the managers / organisers of the LIPS crowd / mob..


    1.    *Link from here to parts Mr Foenander engaged in with one Lew(is) (Lou) Foley when in pursuit of additional created costs orders against him through an inexcusable and fraudulent in intent application to the R.C.J. We hasten to clarify that the application was IN RESPECT OF AN ACTION AGAINST SOLICITORS, AFTER THE ACTION HAD BEEN STRUCK OUT. Both fraudsters' club recruits indulged so without appealing the strike out and resurrecting the dead action (as if the fraudsters ever were likely to do so). Both were noted to have been ardent maintenance engineer of the practices by the legal circles, as the solicitor who had been acting for Mr. J. M. R. Foenander at the time of the application we refer to (but not party to the fraudulent in intent application) when THREE YEARS EARLIER Mr. Foenander's solicitor did  engage with another solicitor in abuse of the Legal Aid facilities (both solicitors) WHILE IN PURSUIT OF INTENDED CONVERSION, TO LEGAL COSTS, OF RENTS OWING TO A LANDLADY, care of an inexcusable authorisation by the Legal Aid Board certificate for legal assistance to a used fraudster. FULL PARTICULARS of the CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES were covered in DULY SETTLED & SWORN AFFIDAVITS that can be accessed in our pages. *Link from here to Affidavit 1 and from here to Affidavit 2]
    2.    *Link from here to a typical example of organised deception and use of victims for the expansion of the ORGANISED FRAUD THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' facilities, We cover it all in the exclusive page, which page not one of the abusers of our time -as alleged victims- ever addressed or concerned themselves with the realities we point to and expose in the very page. Victims, visitors, READERS & RESEARCHERS should first acquaint themselves with the facts related by a solicitor to a client in a letter (in March 2003) copy of which the recipient -client- forwarded to Mr Andrew Yiannides. We reproduce in our pages a relevant extract from the letter, with permission from the recipient and owner of the disclosed & acknowledged by the solicitor realities*. *Link from here to the page where we reproduce the said extract. All victims and concerned / interested citizens should access the extract and acquaint themselves with the realities abusers of trust and public office engage in as organisers of the lives of 'the serfs in pseudodemocracies'. 
    3.    *xxx
    4.    *xxx
    5.    *xxx

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All, as typical twin-tongue hypocrites carry on complaining about the media for failing to report & for suppressing the facts and the realities they allegedly reported to the hard of hearing, to the otherwise committed angels blowing their silent trumpets for decades, all ready and gearing to welcome the expansion of the New World Order.
Of such parts the contributions from and failings of the persons we name and expose, AS IF THEIR OWN SILENCE, THEIR FAILURES  & THEIR BLUNT OBSTRUCTIONS to the work and other actions by the creator of this website, Andrew Yiannides, treated by one and all as if non-existent with the exception when the wily Norman Scarth, set off to abuse the trust he was allowed to benefit from, while his parts and questionable activities / performance were under scrutiny, specifically after HE FAILED to publish the full transcript of the Court of Appeal hearing HE WAS ALLOWED TO RECORD* [*Link from here to the food for thought page created by Andrew Yiannides, in the first instance].
Not one ever bothered to address the issues we expose in the explicit page, despite the fact that we have been pointing all of our contacts, since May 1992, to it all.
Visitors, readers and researchers are urged / invited to access and read the letter which the Hon. Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society, Mr. Norman Scarth sent to the founder of human-rights, Mr. Andrew Yiannides, reproduced in the page .org/4deceit.htm* [*L]
The author's statements, such as 'what for and why seek additional assistance', thereby spelling out his parts as a lover of it all.
Common sense dictates, that he should have directed his request to his partners in deceptions aplenty, one & all engaging in fraudulent misrepresentations AND NOTED TO HAVE, WILFULLY, BEEN SUPPRESSING, FROM THE TAXPAYERS, THE FACTS OF LIFE RELATIVE TO THE RAMPANT ABUSE OF THE COURTS FACILITIES as the failure of all to co-operate as covered and pointed to at:- [*L]. One and all fallen to the facilities for fraud aplenty on the taxpayers and the corruption of illiterates in law, the conditioned victims of the legal circles & courts who fall to the blackmail element attached to the REWARD for keeping the realities away from the taxpayers; just like the media and the Ministers responsible for the application of long existing law to the criminal activities we cover in our pages, do.
All the while one and all were / are engaging in the scenarios we cover in the exclusive page, which page the author of the letter which Mr Norman Scarth sent to Andrew Yiannides, afforded us the opportunity to address the issue of the contributions of his partners and affiliates in fraud aplenty on the taxpayers; despite the reminder one and all, named in the new page simply shoved it all in the dark corners of their devoid of grey matter skulls, their perverted / corrupted mind(s)

On Sunday morning, the 19th September 2010, the Deputy Prime Minister, leader of the Liberal-Democrats in the course of the BBC TV politics programme, spoke of the coalition government's commitment to address the element of waste and fraud through the public services sector. We trust and hope that the elements we expose in our pages and the parts adopted by the conditioned victims of the legal circles, the persons who engage in PROMOTING & EXPANDING THE ONGOING CONSTRUCTIVE FRAUD ON THE TAXPAYERS, THROUGH ABUSE OF THE COURTS' FACILITIES, will be on the top of the list of government priorities.
Visitors, readers & researchers are urged to access the letters to Minister Frank Field [*L] after he had been directed by the Prime Minister to think/do the unthinkable.
Link also from here [*L] to the explicit letter to the Home Secretary in December 1998 with submissions arising out of the RAMPANT HOUSING BENEFIT FRAUD
On Tuesday 23rd November 2010, 'the Guardian' in its Comment & Debate page carried an article by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. In the evening of the same day the Deputy Prime Minister addressed a large audience at Kings place in respect of the government's changes on university students fees / loans.
Access from here the page where we reproduce an image of 'the Guardian' article & consider the simple fact that we, alone, have been asserting and proclaiming our objections to the theft of funds from the national budget leading to the ever-increasing annual deficit in the state's balance of payments.

ACCESS: (For an important message at this Community-on-Line web-site) & thereafter, access also the realities as submitted and lodged at the European Court for Human Rights covered at (Judge instigates Fraud On Tax Payers - he knows not the difference between 'imposed' & 'no undue influence'). APOLOGIES FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THIS WEBSITE. It appears that the beneficiary of the work, both for applications to the courts in the United Kingdom and the submissions to the ECoHR* [*Link from here to the Statement of Facts submitted to the ECoHR]. The beneficiary arranged with the providers of the free web space to erase the Intellectual Property of Andrew Yiannides, the founder of the human-rights Community-on-Line, without any reference to the creator of the website and owner of the Intellectual Property!
All visitors, serious readers and researchers are urged to access and read the arrangements in place FOR CORRUPTING THE MORONS who fall prey and victims of the legal circles / the abused courts facilities in all allegedly civilised PSEUDOdemocracies care of the CASH REWARDS to the morons who agree to join the club by accepting the rewards on offer through the European Court of Human Rights under the conditions stipulated as the evidence we point to clarifies and qualifies at:-
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